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5 ref works refgrab it


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How to install and use the RefWorks RefGrab-It bookmarklet

Published in: Education, Technology
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5 ref works refgrab it

  1. 1. REFWORKS Presented and compiled by Jen Eidelman Email:
  2. 2. RefGrab-It RefGrab-It looks for information on web pages and if an ISBN number, PubMed ID or DOI exist on the web page, RefGrab-It will automatically search various web resources to get supplemental information that may be of interest to you. RefWorks may also locate RSS feeds related to that web page.
  3. 3. Ref Grab It Download a browser bookmarklet that allows you to import references for most webpages Go to ‘Tools’ and choose RefGrab-It. Follow the import instructions.
  4. 4. Follow the import instructions. Ref Grab It
  5. 5. RefGrab-It is installed as a Bookmarklet in your browser. Click on this RefGrab-It link in your browser. Ref Grab It
  6. 6. Ref Grab It Import to RefWorks RefGrab-It finds book details on the web page and allows you to import the data directly into RefWorks.
  7. 7. Ref Grab It In RefWorks click on ‘View last Imported folder’ to view the reference. Indicates that the reference has been imported from RefGrab-It.
  8. 8. Ref Grab It View the reference that was imported from RefGrab-It. Book details are imported to RefWorks