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Architecting your Intranet with SharePoint Modernization


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Architecting your Intranet with SharePoint Modernization

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Architecting your Intranet with SharePoint Modernization

  1. 1. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Welcome to SharePoint Saturday Bangalore 2019! Architecting your Intranet with SharePoint Modernization Jenkins NS – Founder, JPOWER4 -
  2. 2. Jenkins NS Modern Workplace Solution Architect International Speaker Trainer Independent Consultant Blogger @jenkinsns Founder, JPOWER4 SPEAKER SPFx: MS Teams: Github : Other References
  3. 3. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Where we come from IT Project 2Project 1 Project 3 HR Policies Benefits Lists Libraries Pages Site Collection Sub SitesProject 5Project 4 Lists Libraries Pages
  4. 4. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Where we are – Modern Experience  Modern Sites are ‘Site Collections’  Always better when they are connected  Companies are made up of smaller groups and teams  Customers want to organize sites into grouping that  Make it easier for users to discover and recall related content  Apply common controls, branding and polices.  Search together and group common news and contents.  No more deep site structures  Modern Site is a “Flat Architecture”  Hubs connect related sites Sales Report Yearly Report News Regional sales Customer Report Feedback Sales Record Center Expense Tracker Benefits Travel Policies Guidance New Hires HR SiteCollections
  5. 5. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Modern SharePoint
  6. 6. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Organize related sites together Drive consistency Landing site for organization Create brand identity Agenda: Building your organization’s intranet BRANDINGHOME SITE HUBS SITE DESIGNS SPFX Custom Webpart
  7. 7. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Home site Landing site for your organization
  8. 8. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood intelligent search and rich navigation news and information audience targeting personalized, relevant content • Foster connections across the organization social conversations communications with intelligent video beautiful, dynamic employee experience accessible and available across devices
  9. 9. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Make this a home site! Any communication site can become a home site Marks the news from that site as authoritative news Sets search to global scope Set as the root of your SharePoint intranet Set a new communication site to the root site location Update your existing root site to become a communication site Set the Office 365 bar logo to point to the home site Leverage recommended experiences Enable audience targeting for news and navigation Use the various user personalized web parts: My Feed, Frequent sites
  10. 10. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Designing your intranet architecture Home site Human Resources Career Give Benefits News Leadership FacilitiesPlanning
  11. 11. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Designing your intranet architecture Home site News Leadership FacilitiesPlanning Human Resources Career Give BenefitsBig Wins Retail Ops Events Social Web Sales Marketing Hubs
  12. 12. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Branding your Home site
  13. 13. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Core elements of brand in SharePoint Logos Navigation Content StructureTheming
  14. 14. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Hubs Organize related sites together
  15. 15. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Why do we need SharePoint Hub Sites A dynamic, ever-changing digital workplace • We want to see things that are relevant • Navigate consistently and easily • Search in the context of where we are • Anyone can post news, comment or like items and read other’s news and comments Constantly Changing Organisations • As administrators we need quick ways to restructure our sites • We need to be able to provision quickly as new requirements arrive • Customers always looking for a solution immediately.
  16. 16. A dynamic, ever-changing digital workplace Vendor agreements Legal portal Regional partner outreach Policies Customer Event planning HR Quarterly reports Company-wide Benefits Acquired sales key Eco Adventure Travel Programs Customer connections Travel innovation SalesRegional sales Recognition & rewards EMEA sales Expense tracker Cultural Big wins Benefits planning New hires EMEA Records center
  17. 17. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood SharePoint hubs • Brings together related team and communication sites • Roll up of news, events and site activity • Search across related sites • Cross-site navigation with audience targeting • Consistent look-and-feel • Common IA via site designs • Permissions across related sites • Hub analytics • Associated sites creation • Hub join approvals • Admins create, site owners adopt • Associate hubs together
  18. 18. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Cross-site navigation • Support for audience targeting using AAD groups • Ability to hide hub name Centralize Permissions • Grant visitor access across associated sites • Hub owner can enable • Site owners can opt out/in Hub-wide usage insights • Total visitors and views • Popular news, files, pages and sites
  19. 19. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood What should be a hub?
