HHO Dry Cell - What Is The Best Design _


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HHO Dry Cell - What Is The Best Design _

  1. 1. HHO Dry Cell - What Is The Best Design ?HHO dry cells lead the way in water fuel technology. Although submerged HHO wet cells had their day and were valuable for experiments they are nolonger cutting edge technology.Everything from stainless steel wire, kitchen appliances and stainless steel plates has been dippedinto water and used for electrodes.HHO dry cells run cooler and more efficient.So what is the difference between HHO dry cells and HHO wet cells. The main difference is HHO wetcells are completely submerged all the time where as the water in HHO dry cells is held in areservoir/bubblier above the cell. This allows the water to circulate through the HHO dry cell and backto the reservoir.This circulation of the water helps in cooling the water before it returns to the HHO dry cell. Not onlydoes this make your HHO dry cell run cooler but running cooler allows your HHO dry cell to be muchmore efficient.This recirculation process along with the configuration of holes, the processing of the stainless steeland the assembly is what will produce optimal amounts of HHO gas with a dry cell hho generator.There is not one HHO DRY cell on the market today the size of the drycells that HHO2u has suppliedto thousands of people all over the world that will produce as much HHO gas as quickly as their hhogenerators do. Check out these hho Test VideosSince HHO2u released their HHO dry cell many people have copied the design and for good reason,the construction of this hho dry cell is no doubt the best hho dry cell design out on the market to date.Before releasing their HHO drycell hho2u.com, and other hho generator enthusiast performed many,many test to find the best configuration of plates, the most accurate placement of holes, the bestnumber of holes for proper circulation and the proper cross hatched sanding preparation. The endresult is they produce the most productive and most efficient hho dry cell design.Unfortunately you will see ridicules claims all over the internet by people that are trying to sell hhogenerators that are inferior in design. Here is one ridicules claim - "When you add more plates notonly does it restrict the flow of your HHO dry cell but it also causes you to have to ad twice theelectrolyte. This is not good." You can see the results of a 9 plate cell with only one hole in the hhodry cell video comparisons link above.If you have been thinking of installing Hydrogen on demand on your car or truck you owe it to yourselfto do the research it takes to find the best hho generator system. I would definitely recommendHHO2u.com. They are committed to their customers. Not only do they have the absolute best HHO
  2. 2. dry cell technology on the market, but you can go to their site for a lot of learning material andresearch, or call and email them with pretty much any questions you may have regarding Hydrogenon Demand systems.suivi de vehicule