Over 50 What Are Your Career Options


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Career change over 50, career change for mature workers, midlife career change

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Over 50 What Are Your Career Options

  1. 1. Over 50?What are your career options? Jenni Proctor Redesign Retirement jenni@RedesignRetirement.com
  2. 2. Career Counsellor “Over 50? What areCareer Coach your career options?”Career Consultant “What are you doing forBaby Boomer the rest of your life?”Retirement Counsellor “Finding Passion and Purpose: Unleash theRetirement Coach Entrepreneur Within”
  3. 3. Barriers to your successAge…………………Is it a barrier?Skills……………….Are you the barrier?Attitudes….…….Are you creating a barrier?Impressions…….Could you minimise a barrier?Knowledge……..Is lack of knowledge a barrier?Decisions………..Barriers of haste and waste!
  4. 4. What do you really want? Clear direction Safe transition to next stage of life Confidence of success Knowledge about what to do Understanding how best to do it Fulfilment Success – personal and financial Control over your future
  5. 5. What are your options?1. Stay where you are but in a different job2. Stay where you are but with a different outlook3. New job doing similar work4. New job doing different work5. Consultant6. Buy a business7. Set up a home-based lifestyle-oriented business
  6. 6. Same employerDifferent job Different attitudeAdvantages How would it feel if you Benefits looked at it all differently? Advantages People Time and “head space” to Established reputation do what you want to do Less stressful eg study, start a home-Disadvantages based business, investigate business opportunities. Will you feel stuck? Might it be a less stressful What are you missing out option? on?
  7. 7. New employerSimilar work Different workAdvantages There would have to be Established reputation “stepping stones” to enable Less stressful you to make the transition Easier transition Same industry vs different industryDisadvantages Is this the opportunity to Will you feel stuck? apply your skills in a Is it what you really want to different context? do?
  8. 8. Career Change for Mature Workers Ebook + practical workbook Based on questions + four hours of webinars Why you might want to make a career change How to decide what you want to do Practical skills – How to write an outstanding resume and how to impress your interviewers How to develop confidence and have a success mindset
  9. 9. Early release available soonEmail – Expression of interestjenni@RedesignRetirement.com.auSelling for $59 AUD with workbook, audio andbonus webinarsFor you… $19 AUD = ebook + workbook + audioWould love your feedback and title suggestions!Want this to be practical, inspiring, genuinelyhelpful……….Something you’d recommend.
  10. 10. ConsultantAre you an expert?Is there a demand for your expertise?Do you have a good network?Are you comfortable promoting yourself, orletting your network know that you areavailable?Do you have good business skills?
  11. 11. Buy a BusinessScary!Outlay of money vs inflow of moneyDo you have the expertise to Buy the business at the right price? Run the business efficiently? Build the business value to sell?Probably need professional help
  12. 12. Why home-based business?Using your skills and experienceFreedom to be your own bossCreative – Every aspect of the businessLow overheads, High convenienceTax advantagesBuild it for the future
  13. 13. Home-based business successesKnowledge of what is possible Beware jumping at first good idea you hear about!Knowledge of online business models Creating and selling information through Ebooks, Membership sites, Audio and Video ProductsEbay and online storesProviding services for other home basedworkers eg Copywriting, VA, BookkeepingBusiness ideas made possible by technology
  14. 14. Multi Speaker EventsGreat introduction to business opportunitiesUnreal environment – hype, excitement, specialoffers, enthusiastic peopleOutstanding speakers with great ideasProblem: No time to think and analyseOutcomes: Wrong products purchased! Wrong experience needed! Wrong skill sets required! Wrong support system! Time and money wasted!
  15. 15. The hare and the tortoiseIt takes time to really learn Planning your lifestyle firstDanger of wasting money means that you will get thebuying into a program when lifestyle you want, not theyou don’t know if it is right lifestyle that your businessfor you. dictates.Danger of wasting time Learning and evaluating asfollowing a program thatmay not be right for you. you go ensures wise decisions.Overwhelm!
  16. 16. RedesignRetirement.com1. Work out what you want to do with your life2. Grow your knowledge slowly and genuinely Online opportunities Offline businesses that can be run from home High demand opportunities to support others3. Learn only from genuine experts in each field4. Find out how others have changed their lives5. Support as you make your decisions
  17. 17. http://www.RedesignRetirement.com http://JenniProctor.com/ Jenni Proctor jenni@RedesignRetirement.com