  20. 20. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood CSEWeb CSEWeb (departmental hub) Communications sites Team sites Meetings & Voice Collaboration Finding CSEO Connection Localized CSEWeb Sites CSE Listens CSEWeb
  21. 21. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Experience & Devices Fix, Hack, Learn Manager Corner Monthly Business Review Diversity & Inclusion Culture Events Experiences & Devices
  22. 22. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood There is no requirement to have more than one hub Add hub sites to maximize finding and surfacing related information in context Hub site associations are flexible so they can grow and change with your organization
  23. 23. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Hub creation is IT-controlled Prevents proliferation of hubs without centralized approval Available to IT admins via the modern Admin center 2,000 limit Hubs can be scoped Site owners will see only the hubs they’re allowed to join Hub join supports approval process Hub don’t sub Subsite creation can be disabled independently on classic and modern sites Consider disabling subsite creation on modern to encourage hub site use
  24. 24. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Designing your intranet architecture Home site News Leadership FacilitiesPlanning Human Resources Career Give BenefitsBig Wins Retail Ops Events Social Web Sales Marketing Metrics ROB Region Sales APAC ROB MBR Research Sales Europe Associated Hubs Hubs Hubs
  25. 25. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood • Brings together related hubs • Search across hubs • Roll up of news and activity • Easier to curate hub to hub navigation • IT-controlled Market Retail Big Wins Sales Sales APAC Sales Europe Metrics ROB Region ROB MBR Research
  26. 26. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Demo
  27. 27. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site scripts & site designs
  28. 28. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site Scripts A script defining a set of actions to take on a site, such as: "create list" "create site column" Site Designs A site design can be applied to a site, and can contain one or more site scripts When to use To apply consistent site configuration or business logic to sites: During site creation As part of hub association On existing sites
  29. 29. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site Scripts – Where all the Action is actions: [ ... { "verb": "createSPList", "listName": “Case Studies", "templateType": 101, "subactions": [ { "verb": "addSPFieldXml", "schemaXml": "<Field ID="{47b1b86f-9f8a-4dbe-a75e- ca5d9b0f566c}" Type="URL" Name="_ShortcutUrl" DisplayName="Shortcu t URL" DisplaceOnUpgrade="TRUE" Indexed="FALSE" Required="FALSE" Hidden="TRUE" ReadOnlyField="TRUE" ShowInEditForm="FALSE" …………. }, { "verb": "addFile", "source": "Files/Customer Loyalty Program.docx", "destination": "Customer Loyalty Program.docx" }, { "verb": "addSPView", "name": "All Documents", "viewFields": ["DocIcon",“LinkFilename”,"Language", "Status“, "AccountManager”, "Approver", "Industry", _DisplayName", "Editor"], ……………………. }, { "verb": "addNavLink", “url": "/Case Studies/Forms/AllItems.aspx", “displayName": "Case Studies", "isWebRelative": true },... Site Script: JSON file of actions to be applied to the site post-creation Actions can be concatenated in single file or multiple files can be used (and reused) Include Parent and sub actions Field Xml supported
  30. 30. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Demo: Creating a site design
  31. 31. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site scripts – auto-generation Get-SPOSiteScriptFromList –ListUrl [listurl] Get-SPOSiteScriptFromWeb –WebURL –IncludeTheming –IncludeBranding –IncludeSiteExternalSharingCapability –IncludeRegionalSettings –IncludeLists “listurl”
  32. 32. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site design infrastructure Site Scripts • Title • ID • Script actions (Create List, Apply Theme, Add to Nav, Trigger Flow…) Site Designs • Title & Desc • Preview Image • Web Template • Site Script Array • Scope | isDefault
  33. 33. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Site script actions Branding & Other Site Settings Apps & Solutions SharePoint Components SharePoint Components • createSPList • addSPField • deleteSPField • addSPFieldXml • createSiteColumn • createSiteColumnXml • Global Taxonomy • addSiteColumn • addContentType • createContentType • removeContentType • addSPView • removeSPView • setSPFieldCustomFormatter • addFolder • addFile • setDocumentTemplates • setSiteLogoFromFile Register Solutions: • installSolution • SPFx Extension support • associateExtension • associateListViewCommandSet • associateFieldCustomizer Settings • addPrincipalToSPGroup • addNavLink (QL, Hub, footer) • removeNavLink (QL, Hub, footer) • applyTheme • setSiteLogo • setSiteBranding • Header layout • Header Background • Navigation Style • Footer Visibility • setRegionalSettings • setSiteExternalSharingCapability • triggerFlow • joinHubSite • activateSPFeature
  34. 34. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  35. 35. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Background SharePoint Framework is a new development model for building SharePoint customization. In the last three years, we have seen many number of releases for SharePoint Framework.  GA(1.0.0), 1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.3, 1.2.0, 1.3.0, 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.4, 1.4.0, 1.4.1, 1.5.0, 1.5.1, 1.6.0, 1.7.0, 1.7.1, 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2, 1.9.0, 1.9.1...  Drop 1, Drop 2, Drop 3, Drop 4, Drop 5, Drop 6, RC0 Always Microsoft recommend to use latest version, but in reality it is very difficult to manage with team based development, since we always don't upgrade to a new version.
