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3 ref works 2.0 importing text files


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3 ref works 2.0 importing text files

  1. 1. REFWORKS Presented and compiled by Jen Eidelman Email:
  2. 2. What about importing files from online database services that don’t have a direct import to RefWorks? No Problem! We will use the NCBI database to show you how to import text files.
  3. 3. From Electronic Resources choose Databases Importing text files
  4. 4. Importing text files Choose PubMed from the database list
  5. 5. Importing text files Secondly, click ‘Search’ First conduct a search in the search box. As an example, use the terms: biological invasions AND marine ecosystems
  6. 6. Importing text files 1. Choose the article you wish to import
  7. 7. Importing text files <ul><li>Click on the down arrow next to Send to: </li></ul>2. Choose File 3. Under Format choose MEDLINE 4. Click on Create File
  8. 8. Importing text files Choose Save File and then OK
  9. 9. Importing text files The file is a text file (.txt) <ul><li>Choose File and ‘Save as’ </li></ul><ul><li>Name and Save the file as a .txt file. </li></ul><ul><li>Close the file. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Importing text files Go to RefWorks and Choose ‘Import’ in the ‘References’ toolbar.
  11. 11. Importing text files In the Data Source Field choose NLM PubMed In the Database Field choose PubMed
  12. 12. Importing text files Click ‘Browse’ to find the text file that you saved previously
  13. 13. Importing text files Choose the file you saved previously and then click ‘Open’
  14. 14. Importing text files Click ‘Import’ The file has been added here
  15. 15. Importing text files Click ‘Import’ Alternatively, open the text file – select all the text and then copy it into the ‘From Text’ box. Choose ‘Import’
  16. 16. Importing text files Choose View last imported folder
  17. 17. Importing text files The information has been added to RefWorks