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Back to School Night 2012 2013


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Look ahead before back-to-school night

Published in: Education
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Back to School Night 2012 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to 5 th Grade’sBack-to-School Night!!! Mrs. Ahn Please sign-in
  2. 2. Topics of Discussion thisevening• Grading Policy• Homework• Study Tips• PBIS• Student Responsibilities• School Uniform• How Can You Help?• Frequently Asked Questions• Q&A
  3. 3. Grading Policy• Students are graded on the following percentage scale: 100-90% A 89-80% B 79-70% C 69-60% D 59% and below E• Final grades for Reading/ Language Arts are calculated by the following weights:  Tests/Quizzes 50%  Classwork/Participation 35%  Homework 15%
  4. 4. Grading Policy- Continued…• Science grades are calculated using the following weights: Tests/Quizzes 50% Classwork/Participation 35% Homework 15%• Final grades for Math are calculated by the following weights: Tests/Quizzes 50% Classwork/Participation 35% Homework 15%
  5. 5. Grading Policy- Continued…• Social Studies grades are calculated using the following weights:  Assessments 50%  Classwork 35%  Homework 15%• Health grades are calculated using the following weights:  Assessments 30%  Classwork 50%  Homework 20%
  6. 6. Grading Policy- Continued• Assignments that are one day late (without an excuse) will be marked 60%.• No assignments will be accepted more than one day late, unless teacher is notified in advance with situation.• If a student is absent for an excused reason, they will have three days for every day missed to make up missing work with no penalty.• If there are any questions about assignments or due dates, please contact your child’s teacher in advance.
  7. 7. Homework• Will be assigned daily to review the material covered in class.• Long term projects will be assigned well in advance.• Reinforce the importance of writing down assignments in their agenda book and tracking due dates.• Emphasize the importance of not procrastinating.• Agenda Books will be signed daily to check that homework was written down• Study at home every night!
  8. 8. Homework- Continued• Students are expected to read every night including weekends for 20-30 minutes. They should log their minutes and record summaries using their reading log when assigned.• Homework may be assigned over the weekends.• Organization is key to prevent misplacement of homework.• Procedures are in place to turn in assignments
  9. 9. Study Tips! Have a quiet place at home Review notes from the day.
  10. 10. Behavior Expectations at Glenn Dale• Glenn Dale continues to implement a positive behavior system.• It is based upon the idea of consistency among every class throughout the building.
  11. 11. A closer look at our…PBIS Plan for Glenn Dale Elementary Positive Behavior Incentive Program
  12. 12. Gators Go For Green• We will use the student code of conduct to guide our behavior and the level of consequence received.
  13. 13. The Four Expectations• The four gator expectations that are the foundation to the PBIS plan are:• I am RESPECTFUL.• I am SAFE.• I am RESPONSIBLE.• I am PREPARED.
  14. 14. Colors• GREEN - Every day is a new day, and every student starts on green.• YELLOW – Student will go to the time-out desk in the back of the room for 10 minutes and fill out a problem solving log. After the 10 minutes are completed, the student must submit the completed problem solving log.• ORANGE – Student will be asked to leave the class and go to another classroom for 20 minutes and fill out a letter to their parents or guardians explaining their behavior. A phone call will be made.• RED – Student will be referred to the office with official documents.
  15. 15. Consequences• First offense – Warning• Second offense – Move to yellow. In-class 10 minute time-out. Student must fill out and submit a problem solving log.• Third offense or serious offense – Move to orange. 20 minute time-out in another classroom. Student must fill out a letter to their parents/guardians and submit it to the teacher. A call will be made to the student’s parent or guardian.• Fourth offense or extreme offense – Referral to office.
  16. 16. Student Responsibilities• Organization• Time management (home & school)• Study daily at home• Ask questions• Accept consequences with a mature attitude• Be positive role models for Glenn Dale’s elementary students• Follow all PBIS expectations• Dress appropriately following the uniform policy
  17. 17. School Uniforms• We don’t want clothing or accessories to distract learning in the classroom• Students will be required to wear uniforms.  Pant: navy blue, khaki (tan)  Shirt: white, burgundy  Jacket: navy blue or burgundy  Shoes: solid dark black, brown  Socks: dark solids  Belt: dark brown or black  Jewelry: gold or silver loops size of a quarter
  18. 18. College Tours• Grades 3-5 are planning on college tours for experience and exposure
  19. 19. How Can You Help?• Set up daily routines• Interact daily with your child about his/her day in school.• Check agenda book & homework daily.• Volunteer to chaperone field trips and in house activities (you must be finger-printed and have security clearance through PGCPS system)• JOIN PTA!!!!• Sign-Up for Parent Conferences• Sign-In with contact information and email address
  20. 20. Contact Info• Jennifer Ahn•• (301) 805-275• http://5thgradescholars.wikispaces.c
  21. 21. Questions?