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Technology and kids


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Technology and kids

  1. 1. Kathleen ShannonCommunity Youth LibrarianJen GalBranch ManagerHamilton Public Library
  2. 2. AgendaTrends in Library Service to Kids and Teens:• eBooks for Kids and Teens• iPad meets Story Time• Virtual Visits with Skype• Summer Reading Online• YouTube Parties• Computer Training for Kids and Teens• Tech Tutors• QR CodesAll of the websites highlighted in this session are available
  3. 3. eBooks for Kids and Teens Kobo Vox and Apple iPad
  4. 4. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: A New Demand for Kids‟ eBooks• The use of eBooks has increased exponentially in the last year.• Though children‟s and teen titles have been available in the EPUB and PDF formats, until recently the primary focus and demand has been on adult eBook collections – this is changing.
  5. 5. eBooks for Kids and Teens• OverDrive has a wide range of children‟s and teen titles available in the EPUB and PDF format.
  6. 6. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: The “Pass Back” Effect• A study by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center revealed that a growing number of children are gaining access to mobile devices through their parents.• “Within the national survey, two-thirds of children ages four to seven have used an iPhone or iPod Touch and 85 percent have used one owned by a parent.” “The „Pass Back‟ Effect.” Kathy Ishizuka SLJ December 1, 2010
  7. 7. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: The “Pass Back” Effect• "Somehow the market has extrapolated that if kids dont own Kindles and Nooks theres no point in selling books to them. The real shift in eBooks is when kids will begin rallying behind these devices and read digitally, and that will foretell a fundamental shift in publishing certainly through the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.” Jacob Lewis, cofounder and CEO of Figment “Tech Trends: Talking Apps and Ebooks at TOC Bologna.” Lauren Barack SLJ April 12, 2011
  8. 8. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: Shift from eReaders to Tablets First Generation Kobo vs. Kobo Vox
  9. 9. Story Time Meets iPadTrend: Shift from eReaders to Tablets• As demand shifts from dedicated eReaders to touch screen tablets, there are exciting implications for picture books.• While the small, black and white screens of the first generation eReaders were not suited to picture books, the iPad and other tablets are ideal - offering vibrant, full colour displays.
  10. 10. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: Interactivity• Children‟s eBooks are also beginning to take advantage of the digital format by adding elements of interactivity.
  11. 11. eBooks for Kids and TeensTrend: Interactivity• The Kobo Vox offers Read-along Kids titles which feature narration and sounds effects.• Barnes and Noble‟s Nook Kids collection (not available in Canada), features children‟s picture book titles with audio as well as interactive elements.• While these are exciting developments, the real game changer for children‟s digital books is the iPad.
  12. 12. eBooks for Kids and TeensChallenge: eBooks vs. Apps• Some of the most exciting developments in childrens literature are happening in the area of apps rather than eBooks.• There is a huge range of childrens apps available for the iPad through the App Store, ranging in price from 99 cents up to $9.99.• While some can be static and relatively „low tech‟, there are an increasing number of high quality apps available with an incredible level of interactivity.• The future of pop-up and lift the flap books is digital.
  13. 13. eBooks for Kids and Teens PopOut! The Tale of Peter Rabbitfor iPad
  14. 14. eBooks for Kids and TeensChallenge: eBooks vs. Apps• Unfortunately, this level of interactivity is not currently being offered by eBook vendors such as Overdrive.• The real challenge for libraries is to remain relevant as more and more users access children‟s literature in the form of apps rather than print or eBooks.• One solution is to embrace this trend through children‟s programming.
  15. 15. Story Time Meets iPad
  16. 16. Story Time Meets iPadWhat you need:• iPad 2 or iPad 3• VGA cable and VGA adaptor• projector
  17. 17. Story Time Meets iPadResources• SLJ Touch and Go: A Guide to the Best Apps for Children and Teens• SLJ Touch and Go: Preschool to Grade 4 reschool-grade-4/
  18. 18. Story Time Meets iPadResources• Kirkus Reviews: Best Kids Book Apps of 2011• Kirkus Reviews: Best Kids Book Apps of 2010
  19. 19. Story Time Meets iPadResources• BoingBoing: Apps for Kids• Best Apps for Kids• Digital Storytime• iPhone Mom
  20. 20. Story Time Meets iPadResources• A list of all of the apps featured in this presentation, as well as additional recommended children‟s book apps is available
  21. 21. Virtual Visits with
  22. 22. Virtual Author VisitsPhoto of Skype visit with Sara Zarrcourtesy of The Unquiet Library on Flickr
  23. 23. Virtual Author VisitsWhy?• The software is free to download and calls from „Skype to Skype‟ are free.• Through Skype libraries have access to authors that would otherwise be prohibited by geography.• Many authors are even willing to do short „meet and greet‟ sessions for free.
  24. 24. Virtual Author VisitsWhat You Will Need:• Skype• A webcam and microphone (already included on most laptops)• A projector• An author: • Skype an Author Network • Authors‟ Booking Service
  25. 25. Virtual Class VisitsThe Future of Class Visits?• Skype presents a viable alternative to traditional class visits, enabling library staff to conduct school visits with littleinterruption to theschool or library schedule.• Skype also offers the benefit of screen sharing, allowing for demonstrations of online resources, book trailers, etc.
  26. 26. Technology Programming
  27. 27. Summer Reading OnlineTrend: Integrated Branch and Online SRC• Public libraries are beginning to offer online summer reading programs more closely integrated with in-branch programs.• Oakville PL and Hamilton PL are using their websites as tools for kids to register and track their progress in the club.
  28. 28. Summer Reading OnlineTrend: Integrated Branch and Online SRC• There are also a wide range of free tools available to make an online summer reading program possible: • Wufoo: online forms to submit books reviews • Poll Daddy: online polls • Shout Mix: shout boxes to allows users to post comments instantlyStep-by-step instructions on how to use these tools tocreate an online summer program is available at:
  29. 29. YouTube PartiesThe evolution of the film program• No license necessary• Appropriate playlists are created in advance, but there is room for input from your audience• Result is fun and organic – never the same twice!• Opens up partner programming options, like making your own reviews, book trailers etc.
  30. 30. Computer Training for Kids & Teens • Kids and teens are sometimes overlooked when it comes to computer training in libraries but there are lots of free, online tools available that make for exciting computer classes for the younger set. • Photo Editing Classes with FotoFlexer • Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker or Photobucket • Digital Scrapbooking with Mixbook
  31. 31. Tech Tutors • Tech savvy teens can be recruited as volunteers to offer one on one assistance during computer classes. • It‟s a great way for teens to earn volunteer hours and gives them the opportunity to be the expert.
  32. 32. QR CodesWhat Are They?• “A Quick Response code is a 2D barcode that can store and display lots of information. You install a barcode scanner on your phone which uses the camera to capture an image of the QR code and your phone completes the encoded action.• The QR code can be programmed to connect you to a website (where you could watch a video, read an RSS feed, or get more info), make a phone call, send an SMS (text message), send email, download contact information to your phone, or map an address.” “How Libraries Can Use QR Codes to Improve Services” January 20, 2011. We Know Books, ETC.
  33. 33. QR CodesTrend: QR Code Scavenger Hunts• Though the trend began in academic libraries, many public libraries are adopting this new technologyand are using scavenger hunts to introduce it to customers.• There are lots of free QR code generators and readers available, such as BeeTagg and Invx.Students taking part in a QR code scavenger hunt at Hill Country Middle School Library in Austin, Texas “QR Codes hit the library.” April 8, 2011. Eanes ISD Libraries
  34. 34. Questions?All of the websites highlighted in this session areavailable