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Implementing SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365


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SPS Oslo 2018

Published in: Technology
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Implementing SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365

  1. 1. Implementing SharePoint Hub Sites on Office 365 Jenkins NS Community speaker and blogger. #SPFx #SharePoint #Office365 London, United Kingdom My Blog : Twitter @jenkinsns 24.11.2018 SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2018
  2. 2. Agenda Background Overview Things you need to know Demo  Creating a Hub Site  Associate Sites with Hub Sites SPC18 New announcements FAQ’s
  3. 3. Where we come from IT Project 2Project 1 Project 3 HR Policies Benefits Lists Libraries Pages SiteCollection SubSites Project 5Project 4 Lists Libraries Pages
  4. 4. Where we are – Modern Experience  Modern Sites are ‘Site Collections’  Always better when they are connected  Companies are made up of smaller groups and teams  Customers want to organize sites into grouping that  Make it easier for users todiscover and recall related content  Apply common controls, branding and polices.  Search together and group common news and contents.  No more deep site structures  Modern Site isa “Flat Architecture”  Hubs connect related sites Sales Report Yearly Report News Regional sales Customer Report Feedback Sales Record Center Expense Tracker Benefits Travel Policies Guidance New Hires HR SiteCollections
  5. 5. Why do we need SharePoint Hub Sites A dynamic, ever-changing digital workplace • We want to see things that are relevant • Navigate consistently and easily • Search in the context of where we are • Anyone can post news, comment or like items and read other’s news and comments Constantly Changing Organisations • As administrators we need quick ways to restructure our sites • We need to be able to provision quickly as new requirements arrive • Customers always looking for a solution immediately.
  6. 6.  A solution fordynamically changingsite structures  Brings together related Team sites and Communication Sites  Cross-site navigation / Global Navigation  Common lookand feel across sites (Theme)  Logo  Rollup Newstogether  Combines site activities  Search across related sites  Admin onlycan create Hub Sites and site owners associate/join the hubsite. SharePoint Hub Sites Sales Report Regional sales Customer Report Feedback Sales Yearly Report
  7. 7. Hub site Team sites Communication sites Benefits today… SharePoint Hub Sites – Quick Example
  8. 8.  Navigation configured in theHub Site  The hub site navigation by default is static and you must have full control of the main hub site, and edit the navigation on that site.  Adding sites to the hub doesn't add them to the hub navigation  Associated sitesinherit navigation fromthe Hub Site  Navigation isnot security trimmed  If the user doesn’t havepermission tothe site,it will redirect toAccess denied page.  Wecan build security trimmed navigation using SharePoint Framework (SPFx)  Can take time forthe navigation to appearin the associated sites  Supports drop down items and Mobiles Global Navigation
  9. 9.  Associated sites inherit logo and site theme from the Hub Site  Across associated sites use the same logo,look and feel  Wecan’tchangethe associated sites theme. It always inherits from the hubsites  While disconnecting from one Hub and connecting to another hub, automatically updates the new Hub site theme  Ifyouremove the association and select none,theme will not change automatically  When selecting a new theme, a customize option appears Logo and Site Theme
  10. 10.  All associated sites’ news rollup to Hub sites  News can be created on the Mobile App  There is a delay because it depends on Search crawling the content  Comments and likes appear in both the Hub and source site immediately  Current Limitations:  News cannotbe scheduled  Noapproval process News Rollup