  36. 36. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Preparing SPFx development environment Building SharePoint Framework solutions require developers to use a certain set of tools. Node.js npm Gulp Yeoman and SharePoint Framework Yeoman generator Visual Studio Code development-environment
  37. 37. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood SharePoint Framework - SPFX  SPFx Webpart  Extensions Application Customizers Field Customizers Command Sets  Library
  38. 38. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Surfacing SPFx in Teams
  39. 39. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood SharePoint Online Microsoft Teams Bring SPFx Solutions into Teams Tab js SPFx Teams solutions are deployed to Office 365 tenants using tenant app catalog 1 zip Teams manifest file is created and deployed in Teams LoB Catalog 2 User selects the SPFx application like any other tab in MS Teams “Add a tab” experience 3 Configuration panel is displayed and, once saved, information are stored in the SPO site connected to the group 4
  40. 40. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood SharePoint Online Microsoft Teams Bring SPFx Solutions into Teams Tab SPFx component renders in a dedicated _layout page which is iframed in Teams 5 Teams and SharePoint site context are available to developer 6 Code is loaded from SharePoint asset library where it was deployed at time of package upload 7 Alternatively, code can also run in different CDN location 7 SPFx Application js js js js
  41. 41. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Best practices for designing your intranet
  42. 42. Roadmap: Intelligent intranet Home sites for web and mobile Audience targeting for news and pages Hubs Hub join approval Bulk hub association in admin center (available now) Branding Shy header Additional footer capabilities SharePoint mobile app co-branding Pages, news and web parts Wiki Linking Undo/Redo Available Now Vertical sections Drag and drop files to the canvas Rich preview of links pasted into the text part On page anchors Button, Call to action, Clock & Weather web parts Hero gets secondary call to action links Highlighted content gets custom query filtering Other key features Make a classic team site a comm site Site scripts & site designs: Extract a site to a site script, including multiple lists, branding and navigation (using PowerShell) Page Diagnostics V2 for Modern (Released) Page scheduling Audience targeting for navigation Hubs Associated hubs Hub permissions Hub analytics Additional header capabilities SharePoint Teal default theme File uploads in SP mobile app Portal owner page Yammer conversations web part (v2) My Feed web part Site scripts & site designs Support for folder and file content Teams template integration Additional script actions SharePoint spaces public preview Available soon Early next year Global tenant navigation Further integrations into Microsoft Teams Calendar experiences in SharePoint Top of mind
  43. 43. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Home site Overview: Branding SharePoint theming documentation: & Designing for accessibility: : and Modern SharePoint PnP starter kit: Hubs Overview: Planning guide: Site scripts & site designs Site design and site script overview: Site script GitHub repo: SPFx SharePoint Framework: Additional Resources
  44. 44. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Learn more!
  45. 45. Supported By:Sponsored By: @SPS_Events @SPSBangalore #MicrosoftForSocialGood Thanks :) Next up… Modernize business processes with SharePoint Online & Power Platform Yash Agarwal