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Creating Content in Your Client's Voice | WCRaleigh



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Jen Miller shares insight into finding your voice as a blogger and developing your client's voice if you ghostwrite in "Creating Content in Your Client's Voice" at WordCamp Raleigh in April 2018, a WordPress conference.

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Creating Content in Your Client's Voice | WCRaleigh

  1. 1. Creating Content in Your Client’s Voice Jen Miller Twitter/LinkedIn: JenBlogs4U
  2. 2. “Where Did You Find It?” We Didn’t. We Wrote it as HIS.
  3. 3. Butterfly Garden Be Unique!
  4. 4. Cat Or C.A.T.? Depends on context.
  5. 5. YOUR Clients Deserve Better. ● Better Content. ● Better Topics. ● Better Voice.
  6. 6. ● Professional Voice ● Neighborly Voice ● Humorous Voice ● Newsroom Voice ● Curious Voice
  7. 7. “I Appreciate You.”
  8. 8. Involve Your Client.
  9. 9. Think and Blog as Your Client WOULD IF They Had the Time.
  10. 10. Trust Yourself And Push Publish.
  11. 11. Thank You, Raleigh. Jen Miller Twitter/LinkedIn: JenBlogs4U