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BCSCW Annual Meeting 2015


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2015 Annual Meeting

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BCSCW Annual Meeting 2015

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Annual Report on Activities Prepared for: 2015 Annual Meeting October 22, 2015
  3. 3. Just the Facts, Ma’am • The BCSCW was formed in 2010 and became a 501c3 non-profit organization in May 2013. • Website: • Membership: 83 active members • Facebook: 465 “Likes”
  4. 4. “Improving the health of residents in South Central Wisconsin by bringing together community members to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding. ”
  5. 5. 2014-15 Board of Directors A working board!
  6. 6. 2015 Board of Directors Laura Berger, RN, CLE •President, 2014-15 •Board Member: Since 2013 •Symposium Chair 2013-15 •Public Health Nurse, Public Health Madison & Dane County •OPEN BOARD POSITION Alison Dodge, CLC •Vice President, 2014-15 •Founding Board Member •Co-founder, Happy Bambino •Co-founder, Natural Parenting Network •Administrator – Madison Nursing is Normal Project •OPEN BOARD POSITION
  7. 7. 2015 Board of Directors Ildi Martonffy, MD, IBCLC Laurel Franczek, Treasurer •Secretary since 2012 •Founding Board Member •Chair, Healthcare Outreach •Physician at UW Dept. of Family Medicine •UP FOR RE-ELECTION •Treasurer 2014-15 •Board member: Since 2014 •Repiratory Therapist, St. Mary’s Hospital •La Leche League Leader & MMA •2013 Breastfeeding Advocate Award •UP FOR RE-ELECTION
  8. 8. 2015 Board of Directors Cathy Szudy, CNM, IBCLC •BCSCW Vice President 2012 •Founding Board Member •Lactation Consultant, Meriter Hospital •Mothers’ Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes & Mothers Milk Alliance •2014 Distinguished Service Award •OPEN BOARD POSITION Anne Eglash, MD, IBCLC •BCSCW Medical Director •Founding Board Member •Physician - UW Dept of Family Medicine •Founding member, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine •Mothers Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes •2013 Distinguished Service Award •OPEN BOARD POSITION
  9. 9. 2015 Board of Directors Alice Meyer, RN, BSN •BCSCW Past President 2012 & 2013 •Founding Board Member •Public Health Madison & Dane County Sara Downie, RN, CLC Founding Board Member Prenatal Program Coordinator, Access •OPEN BOARD POSITION
  10. 10. 2015 Board of DirectorsAnne Altshuler, RN, MS, IBCLC Founding Board Member La Leche League Leader 2012 Distinguished Service Award Miranda Welch, MA, CD(DONA) Board Member Since 2014 Certified Birth Doula Symposium Committee
  11. 11. 20115 Board of Directors Alllie Valitchka, CLC Board Member Since 2014 WIC Dietitian Breastfeeding Awards Committee Web/Technical Assistance Membership Coordinator
  12. 12. WEBSITE
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  16. 16.
  17. 17. EVENTS
  18. 18. meetings
  19. 19. • The 2014 Annual Meeting was held October 13, 2014 • BCSCW Board of Directors meets each month on the second Monday – members WELCOME! • Board elections occur once per year at our Annual Meeting, October 22, 2015 (tonight!)
  20. 20. breastfeeding champion training
  21. 21. Breastfeeding Champion Training • Offered fall 2014 in lieu of Symposium- Sept 13 & 27 • 16-hour curriculum offered over 2 Saturdays () that trains office nurses to perform optimal breastfeeding telephone triage and basic in-person breastfeeding support. Participants will receive breastfeeding triage tools that are easily adapted for electronic medical record systems. • BCSCW offered scholarships to 3 members of the African American Breastfeeding Alliance of Dane County
  22. 22.
  23. 23. BCSCW Board Members, Anne Eglash and Laura Berger, worked with UW students to evaluate the BF Champion Training.
  24. 24. Overall, respondents were positive about the training experience. Many respondents found the training so helpful that they would appreciate further training to maintain up-to-date practices. In addition, there was concern among participants regarding workplace consistency. Many felt that other professionals in their work environments were giving breastfeeding mothers advice that was in conflict with what they learned in the Breast Feeding Champion Training. Finally, some professionals have not had the opportunity to use the Triage Tools, and others express that the administration and others they work with are barriers to their use of the Triage Tools. Analyzing these results, we recommend that the Milk Mob formulate additional training and informational sessions for interested Breastfeeding Champion veterans. Also, we believe that the creation and distribution of literature related to the training would be helpful to professionals that did not attend the training. If such materials were given to participants upon their completion of the training, they could distribute it at their place of work to ensure a consistent message is given to breastfeeding mothers. Finally, it may be useful to reevaluate the Triage Tools and tailor them to different professions so each participant can feel more confident using them.
  25. 25. journal clubs
