Database resources geological sciences 2014


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Database resources for geological sciences. SAGEOLIT, GeoRef and SpringerLink

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Database resources geological sciences 2014

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY JEN EIDELMAN UCT LIBRARIES 2014 E-mail: Telephone: 021 650 2773 Please contact me for individual and/or group research consultations or for any library queries. GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE 2014 Database Resources for Geological Science This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution- NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  2. 2.  Where do I find the Databases? Access from the library page:  Search & Find Databases A-Z  OR  Research Help SUBJECT GUIDE GEOLOGY  Click on the tab: Databases – finding articles in journals  GeoRef/ SpringerLink/ SAGEOLIT  Keeping up to date : Current Awareness; Alerting services  Interlibrary Loans GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE 2014 - Database resources
  3. 3.
  4. 4. GEOLOGICAL SCIENCE 2014 Database resources
  5. 5. This is where you will find a link to your Subject Guide: WHERE TO START? - Subject Guide On the Library Web Page:
  6. 6. LINK TO SUBJECT GUIDES This is your subject guide:
  7. 7. Databases for Geology
  8. 8. Remember to think carefully about your search terms and use the following search operators (Boolean operators) to limit and refine your search: • AND to find records containing all terms • OR to find records containing any of the terms • NOT to exclude records containing certain words from your search Database searching
  9. 9. Databases: GEOREF – via EBSCOHOST
  10. 10. Databases: GEOREF – via EBSCOHOST Search tips: • Use the OR operator to broaden your search and to find similar concepts • The use of truncation: Truncation is represented by an asterisk (*). To use truncation, enter the root of a search term and replace the ending with an *. EBSCOhost finds all forms of that word. For example, type comput* to find the words computer or computing.
  11. 11. Databases: GEOREF – via EBSCOHOST You can refine your search here.
  12. 12. Click on the SFX button. This tells you the availability of the article. Databases: GEOREF – via EBSCOHOST
  13. 13. SFX will tell you if the article is available in full text or not. The full text is available from SpringerLink Click on the GO button. There is also a link here to the library catalogue (ALEPH) if you want to see if the print version of ‘Natural Hazards’ is available. GEOREF – SFX
  14. 14. Scroll down to find the article on page 377
  15. 15. Click on Download PDF to read the full text.
  16. 16. Save the article to your computer
  17. 17. GEOREF – Export to RefWorks Click on the title of the article to open the full view
  18. 18. GEOREF – Export to RefWorks
  19. 19. Select the ‘Direct export to RefWorks’ button Then click ‘Save’ This action will export the information (bibliographic details) to RefWorks GEOREF – Export to RefWorks
  20. 20. GEOREF – Export to RefWorks
  21. 21. Imported to RefWorks
  22. 22. You do not have to sign in to use these databases, but if you create a personal account, you can register your own profile, save searches and create alerts. GEOREF – Create a personal account
  23. 23. GEOREF – Create a personal account
  24. 24. The My EBSCOhost banner shows that you are signed in. Click on ‘Create Alert’ GEOREF – Create an Alert
  25. 25. Database: SpringerLink You do not have to sign in to use these databases, but if you register you can create your own profile.
  26. 26. Browse the database by discipline. Click on ‘Earth Sciences & Geography’ Database: SpringerLink
  27. 27. Next Browse the database by Sub-discipline. Click on ‘Geology’ Database: SpringerLink
  28. 28. Start your search: Click on the icon for the Advanced Search option or type in your search terms in the box provided Database: SpringerLink
  29. 29. Database: SpringerLink Type in your search terms in the relevant boxes provided Limit your search results by date published You may wish to tick or untick this box. If you choose to see only full text documents then untick the box.
  30. 30. Database: SpringerLink These are the articles that UCT does not subscribe to, i.e. preview only Click on ‘Download pdf’ to get the full text. 1,401 results found
  31. 31. Database: SpringerLink You can refine your search here. For example you may only want to look at chapters in books
  32. 32. Database: SpringerLink Send file to Bibliography Manager Click on the title of the article you want to send
  33. 33. Click on ‘Export citations’ Save file & Import to Bibliography Manager
  34. 34. Database: SpringerLink Save file & Import to Bibliography Manager
  35. 35. Database: SpringerLink Save file & Import to Bibliography Manager
  36. 36. Database: SpringerLink Save file & Import to Bibliography Manager
  37. 37. Database: SpringerLink Save file & Import to Bibliography Manager
  38. 38. Database: SpringerLink Save file & Import to RefWorks For more information on RefWorks go to:
  39. 39. To get help on this database, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Feedback community’ Database: SpringerLink
  40. 40. Database: SAGEOLIT SAGEOLIT contains bibliographic information on geoscientific publications, selected from journal articles, publications from symposia, published and unpublished reports and maps. This database covers about 400 current journal subscriptions and a further 1500 journals received as part of exchange agreements. It is compiled by the Council for Geoscience and includes 170 000 references from the early 1880s and is updated monthly.
  41. 41. Database: SAGEOLIT
  42. 42. Database: SAGEOLIT
  43. 43. Database: SAGEOLIT – Refine results Database: SAGEOLIT – Refine results
  44. 44. Database: SAGEOLIT
  45. 45. Database: SAGEOLIT Export to a Bibliographic Manager
  46. 46. Database: SAGEOLIT Export to RefWorks – Allow Pop-ups
  47. 47. SAGEOLIT – Export to RefWorks
  48. 48. Database: SAGEOLIT
  49. 49. Database: SAGEOLIT Add items to ‘My Action List’ Tick the box to add an item to ‘My Action List’
  50. 50. Database: SAGEOLIT My Action List Item added to ‘My Action List To remove an item from ‘My Action List’ Tick the box again
  51. 51. Database: SAGEOLIT You can print, email or export from My Action List. Click on the link for options.
  52. 52. Database: SAGEOLIT Remember to tick the box next to the item to complete your request to email, export or print.
  53. 53. Database: SAGEOLIT Create a personal account
  54. 54. Database: SAGEOLIT
  55. 55. Database: SAGEOLIT - Save a search Give your search a name and save your search from the Recent Searches Tab
  56. 56. Database: SAGEOLIT – Create an alert
  57. 57. Remember to refer to other databases for Geology: • ScienceDirect • Scopus • Web of Science • Wiley Online Library Database training tutorials:
  58. 58. INTERLIBRARY LOANS You can request items that are not available at UCT via UCT Libraries Interlibrary Loans Department.
  59. 59.
  60. 60. Thank you!