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True cost


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Discover the hidden costs of mobilizing your internal business applications. It ads up like you won't believe.

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True cost

  1. 1. The True Cost of Enterprise Mobility
  2. 2. Expense #1 API Development
  3. 3. Expense #2 Integration Layer Installation
  4. 4. Expense #3 Hire New iOS Developers
  5. 5. Expense #4 Hire New Android Developers
  6. 6. Expense #5 Teach Mobile Developers About Business Applications
  7. 7. Expense #6 Purchase a Secure Distribution Channel e G ng tti M ile ob Re dy a
  8. 8. And you haven’t even launched yet $250,000
  9. 9. There’s got to be a better way…
  10. 10. point. click. mobile. zero APIs. zero integration. zero coding.