  11. 11.  Content roll up from sites connected to the Hub site  Rollup content based on Content Type  Supports Filtering and Sorting  Rollup Documents, Lists, Pages, News, Videos, Events, Issues, Tasks and Links  Links to recent activities Highlighted Content Webpart
  12. 12.  Search scoped to connected Hub sites  Security trimmed  Newdefault result sources:  All  Sites  Files  News Search
  13. 13.  Associated sites cannotinherit security from the Hub Site  Security should be configuredindividually per site collection  Permissions must be configuredon connected sites individually  Use groupsto apply permission across Site Collections  Content rollup, News and search is security trimmed Security
  14. 14. Step 1: Create a Communication Site orTeam Site Step 2: Register the site as a Hub Site  To Register Hub Site weneed admin permission, onlyadministrator can register the site as Hub site using PowerShell  Use SharePoint Online PowerShell Console, download the Latest version.  To Connect the admin site  PS C:Windowssystem32> connect-SPOService -Url  PS C:Windowssystem32> Register-SPOHubSite –Site  To grantpermission while registering hubsites  Register-SPOHubSite -Site -Principals ‘’ Demo – Creating a Hub Site
  15. 15.  Click the Cog and then choose ‘Hub site settings’ to change the logo  Click the cogand then ‘Changethelook’ and select the Theme and customize it.  Add the Global Navigation Demo – Hub site settings
  16. 16. Step 1: Create a Communication or Team Site Step 2: Click the cogand the select ‘Site information’ Step 3: Select the Hub Site to associate with. Using Powershell Step 1:Connectthe Admin site PS C:Windowssystem32> connect-SPOService -Url Step 2: Associate the site with Hub PS C:Windowssystem32> Add-SPOHubSiteAssociation -HubSite Demo – Associate sites with Hub sites
  17. 17.  SP Hub Site Navigation Supportsresponsive view  Good mobile support on iOS and Android Mobile Support
  18. 18.  Create,associate/disassociate,plusreport onhub sitesintheSharePointadmincenterinOffice 365 ` SharePoint Conference 2018 Updates
  19. 19.  Createassociatedsitefrom withinhub siteitself ` SharePoint Conference 2018 Updates
  20. 20.  CreatemoreSharePointhub sites–upto100, before itis50  Adjust sitesautomaticallywhentheygetassociatedtoaSharePointhub site  When peopleinyour organizationcreate newSharePoint sites,you oftenneed toensure alevelofconsistency.Youcanusesite designsandsitescriptstoautomateprovisioningneworexistingmodern SharePoint sitesthatuseyour own customconfigurations. Andthiscanbemostcriticalwhen sitesgetassociatedtowell-managedSharePoint hubsites   Modifythecolorofyoursiteheader . SharePoint Conference 2018 Updates
  21. 21.  Spread newsfromanywhere  Whenyouhavenewstoshare,youdon’t wanttobelimitedwithhow youcansharenews –especiallywhenitexistsfroman externalsource. You,also,don’twanttohitthatblockerofapageornewsarticlebeingleftinaneditstatewhen theprevious author forgot toclickpublish.SharePoint introducesnew waystodistributeexternalnewsandeditingimprovements tokeep thepush of informationflowing.  News Links  Pageeditingimprovements  New Webpart layoutoptions SharePoint Conference 2018 Updates
  22. 22.  How many Hub sitescan atenant have?100  Can Iconnect one Hub site toanother? No  Can asite associate tomore than one Hub site? No  Can Idisconnect from one Hub and joinanother? Yes  Can Iconnect a classicSharePoint site toaHub? No  Can Iconvertexisting Sites toHub Sites? Yes  Can Icreate a Classic SharePoint Site asHub Site? Yeswith Limitations (News and content rollup will not support)  Anylimit toassociate the hub site? No FAQs
  23. 23.  Hub sites complete a big part of the Modern SharePoint Architecture Puzzle  Navigation, theme and logoare inherited by connectedsites  Combined News Webpart in Hub  Content roll up from sites connected to the Hub site  Search is scoped with the Hub and connected sites  Good mobile support on iOS and Android Summary
  25. 25. Reference   Blog/SharePoint-hub-sites-new-in-Office-365/ba-p/109547  customization/site-design-overview  Blog/SharePoint-hub-sites-updates-plus-new-page-and-web-part/ba- p/234574  sharepoint-hub-site/  sharepoint-hub-sites
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