  26. 26. Journal club is held to provide education and discussion on current topics relative to breastfeeding…
  27. 27. DECEMBER • Barriques on Park • Dr. Anne Eglash presented articles from ABM • (14 attended)
  28. 28. MARCH • Barriques on Park • Miranda Welch and Dr. Leila Midelfort presented • (9 attended)
  29. 29. JUNE • Wildwood Family Clinic • Dr. Anne Eglash and Anne Altshuler presented on microbiome and ABM policy on contraception.
  30. 30. SEPTEMBER • Wingra Clinic. • Pediatric intensivist from Maryland presented about her Coalition Project: “Breastfeeding Welcome Here.” • Dr. Ildi Martonffy presented about communication between physicians and IBCLCs.
  31. 31. community breastfeeding awards
  32. 32. Thank you to the Committee! Laurel Franczek Allie Valitchka Anne Althsuler Emcee: Ildi Martonffy Special thanks to the nominators! Breastfeeding Awards: May 12, 2015
  33. 33. 2015 Community Breastfeeding Award Recipients • Employer: Globe University – Madison East • Child Care: Asras Family Childcare in McFarland • Healthcare: Dean Pediatrics department • Public Place: Hyvee in Fitchburg • Advocate: Mary Vasquez, Wingra social worker • Distinguished Service: Hershey Barnett-Bridges
  34. 34.
  35. 35.
  36. 36. WBC annual summit
  37. 37. Wisconsin Breastfeeding Coalition Summit Annual Summit June 12 2015 |Stevens Point. The summit offered a wide variety of topics and speakers including Nancy Mohrbacher, who spoke on “Helping Mothers Who Exclusively Pump” and “Breastfeeding & Substance Abuse.” Board member, Anne Altshuler attended with a sponsored BCSCW member Jeannie Manthe.
  38. 38. annual symposium
  39. 39. 2015 Breastfeeding Symposium: “Hard Conversations” Thank you to the symposium committee! Laura Berger, Miranda Welch, Sara Downie & Rika Dombrowski
  40. 40. • Breastfeeding and Opiates Liz Goetz MD, IBCLC is a Newborn Nursery Hospitalist at Meriter Hospital in Madison with a special interest in opiate effects in the newborn. She has given many presentations on this subject and is a regional expert. • Sleep Safety for Breastfeeding Infants Liz Fleming, MD is a Family Medicine physician with Dean Clinic East. She presented a Grand Rounds at St Mary’s Hospital on SIDS and SUIDS with a discussion around current recommendations related to co-sleeping.
  42. 42. • Members continue to take part in the Newborn Nursery Committee at St. Mary’s hospital as they work toward “Baby-Friendly” status • Board members Dr. Ildi Martonffy and Dr. Anne Eglash continue to give regular lectures to the UW Family Medicine residents and NP students.
  43. 43. • Scripted a letter to a physician who has been giving poor breastfeeding advice according to complaints by two mothers. • Scripted a letter to a clinic because a mom who planned to breastfeed was given a formula bag. • Communicated with a clinic administrator about an unauthorized sign offering free formula to anyone who asked. The sign was removed.
  45. 45. BCSCW President Laura Berger and Treasurer Laurel Franczek met with State Representative Lisa Subeck to advocate for legislation to help protect working mothers' breastfeeding rights.
  46. 46. • Fair Labor Standards Act – covers hourly wage workers. ACA changed FLSA in 2010 to include break time for nursing moms. • Moms punching out for pumping time are losing FT benefits. • 2 bills being introduced (no numbers yet) offered to correct this: – Genrich – Green Bay (D) – Rep Subeck – Madison (D)
  47. 47. In the community…
  48. 48. • St. Mary’s Hospital now providing banked donor milk on post-partum floor! • Meriter Hospital not using banked milk on post- partum – but use of donor milk is allowed.
  49. 49. • Dane County voted in funding for making lactation spaces in all county buildings; this has not yet been implemented. • BCSCW President, Laura Berger worked this year with County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner and county facilities managers to implement the lactation space requirement. Most facilities are now largely compliant however finalizing and promoting availability of the spaces is still in process.
  50. 50. Mothers Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes is opening in November! Conference 11/13 with a Milk Bank tour on 11/14
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  52. 52.
  53. 53. YOU!
  54. 54. member participation
  55. 55. events
  56. 56. nominate
  57. 57. facebook
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  60. 60.
  62. 62. 2015 Board Elections Each Director shall hold office for a two-year term with approximately 1/2 of the Directors elected each year in staggered terms. Maximum 11 Board Members. Each member attending the Annual Meeting for election of the Board of Directors is eligible to cast one vote. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes up to the number of directors to be elected shall be elected. Seven seats are open this year!
  63. 63. 2015-2016 Board Candidates Current Board Members • Ildi Martonffy • Laurel Franczek New Candidates • Alix Loniello • Alli Ryan • Janet Braun • Jenn Drake • Katherine Schuknecht
  64. 64. Questions?
  65. 65. Blood in the Veins Milk in the Breast Love in the Heart