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Marketers have heard that tactics such as QR Codes, pURLS, apps and short codes are a good idea to quickly capture connections with customers. On a practical level, what are they specifically, how are they effectively used, and why should marketers consider using them?

On Tuesday August 23rd at 1:30PM (EDT), Anthony Joseph, VP of Marketing, Optify and Jennifer Wong, Digital Solutions Manager at Optify, teamed up with Target Marketing Magazine and Printing Impressions, and session sponsor EasyPurl at the InterACT! 2011 conference to answer these questions and provide step-by-step instructions in a live Interactive webinar presentation to teach audience members how to create each element (QR code, apps, pURLs & short codes) to benefit marketing campaigns.

In this Mobile Marketing Tools & Tips presentation attendees learned:
- How to create your own QR Codes, pURLs, apps and short codes.
- How to take, tie, and track a physical realm customer into the digital realm
- How to measure the activity from these mobile marketing creations in real time.

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  • Anthony Intro
  • Anthony & JenFor each of these chapters, we’ll be sharing a quick overview of what the tactic is, and why you would use it. Then we’ll dive right in with a step by step process for creating these tactics. We’ll conclude each chapter with a look at additional resources you can reference.And to give you context for real life application for using these tactics, we have a case study to share with you, for how you can integrate and measure physical marketing campaigns, online.Finally, we will have a fast recap and conclusion.Lets get started!
  • Jen
  • JenAn app is a software application typically used on a smartphone or mobile device. Usually it’s a narrowed version of a software application designed to fulfill a specific function.
  • Here is one example of an App. The app isn’t just a smaller version of the website. It has a simple design with clear and easy navigation. With limited images, it also loads faster, which is ideal for mobile browsing.
  • Jen you might ask, why develop an app? Well, did you know that more than 5 billion apps were downloaded in 2010? Clearly there is a demand for apps. Not only is there a demand, people are using apps. The average user spends 667 minutes every month using apps. That’s over 10 hours a month.Apps are a great way to grab and engage consumers.However, you might be in a situation where you know all this information but you don’t have access to developers so you feel like youre marketing campaigns are limited. Luckily, there are technologies to help non technical marketers develop sophisticated apps.
  • JenClick on RegisterFill out the short form- email address, password, terms of sericesCheck your email for activation linkOnce you click on the link it will oen up a new window on your browser
  • JenNative android or NativeIphone
  • Jen
  • JenIf it turns out the app cant grab the image, just select another.Click save.
  • JenYou can use develop various types of tabs.The ones that I created are RSS feeds for Optify’s blog, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube
  • JenNext you can add a branded header.
  • JenThen fill out information about your app. This information will be publically displayed when you publish the app.
  • Jen
  • Jen
  • Jen
  • Anthony
  • Jen
  • Anthony
  • AnthonySharingRead a QR code and get access to exclusive contentVideos, landing pages for a white paper, multiple pieces of content that share a link, materials from a conferenceCommunityCreate a QR code that links your mobile device to a like buttonCreate a QR code that shoots out a TweetCalls to ActionAdd links to landing pages with email sign-up or core actionsSEO and SMO (social media optimization)Boost the visibility of videos, music clips, infographics, etc via QR linksSocial ProofLink to popular blog posts that show your authority and/or popularityAnalyticsUse link shorteners like and to create URLs that get tracked through their tracking systemBest practice for using QR code: QR codes are best used to bring a physical presence to an online one. If you have a long URL its easier for someone to scan the code and open the window, then trying to remember the whole URL and type it into their browser. "
  • JenPick your URLShortened vs. non shortened- affects the amount of data encoded= aestethicsTolerance for error- trade off for accuracy and easteticsMargin- cell paddingScale- sizeColor
  • Jen
  • Jen
  • JenA short code is 5 or 6 digit numeric code used for bi directional communication.urlshortner but for phone numbers
  • Jen
  • JenShort code and quick msg campaignPromo CodeShort formSign UpEditions- Free trialClick continueTrial successfully createdClick on go to my account button
  • JenMultiple ways to collect contactsCreate a mobile keywordEnter Keyword-phrase for your campaignCreate new list- enter in name for listEnter in the number of text alertsEnter a message to send to your recipientsClick SaveSelf test:text keyword you created to the short code number
  • Jen
  • Jen
  • JenA persistent or personal URL is a webpage that is customized for an individual visitor.
  • JenUse case:Translates a physical marketing touch to online engagement.Direct mail has PURL > user types in the vanity url
  • Jen
  • JenCreate landing page
  • JenAdd contact- click on PURLTesting mode pop up->not a live pageThis is hosted example. To direct people to your website you’ll need to add html cod e to your site
  • JenClick > Create my accountsWhich will take to the results page to login to signin
  • Jen
  • AnthonyTactics to creatively enhance your marketing campaignsWith new tactics be sure to think about a strategy for reaching your different target segment, plan on integrating your new go to market tactic with current media, and create a plan to follow though on each message you send.
  • Anthony & JenOutline and screenshot from our mini-case study? we thought was uniquecontentwhichhadperformedwell in otherchannels and was compelling for thisaudience.Objectives of QR UseImprove acquisition of leads and interest identificationReduce printed materials on floor and associated costsPre-ConferenceAdd QR code to direct mail > resolves to personalized URL/landing pageAdd QR codes to business cards > special cards for show? Downloads VcardCreate landing page for materials that has mobile screen ready call to actionClear title & image, clear email field, clear download buttonDuring ShowHave a Like QR code and a Tweet QR code ready & posted > contest when you Like/Tweet from the floor? Give away an iPad2?Use single sheet for series of materials desired w/QR codes > sign-up to get emailed the report or materials
  • JenMobile personal, portable, always with them so you can reach your audience to always be top of mind.
  • Mobile Marketing Presentation

