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Patricia Vinchesi 2013 masccc


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Town of Scituate

Published in: Technology, Business
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Patricia Vinchesi 2013 masccc

  1. 1. Town of ScituatePatricia A. VinchesiTown AdministratorApril 24, 2013
  2. 2. About Scituate—  18,000 population; 30,000 insummer; 26 miles from Boston—  Historic community celebrated375th anniversary 2012—  Five beaches, three golfcourses, active harbor withcommercial and sport fishing—  Five member BOS with TownAdministrator—  $70,000,000 budget—  220 municipal employees—  Active board and committeeinvolvement—  96% residential with limitedcommercial development
  3. 3. How it started2004- Selectmen created Renewable Energy Committee2009 (FY 11)- Selectmen adopted priority goal of becomingleading community in Commonwealth for green initiativesRESULTED IN:—  1.5 MW wind turbine (commissioned 3/12)Meets 50% of town’s electrical needs) 8.9 cents kWh,anticipated $3.6 million in savings over 15 years—  Designated Green Community in 2011adopted stretch code, photovoltaic (PV) bylaw—  3.0 MW DC photovoltaic solar array underconstruction on Town’s capped landfillMeets 50% of town’s electrical needs 8.4 cents kWh,anticipated $4.8 million in savings over 20 years—  $5.9 Energy Savings Contract for all town andschool facilities—  Pilot community for Solarize Scituate
  4. 4. —  Designated Green Community in 2011Adopted stretch code, photovoltaic (PV) bylaw—  3.0 MW DC photovoltaic solar array under construction onTown’s capped landfillMeets 50% of town’s electrical needs 8.4 cents kWh, anticipated $4.8 millionin savings over 20 years
  5. 5. How it has evolvedSustainable Scituate: www.sustainablescituate.orgGOAL: grass roots advocate organization for promoting energyconservation, protecting the environment and leading sustainable livesRESULTED IN:—  Recycling Education—  Community and school gardens—  Assistance with Solarize Scituate pilot program—  Community wide education on sustainable livingCOMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT—  Farmer’s Market established in 2010—  South Shore Fish Exchange (SOSEXI), established in 2012 (CSF)—  Ship Shape Day
  6. 6. How it ContinuesCommunity Preservation Act—  Adopted 2007—  @ 3%GOAL: support the creation or expansion of, walking and bikingtrailsRESULTED IN:—  $1,775,000.00 spent since in six years (six projects)—  $500,000 approved April 9, 2013 for bike trail—  $350,000 for Phase III of Harborwalk trail
  7. 7. And…Water Quality Improvement and Conservation—  Irrigation restrictions implemented in 2011—  Herring in Herring Brook for first time in 15 years (NOAA grantreceived to restore in Bound Brook)AWARDS:Lead by Example Award 2013Gulf of Maine Council Award 2012North South River Water Association Annual Award 2012Mass Energy Consumer Alliance Leadership Award 2012
  8. 8. Things to Consider—  Support of local officials/stakeholders—  Exploratory and implementation costs—  Good Planning: siting and selection processes, operation and maintenance—  Band width: staffing, administrative and legal expertise—  Partnering with state agencies (EOER,DEP)—  Commitment—  Other factors: Renewable energy credit market/investment tax creditsPrivate vs. municipal ownershipLate to the dance?Will still have issues, problems and challenges
  9. 9. Small Steps lead to BigThings…—  Each project relatively small but builds on priorefforts/progress—  Not a lot of town General Fund dollars used—  Celebrate small accomplishments—  Recognize there will be obstacles and insure thereis continuity and consensus among officials ongoals
  10. 10. To find out YOU!