How to Blog for Business


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How to blog for business. Blogging for business can increase your client base and build your credibility. Here's a formula to get more out of your blog efforts.

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  • Make a list of all common questions you get asked about your business (FAQ’s)
    Answer them
    Make another list of the questions you WISH they’d ask you. Answer them.
  • Take the topics you came up with before and write out a few titles for potential blog posts
  • How to Blog for Business

    1. 1. Get Your Blog On! Write Words Marketing
    2. 2. Why Blog? • • • • • Build Traffic Referrals Share on social Showcase your knowledge Other Write Words Marketing
    3. 3. How Does Your Blog Fit Into Your Website? Write Words Marketing
    4. 4. The 7 Elements of a Good Blog Post for Traffic and Lead Gen • • • • • • • Topic Title Keyword terms Formatting Image Call to action Marketing/Shareability Write Words Marketing
    5. 5. Where Do You Find Blog Topics? Answer Questions Write Words Marketing
    6. 6. What Are Your 5 FAQ? • Why not write 5 blog posts answering them? Other Topic Ideas: • Tie your product or service to a current event • Attending a conference? Put together a post on topics covered • Share success stories Write Words Marketing
    7. 7. Go Ahead, Judge a Blog Post on Its Title • Or How to “Get the Click” Write Words Marketing
    8. 8. There’s a Formula for Writing Winning Headlines (Here are 5) • • • • • List posts (7 Ways to…) How to …. If _____ , then ____ The Secret to …. Best… Write Words Marketing
    9. 9. You Try It Write Words Marketing
    10. 10. Plan Ahead • Research keyword terms • Make a list of possible topics/titles (Editorial Calendar) Write Words Marketing
    11. 11. Topics Write Words Marketing
    12. 12. Better Searched Keyword Terms Write Words Marketing
    13. 13. Where to Find Keywords? • • • • Wordtracker Google Adwords Keyword Tool Google Instant (for ideas) Many others (Google “keyword tools” Write Words Marketing
    14. 14. Let’s Turn Them Into Titles Write Words Marketing
    15. 15. How to Write It? • • • • • • <H1> Tag (Headline) White Space Bullets Subheads Include a graphic Keywords (SEO Benefits) Write Words Marketing
    16. 16. Don’t Forget the Meta Data Write Words Marketing
    17. 17. 3 Ways to Market Your Blog • Share on social media • Guest post on other blogs (must be complementary to your business) • Build online relationships Write Words Marketing
    18. 18. Let’s Connect! • • • • @jenphillipsapri on Twitter About Write Words Marketing A web writer since 2004, Jen helps small to medium businesses and nonprofits drive results online. A pet lover, she launched in 2004 and grew it to 80,000 organic visitors/month with optimized web content. Now she writes and consults for a variety of small and medium size businesses. She speaks on SEO and social media around the country. Write Words Marketing