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing for the Real Time WebAnthony Joseph, VP of Marketing, OptifyJennifer Wong, Digital Solutions Manager, Optify
    2. 2. What we’ll cover in this workshop» How to: » Create an App » Create a Quick Response (QR) Code » Create a Short Code » Create a pURL
    3. 3. Agenda» “How to” chapters » Overview » Steps » Additional Resources» Case Study» Recap @JenerationY #InterACThandson @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 3
    4. 4. 1. HOW TO CREATE AN APP @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 4
    5. 5. What is an App? An app typically refers to software used on a smartphone or mobile device such as the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry or iPad, as in “mobile app” or “iphone app.”How To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 5
    6. 6. Mobile App example – Hello Vino»» Different from website» Limited images > fast loading» Clear + large text» Simple design Optify Confidential
    7. 7. Did you know… » More than five billion apps were downloaded over 2010 » The average smartphone user spends 667 minutes every month using apps.How To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 7
    8. 8. Register for an accountHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 8
    9. 9. Create a new appHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 9
    10. 10. Enter URL, RSS or search termHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 10
    11. 11. Choose artworkHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 11
    12. 12. Populate tabsHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 12
    13. 13. Add a custom headerHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 13
    14. 14. Fill out app infoHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 14
    15. 15. PublishHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 15
    16. 16. Upload to the Android marketHow To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 16
    17. 17. Download your App from the Android market!How To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 17
    18. 18. Additional Resources» AppMakr:» App building tools:» iOS dev center:» Android dev guide:» Tools to create an App: free-tools-to-create-rss-for-any-website-2/ How To Create An App @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 18
    19. 19. 2. HOW TO CREATE A QR CODE @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 19
    20. 20. What are Quick Response (QR) codes?» QR codes are 2D images that function like barcodes on packaged products, but can contain MUCH more data» The information encoded can be text, URL, phone number, SMS message, RSS feed or other kinds of data» QR codes are essentially pointers to digital content and capture or trigger actions such as » A link to a website » Activate phone functions including email, IM and SMS » Connect the mobile device to a web browser on the phone» QR codes are read by “QR Code Reader” software or phone apps » iPhone Reader > i-nigma » Android Reader > Barcode Scanner
    21. 21. Why use QR codes?» Quick and easy sharing» Portability: You can put them anywhere» Utility: Share large amounts of content at the right time» Boost Visibility: SEO and SMO» Social Proof: Quick links to your “authoritative instance” Scan to check the conference agenda» Analytics: Calls to actionHow To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 21
    22. 22. How to create a QR codeHow To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 22
    23. 23. Additional Resources» QR code generator:» QR code marketing ideas: creative-uses-of-qr-codes.html» QR codes for business: grow-your-business/» QR code readers: software/How To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 23
    24. 24. 3. HOW TO CREATE A SHORT CODE @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 24
    25. 25. What is a short code?A short numeric code of 5 or 6 numbers that can be used in place of a longer phone number for messaging. Text InterACT to 69302How To Create A Short Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 25
    26. 26. Why a short code? Since the codes are shorter, they are easier to remember and utilize, especially for marketing purposesHow To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 26
    27. 27. RegisterHow To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 27
    28. 28. Collect contactsHow To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 28
    29. 29. Additional Resources» Tools to create short code campaigns: ,» Developer tools to build a short code:» Own or rent your own short code: To Create A QR Code @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 29
    30. 30. 4. HOW TO CREATE A PURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 30
    31. 31. What is a pURL?A persistent URL is a web page or microsite that is tailored to an individual visitor through theuse of variable fields and pages that are linked to a database that contains information about each potential visitor. To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 31
    32. 32. Why pURLs? Create a unique website experience for each visitor with content that is relevant and interesting to increase your conversion rateHow To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 32
    33. 33. RegisterHow To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 33
    34. 34. Create a new campaignHow To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 34
    35. 35. Add a contactHow To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 35
    36. 36. Create the landing pageHow To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 36
    37. 37. Additional Resources» pURL generator:» Don’t make these pURL marketing mistakes: 2009/01/top-11-purl-campaign-mistakes.html» Should you use pURL’s: %20%28PURL%29%20Marketing How To Create A pURL @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 37
    38. 38. Wrap-up: Marketing tactics & tools» Define your goal » Encourage actions that support your marketing plan » Give instructions to your consumers. Tell them what they’re going to get for ‘playing’ » Give reasons to come back» Implement & Deliver/Share » Determine technical requirements & capability: developer vs. 3rd-party tool » Assuage the fears of the technically challenged » Provide explanations about their use and benefits» Experiment, Test & Measure » Study your analytics » Experiment with the size, location, and color of your QR codes » Refine your tactics @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 38
    39. 39. Case study» Created QR code with offer» Marketed @ tradeshow» Tracked visitors with Optify» Use to market post-event » Learn more: @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 39
    40. 40. Recap: Why these tactics?» Connect people to what’s happening around them» Help people find info that relevant to them in real time» It’s fun and convenient for the user» Mobile is personal, portable, always with the user and trackable @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 40
    41. 41. Thank you! Anthony Joseph VP of Marketing, Optify Jennifer WongDigital Solutions Manager, Optify @JenerationY | #InterACThandson 41