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Testimonials regarding Bowen Therapy and Concussion Resolution


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Here are just a few slides sharing what people have to say about their experience in resolving their concussion symptoms.

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Testimonials regarding Bowen Therapy and Concussion Resolution

  1. 1. I had headaches and dizziness for about 3 weeks after my concussion. I had one Bowen Therapy session and my symptoms resolved within about 12 hours. I would recommend Jenna. Tyler Carter, Athlete, Velox Rugby Club
  2. 2. For 3-4 weeks I had concussion symptoms: headaches/pressure and dizziness. These symptoms resolved after the first session (within 24 hours). I would recommend Jenna and Bowen Therapy and will be returning if I receive another concussion. Daniel Dennis, Athlete, Velox Rugby Club
  3. 3. For 6 days post concussion I experienced headaches, nausea, and blurred vision. I had two treatments and my symptoms resolved within 5 days (between the sessions). Jenna’s service works great. After one session I saw a remarkable and immediate improvement in the level of physical and mental strain I was experiencing. I was able to achieve better physical and mental function without having any negative side effects. I would recommend Jenna's service to athletes of any sport who have received head injuries and especially students as it will help you return to your studies sooner. Mat Kelly, Student and Athlete, Velox Rugby Club
  4. 4. My symptoms were headaches and fogginess for 2 weeks. The symptoms were resolved after 2 treatments. After each treatment I felt much more cognitive and my headaches subsided after the initial treatment and then were gone after the second treatment, I found it very helpful to my overall well being. Kelsey Oetting, Athlete, Velox Women's Rugby, Flanker
  5. 5. In early September, I experienced a concussion in my hockey game. After a week of the same symptoms, I was recommended to Jenna and the treatment of Bowen Therapy. It is a unique therapy that helps your body to relax and shut down your mind. After getting off the table for the first time (first session), it was the first time I felt normal again. Just the first session alone cut down my symptoms in half. After the second follow up session I was back to feeling completely cleared of symptoms, practised later that week, and began playing two weeks later. If it wasn't for Jenna, I don't know how long I would have been out for. I recommend Bowen Therapy for anyone who is experiencing a concussion. Jayme J., Student and Athlete, Saanich Junior B Minor Hockey
  6. 6. Date of Concussion: Sept. 28, 2013. Symptoms: Headache for about 4 days, didn't receive treatment. Played again on Oct. 16 or so and received a small tap on the head and brought back the symptoms and they were about twice as bad as the symptoms from the original concussion. Received two treatments a week apart. The first one didn't seem to do much but the second really helped and I felt noticeably better. No more headaches. The treatment is definitely different but it definitely had an effect that second time. Would recommend trying it out. Kieran Dunford, Athlete, Velox Valhallians Position: Inside Center
  7. 7. On Oct.26, 2012, I took a puck to the jaw and was knocked unconscious. My symptoms were: severe headaches, vision problems,trouble concentrating, and bad sensitivity to light. The day after my concussion, I went to see Jenna for a Bowen treatment. After the first session I immediately felt better, which lasted for a few hours. I had a follow up session with Jenna one week later and I continued to feel better and better. I was back on the ice within a week and a half of my initial injury. It was honestly quite an experience. I thought that my season was potentially in jeopardy, but I recovered rapidly and it's largely due to the treatment I received. Jenna also worked on hip and and thigh issues I had throughout the season and it always helped. Garett Kemmler, Athlete, Saanich Junior B Minor Hockey
  8. 8. My name is Justin Polischuk, last season I suited up for the Saanich Braves Junior Hockey club. On December 16, 2012 I was diagnosed with a concussion after a game in Campbell River, I was dizzy, seeing stars, and had a consistent headache. 2 days later I saw Jenna Howe for a Bowen Therapy treatment, and 3 days post treatment my symptoms had mostly subsided. During the follow up session a day later I was feeling good, and on December 23, 2012 I passed my RTP. Because of Jenna and Bowen Therapy I was able to return to not only normal life, but back to training at a high level, and back to playing hockey at the level I want. I have been symptom free ever since and sincerely believe that Jenna’s use of Bowen Therapy had a lot to do with that. Justin Polischuk, Student and Athlete, Saanich Junior B Braves Minor Hockey
  9. 9. For 4 weeks, I had on and off headaches; unable to push myself 100% at practice let alone in game. Big results after my first treatment and played a game a few days later and saw a dramatic improvement. After the second and third treatments, I was back at 100%. I had 3 treatments in total. I wouldn't only recommend Jenna for concussion symptoms, but any nagging injuries that are bothering you, or anything that is keeping you off that 100% feeling, she gets the job done; I had an over-trained Achilles tendon, and after one treatment I no longer have to tape it. Wish I went to Jenna sooner; waiting around for my symptoms to dissipate was silly. If I had just went and got this dealt with week of my concussion (which was recommended to me!) I would of been back playing a lot sooner. Don't hesitate, go see Jenna." Cory Walker, Student and Athlete, Velox RFC Academy, Position: Hooker
  10. 10. "I got my concussion from a crosscheck in a hockey game. I had concussion symptoms for three weeks prior to treatment. Some of my symptoms were pressure on the back of my eyes, headaches, dizziness, tunnel vision, fogginess in the head, light intolerance, and difficulties sleeping. Directly after my treatment, the pressure in my eyes was gone and the majority of my symptoms were gone in 48 hours. Before my second session I had a slight headache and eye pressure. after that session those symptoms were gone and they have not returned since. I would highly recommend this treatment for any athletes with a concussion or thinking they might have one.” Nick Dakers, Student, 17yrs
  11. 11. "I suffered Grade 2 concussion, resulting from an accident. I experienced extreme nausea, fatigue, headache, confusion (times, dates, etc.), and loss of coordination. These symptoms lasted for several days after the accident. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to receive Bowen Technique treatment. After a single 30 minute session I felt nausea, dizziness, and headache symptoms disappear. Three hours after the session my coordination was back to normal and the following day I felt my energy level increase to the maximum. I am extremely thankful to find out about Bowen Technique as it helped me to resume my normal activities right away. I strongly recommend Bowen Technique as it has proven itself as complete success to me."- Katerina Pestikova
