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5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Education & Careers - Landscape & Geography

Published in: Career, Technology, Real Estate
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  1. 1. Applied. Whole systems. Design.  
  2. 2. Two especially expansive definitions •  Landscape: the earth, its systems and its function •  Design: change with intent
  3. 3. Getting beyond appearances… …to deal profoundly with ecological and social issues
  4. 4. A concentrated 10 months.   Master of Arts in Landscape Design Accredited by New England Association of Schools & Colleges, Inc.  
  5. 5. Based on real projects for real clients.
  6. 6. Whole systems approach: projects across scales 1.  Residential scale 2.  Community scale 3.  Regional scale
  7. 7. Analy'cal  design  process  
  8. 8. Small  Classes.   Collabora've  learning.  
  9. 9. Strong  emphasis  on  presenta'on  skills  
  10. 10. Individualized classroom instruction.  
  11. 11. Ecologist-­‐led  field  trips  
  12. 12. Learn  by  doing.  
  13. 13. Project reports and plan sets become a professional portfolio.
  14. 14. At the intersection of three broad fields:  
  15. 15. Does Franklin County, Massachusetts, have the land resources needed to achieve residents of the county and of the larger region? These are the questions the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG), working with a consortium address. 1. How much farmland would Franklin County require to meet its residents’ nutritional needs? 2. How much farmland is there currently in Franklin County, and where is it located? 3. 4. Where is there potential for additional farmland in Franklin County? 5. The Conway School is the only institution of its kind in North America. Its focus is sustainable landscape planning and design. Each year, through its accredited, ten-month graduate program just eighteen to nineteen students from diverse backgrounds are immersed in a range of applied professional roles in various aspects of landscape planning and design. FRANKLIN COUNTY FARMLAND & FOODSHED STUDY Prepared for the Franklin Regional Council of Governments FRANKLIN COUNTY FARMLAND & FOODSHED STUDY Prepared for the Franklin Regional Council of Governments Laura Elizares | Evelyn Lane The Conway School Winter 2012 Projects address: •  improving food security and farm viability, Small  farm  management  plan   City-­‐wide  food  security   plan   Regional  farmland   assessment  
  16. 16. •  reducing resource-consumptive practices, Condominium  master  plan      Air  base  restora'on  plan  Green  burial  alterna'ves    
  17. 17. •  protecting and enhancing biodiversity, Connect  remaining   green  corridors  in  a   highly  grazed  landscape   Protect  fragile  places  within  an   ecotourism  des'na'on   Guide  access  to  a  unique   botanical  sanctuary  
  18. 18. •  anticipating, mitigating the impact of climate change, rain  garden   porous  pavement   Guidelines  for  regional   stormwater  management   Infiltrate  storm  runoff  and   reduce  heat  island  effect  
  19. 19. •  engaging diverse communities. Facilita'ng  public  involvement  in  Ajo,  AZ;  Northampton  &  Worcester,  MA;  Adirondack  State   Park  communi'es;  Northeast  HarRord,  CT  
  20. 20. What  are  recent  alums  doing?   •  Municipal  and  regional  planning,  both  public  and   private  sector   •  Residen'al  design,  permaculture,  na've   landscapes   •  Environmental  protec'on:  local,  state  &  federal   •  Land  conserva'on  with  local  and  regional  land   trusts   •  Habitat  restora'on,  wetlands  protec'on   •  Curriculum  development  and  teaching,  all  levels    
  21. 21. Ahron Lerman ‘11 Urban Forestry Assistant MA Department of Conservation & Recreation  
  22. 22. “I draw on my Conway education every single day: site design, public interaction, graphic design, and project management.”
  23. 23. Jamie Pottern ‘12 Farm Conservation Program Manager Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust  
  24. 24. “Conway taught me how to design landscapes that work for both the client and within the natural constraints of the site. I learned what questions to ask, and where to find answers.”  
  25. 25. Mary Praus ‘10 Land Use Planner Franklin Regional Council of Governments  
  26. 26. “I try to communicate at multiple levels and have each element of communication—word, photo, drawing, map—support one another and tell a story. That’s what I learned at Conway.”  
  27. 27. Josiah Simpson ‘10 Regenerative Design Group Summit Ridge Design  
  28. 28. “I chose Conway because of its unique design process—hearing the client’s goals, assessing land conditions for the project scope, developing design alternatives—and its hands- on approach to designing for real places and real clients.”  
  29. 29. Dave  Jacke  ‘84   Permaculture  Trainer   Author,  Edible  Forest  Gardens   Cynthia  Boener  ‘86   Biologist,  Invasive  Species  Control   Silvio  Conte  Wildlife  Refuge,  USF&W   Seth  Wilkinson  ‘99   Restora'on  Ecologist  &  Principal   Wilkinson  Ecological  Design  
  30. 30. Abrah  Dresdale  ‘10   Food  Systems  Planner   Coordinator,  GCC’s  Food/Farm  concentra'on   Tom  Sullivan  ‘08   Public  Educator/Designer   Pollinators  Welcome     Wendi  Goldsmith  ’90   Founder  &  CEO   The  Bioengineering  Group  
  31. 31.   The  world  awaits…   Informa'on  sessions:   Saturday,  December  7th   Saturday,  February  1st