AIDC Convergence, Multiplatform and Documentary Makers


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Presentation to Australian International Documentary Conference as part of the Totally Convergent session.

Looks at telling story across multiple platforms, the business models, some example and some quick learnings

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AIDC Convergence, Multiplatform and Documentary Makers

  1. 1. Building the (digital) bridge<br />Your audience is moving, get in front of them in new and commercially viable ways<br />
  2. 2. Attention has changed<br />Multitasking<br />
  3. 3. Publish a blog<br />Publish your own Web pages<br />Upload video you created <br />Upload audio/music you created<br />Write articles or stories and post them<br />Post ratings/reviews of products/services<br />Comment on someone else’s blog<br />Contribute to online forums<br />Contribute to/edit articles in a wiki<br />Use RSS feeds<br />Add “tags” to Web pages or photos<br />“Vote” for Web sites online<br />Maintain profile on a social <br />networking site(s)<br />Visit social networking sites<br />Read blogs<br />Watch video from other users<br />Listen to podcasts<br />Read online forums<br />Read customer ratings/reviews<br />The Participation Pyramid<br />Source: The Impact Of Emerging Technology On Consumer Behavior And Marketing Strategy – Forrester<br />
  4. 4. Ladder of Participation<br />Creators make content. They write blogs or upload video, music, or text<br />Creators<br />26%<br />Critics respond to content from others. They post reviews, rate things, comment on blogs, participate in forums, & edit wikis<br />Critics<br />35%<br />Collectorsorganise content for themselves & others using RSS feeds, tags & voting sites like Digg<br />Collectors<br />16%<br />Joiners connect in social networks like Facebook, Linkin<br />Joiners<br />45%<br />Spectators consume content including blogs, user-generated video, podcasts, forums, or reviews<br />Spectators<br />63%<br />Inactives neither create nor consume content of any kind<br />Inactives<br />24%<br />
  5. 5. 360 is a misnomer<br />Sometimes it’s 180, sometimes 270, sometimes here and there<br />Sometimes it starts as a broadcast and bleeds into other areas<br />Sometimes there is no TV or it is really just the promotion for online<br />Sometimes, we’re seeing, the multiplatform is so good it migrates to TV<br />Explore, play, discover – view it as more ‘game’ like<br />Think of participatory elements, wrap a drama around the story, let the viewers participate virtually or even for real (ARG)<br />Let them take the experience (or some part of this) with them<br />Engage them, and they will bring you their community<br />
  6. 6. Business models less clear<br />Multiplatform = multiple commercial models<br />Key Seven:<br />Sponsorship<br />Banner Advertising<br />Text Advertising<br />Subscription<br />Transaction<br />Affiliate marketing<br />Extension/upgrade <br />Freemium options on most of these<br />
  7. 7. A multiplatform journey<br />Mobile<br />Snippet<br />Snippet<br />Snippet<br />Snippet<br />Alert<br />Alert<br />Alert<br />Alert<br />Play<br />Play<br />Play<br />Respond<br />Online<br />Background, research<br />Video and links<br />Information gathering, online participation<br />Follow-up<br />Broadcast<br />Episode<br />Episode<br />Episode<br />Episode<br />Discover<br />Join/Share<br />Social<br />Play<br />Play<br />Share<br />Share<br />Explore simulation<br />Virtual<br />Participate (virtually)<br />
  8. 8. A commercial journey<br />Mobile<br />Application Purchase<br />Relevant Sponsorship<br />Episodic Subscription<br />Online<br />Enhancement<br />Relevant Sponsorship<br />Promotion<br />Affiliate Marketing<br />Broadcast<br />Content sales on other platforms<br />Relevant advertising<br />Social<br />Enhancement<br />Virtual Currency<br />Relevant Sponsorship<br />Virtual<br />Participation Purchase<br />Enhancement<br />
  9. 9. It’s about the story we’re telling<br />
  10. 10.
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  14. 14. Some numbers<br />255,000<br />video views on main website<br />750,000<br />viewers on Channel 4<br />double the audience for the slot<br />40% players<br />were target audience<br />(UK teens)<br />42m<br />games played<br />
  15. 15. Where can you afford not to be?<br />Increase interest<br />Increase revenue <br />Increase attention <br />More measurable<br />More scalable<br />More repeatable<br />Multi-platform<br />Each action influences <br />each environment<br />Consistent Experience<br />Crossing boundaries<br />online<br />mobile<br />games<br />social<br />virtual<br />
  16. 16. Digital: a new canvas<br />Painting in 3D for a 3D world<br />