  12. 12. ".... In March of this year, I suffered my second concussion, which aggravated symptoms from my first concussion. My first concussion in 1998 was a closed head injury with some permanent deficits. Since then I have had short term and long term memory loss, constant headaches, loss of balance, difficulty tracking, restricted movement of my head to the far right and pain at the base of my skull. My second concussion caused increased pressure in my head with increased headaches, worsened my balance and nausea. After my first treatment with Jenna using the Bowen Technique, the pressure in my head was relieved resulting in the nausea disappearing. The second treatment my headaches were less, my balance better, my body was aligned again. I could turn my head fully to the right. Jenna was very gentle in her technique. I have recommended her to everyone who has asked me how I have been feeling."- Linda Lake, Registered Nurse
  13. 13. "After a head injury, I had difficulty concentrating because of constant headaches and tension in my body. A friend of mine recommended me to see Jenna and after about 4 months of seeing her weekly, my headaches and tension subsided, I can concentrate at work again. After that, I continued to receive Bowen treatments with Jenna every month, but not as a therapy, instead as a monthly treat for myself because it is so relaxing. Of all my favorite things I treat myself, Bowen treatment with Jenna is on top of the list!" Apollo Tang, director of Opus 6 web development
  14. 14. "After suffering two concussions within a year, I developed post-concussion syndrome (PCS) that persisted for many months. I wasn’t able to elevate my heart rate past a certain threshold without experiencing debilitating headaches and dizziness The lack of treatment opportunities for PCS was very frustrating, and I had almost given up hope until I met Jenna Howe in the summer of 2007. After one session of Bowen therapy with Jenna, I noticed an improved sense of overall physical balance and measurable pain relief. I continued to see Jenna for six sessions in total, at which point the worst of my symptoms either been significantly reduced, or were gone entirely, to the point where I was able to return to athletic pursuits. Jenna provided immediate results that had been so elusive after months of searching. I would highly recommend Jenna’s services to athletes suffering from PCS and eager to return to sport, or to anyone who has suffered a head injury. Jesse W. Lipman
  15. 15. "I had sustained a head injury (10 months prior to receiving Bowen) leaving me with typical concussion symptoms (headache, vertigo, nausea, loss of concentration, etc), chronic pain in my shoulders, upper back, neck and head. I was only able to perform my job duties for no more than 2-hour time intervals. Lying down and sitting were almost unbearable. I had tried chiropractic care , physiotherapy , cranial-sacral therapy, and massage therapy. I had one Bowen session on the weekend and then returned to my physiotherapy session on the Tuesday. My physiotherapist could not believe the difference. After almost 6 months of physiotherapy the only progress I had was increasing the amount of time I could be in a traction movement. After just one session of Bowen I was able to regain movement in my neck. After six sessions the pain in my shoulders began to subside, I was able to sit at a desk for longer periods, concentration increased and I had my first full night’s sleep in many months. At this point I had given up all hope and had resided to the fact that I would live the rest of my life in constant pain and would never being able to concentrate for long periods of time. My concentration levels have returned and I am able to function fully at my job. I feel that I would have never reached this level of health again without the use of Bowen and Jenna's patience and care." Tanya Pulfer, Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas Coordinator at Ontario Nature
  16. 16. "While competing in varsity cheerleading I was involved in an accident in which I sustained a concussion. My symptoms were: headaches, dizziness, and light sensitivity. I also couldn't move my arm above my shoulders or move my neck side to side. Jenna did one Bowen session on my head and neck and I felt so good afterwards. I was able to move my neck from side to side and also was able to move my arm above my shoulders that same night. It was amazing. Over the next couple of days I didn't notice my head hurting or the dizziness that I experienced before the treatment. The Bowen treatment was an excellent choice to do and helped me out a lot." Kelly Wesa, Student and Child Care Worker
  17. 17. Jenna Howe has served as the fitness technical reviewer for two of my books. I turn to her time and time again because she has superior technical knowledge of physical fitness, she understands the psychological and lifestyle barriers which prevent many women from being as active as they should be, and she always comes up with creative strategies for overcoming these barriers. Ann Douglas, Author of pregnancy + parenting books, magazine writer, professional speaker
  18. 18. I was fortunate to have meet Jenna when I first decided to try a personal trainer. I was immediately struck by her friendly, patient and laid back attitude. She is extremely knowledgeable in many areas of human physicality which translates into being a top rate trainer. I've been injured many times from various sports and Jenna always found a way to not only train but to rehabilitate at the same time. Her demeanor always makes you feel like you're her only client. When it's time to work out she's able to push you just enough while maintaining an educational and fun atmosphere. I have and will continue to recommend Jenna to anyone looking to improve their well being and fitness Jim Fields, Realtor, Pemberton Holmes Ltd.
  19. 19. I was in a car accident and had chiropractic and physiotherapy care with some good results. Then I tried Bowen Therapy and experienced deep tissue release and lasting results. Since my first experience with Bowen, I have had subsequent treatments for carpal tunnel and tennis elbow, as well as lower back pain. Jenna is an academic by nature. Her ongoing research and studies into neuromuscular associations is what drew me to her. Her calming and gentle treatment is what made me a repeat client. I enthusiastically recommend Jenna for Bowen Therapy for the treatment of various injuries. Zoe Tsoraklidis, Operations Manager at TUCU tech u can use