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Jen Miller - Humanizing Storytelling


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Jen Miller explained how drama and authenticity connect audiences to brands at WordCamp Santa Clarita on April 5, 2019.

Published in: Marketing
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Jen Miller - Humanizing Storytelling

  1. 1. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Humanizing Storytelling - Drama and Authenticity Connect Audiences to Brands
  2. 2. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Don't be afraid to let people see inside. That's where the connection is made.
  3. 3. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Know what your brand stands for - and align with stories that showcase it.
  4. 4. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Humanizing the story is about sharing.
  5. 5. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Show up and say the same thing repeatedly - consistently.
  6. 6. #WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u However, don’t forget that data brings conversion. Connect the dots for your audience, but don’t get lost in the numbers.
  7. 7. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Build your lists using newsletters, social media, videos, blog posts, private groups, and more.
  8. 8. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Start a brand gimmick - Top 10 posts, 9 second videos, calls to home, develop a design palette...
  9. 9. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Welcome customer reviews even if they’re not what you’d like (and listen to the feedback).
  10. 10. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Allow real people to advise you. Marketing is not only about the expert’s opinion.
  11. 11. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u Make friends, you never know who will be a key influencer.
  12. 12. #WCSC JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u#WCSCV JEN MILLER @jenblogs4u THANK YOU, Santa Clarita!