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Achieving the work from home dream


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Published in: Career, Business
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Achieving the work from home dream

  1. 1. Jenni Proctor
  2. 2.  Autonomy Freedom to work or not work according to what else you want to do Ownership: Your ideas, your plans, your way Your own timetable Passions and interests Working with people of your own choosing + LOTS OF MONEY!
  3. 3.  Self employed ◦ Developing your own business opportunities ◦ Not working for a salary ◦ Need to be involved Entrepreneur ◦ A person who organizes and manages a business, usually with initiative and some risk. Business Owner ◦ The business interests can operate without the owner.
  4. 4.  Do you have to be an “entrepreneur”? Do you have to have outstanding skills? Do you have to be really good with computers?
  5. 5.  What are you really afraid of? ◦ Loss ◦ Failure ◦ Success How to manage Fear ◦ Small is good ◦ Don’t procrastinate ◦ Having a safety net ◦ Being well planned
  6. 6.  What are your learning needs? Who can you learn from? Mentors Mistakes are good Instant success can be a problem. Beware Complacency!
  7. 7.  Isolation and the need for community Juggling family life Doing what you love means often having to do things that you hate Hours and more hours No support staff
  8. 8.  Clarity Focus Belief in own abilities Determination Resilience – “No failure, only feedback” Mindset Positive attitude
  9. 9. Diagram from
  10. 10.  Keep it clean! Who are you when you are with others? No financial discussions in bed! You are life partners and business partners, not conjoined twins. It’s business and you are colleagues. Is that how you relate with emails, coffee, interruptions, questions, “hom e” issues? Define your business roles Take good breaks from work
  11. 11.  Employees Facebook friends Networks Outsourcing ◦ ◦ ◦
  12. 12. Jenni Proctor