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  1. TOXICS ACTION CENTER Megan Stokes, Development Director
  2. OURVISION We believe everyone has the right to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and live in healthy, sustainable communities. We envision a New England that is filled with legions of savvy activists working to make these rights a reality.
  3. OUR MISSION Toxics Action Center’s mission is to work side- by-side with communities, providing you with the skills and resources needed to prevent or clean up pollution at the local level.
  4. Community Organizing Assistance Networking Experts and Information RESOURCES WE PROVIDETO COMMUNITIES
  5. STAFFING STRUCTURE - LEADERSHIP Organizing Directors State Directors Executive Director Development Director
  6. OTHER STAFF Administrator &Web Devo NH Community Organizer ME Community Organizer VT Community Organizer Interns
  7. JACKS OF ALLTRADES Three Realms of how we think about our work. And all staff take part in all realms. Organization Fundraising Program
  8. MOVING PAST DIRTY ENERGY Retiring the last coal-fired plants in New England: Somerset Station, Salem Harbor, Mt.Tom, Brayton Point, Bridgeport Station, and Bow, Portsmouth. Retiring nuclear energy:Vermont Yankee and Pilgrim. Stopping new fossil fuel plants: Westfield oil and gas, Wiscasset Coal, and Harpswell LNG And more!
  9. PREVENTING PESTICIDE SPRAYS Stopped industry’s attempts to roll- back the Connecticut Safe School Grounds Law Passed town-land pesticide-free policies in Camden and Scarborough, Maine Preventing NSTAR’s plans to spray the Cape
  10. GETTINGTO ZEROWASTE Massachusetts adopts zero waste principles in it’s new solid waste master plan. Closure of habitually polluting landfills in Moretown,VT and South Hadley, Mass. Preventing new incinerators across the Commonwealth. Retiring the Biddeford and Claremont incinerators.
  11. MAJOR PRIORITIESTHISYEAR Retiring Coal Oil and gas pipelines Pesticide Sprays Recycling v. Incinerators
  12. CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES Connecticut Organizer Western Mass. Organizer Organizing Director Maine State Director Administrator/Web Organizational Intern Media Intern Event Intern Safe School Grounds Intern
  13. WHATWE LOOK FOR Smarts Leadership Politics Right combo of poise and grit
  14. WHY DO NON-PROFIT WORK? Work with passionate, amazing people Learning and being challenged Making a tangible impact on the world
  15.  Megan Stokes Toxics Action Center Development Director  617/747-4363