Career Change Series Challenges


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Career Change Series Challenges

  1. 1. Jenni Proctor Career Clarity
  3. 3. Biggest challengesAge issues Jobs before retiring Transition to retirement Reinventing yourself Working opportunities after 65 Where can you get help?
  4. 4. Biggest challenges – Perceptions?
  5. 5. Stereotypes
  6. 6. Biggest challenges – Beliefs?
  7. 7. Reality Check
  8. 8. Time to rethink -What do we really want from the next stage of life?Full time work Part-time | Portfolio Same or different work?  Same or different work? Same or different workplace?  Same or different workplace? Employed or contract?  Employed or contract? Consultant?  Consultant? Time frame?  Time frame?
  9. 9. Possible actions1. Working differently2. New job3. Change of career direction4. Self-employment5. Work into retirement years
  10. 10. 1. Working differently Transition to Retirement Tax terminology Getting your head around the idea Step by step towards what you want for your futurePossibilities 9 day fortnight 3 0r 4 days a week Job share
  11. 11. 2. New job – Reinvent yourself? New image Updated resume
  12. 12. Resume Impressive Make a feature of your achievements Overview of your career – Positive, dynamic, Realistic ap Applications – Your experience
  13. 13. Cover letter Acknowledge what you haven’t done Emphasise what you have done related to this position Demonstrate understanding of the role, the organisation, the expectations Ensure your achievements and your match to the position are clearly outlined
  14. 14. 3. Change of career direction Previous webinars CHOICE, CHANGE, CONFIDENCE Study to build on your expertise eg mediation Study to change direction entirely eg education to career development Opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do eg working in a nursery or following some passion.
  15. 15. 4. Self-employment What are you already doing? What do you love to do? What have you dreamed of? Is there a great opportunity that you have noticed?Negatives: Hard work, Paperwork, Business knowledgePositives: Satisfaction, Fulfillment, Using skills/experience, Home based, Linked by Technology
  16. 16. 5. Work into retirement yearsMerrill Lynch New Retirement Survey most boomers would prefer to cycle between periods of work and leisure. increasingly interested in CAREERS that involve helping society, locally and globally Encore career - use your knowledge and experience to make a real difference in the lives of others.
  17. 17. Where will the new jobs be?Top 10 Industries (2012-13 )1. Property and Business Services2. Retail Trade3. Construction4. Education5. Accommodation, Cafés and Restaurants6. Transport and Storage7. Government Administration and Defence8. Cultural and Recreational Services9. Mining Health and10. Community Services
  18. 18. 225 Best Jobs for Baby BoomersCombination of Pay, Growth and Openings Management Analysts Teachers – postsecondary Logisticians General and operations managers Registered nurses 6 types of doctors Medical and Health Services managers Financial managers
  19. 19. And for a bit of fun……79. Copy writers80. Creative writers81. Poets and lyricists100. Personal and home care aides171. Demonstrators and product promoters172. Cartoonists173. Painters and Illustrators185. Composers225. Bookkeeping, Accounting and Auditing Clerks
  20. 20. Fastest growing jobs for Baby Boomers1. Social and Human Service Assistants2. Personal and Home Care Aides…....Aged care included4. Teachers – post secondary20. Training and Development Specialists23/4. Employment sector42. Light delivery services43. School officers (teacher aides)52. Adult literacy teachers86. Cleaning services
  21. 21. Links Jobwise Adage Be Next
  22. 22. Jenni Proctor Career Clarity