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Mark Leighton masccc 2013


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Harvard University

Published in: Business, Technology
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Mark Leighton masccc 2013

  1. 1. Graduate Program inSustainability & Environmental Management(SEM)•  Part-time evening program for working professionals•  On-campus and online us:•  617-495-9414•
  2. 2. Sustainability & Environmental Management (SEM)•  Take courses (approx. 35 from 70 faculty)•  Climate•  Energy•  Air•  Water•  Ecosystems: Forests, Oceans•  Conservation Biology•  Earn a Sustainability Certificate•  5 courses (graduate credit, passing grade of B or better)•  (Environmental Management Certificate coming soon!)•  Earn a Master’s
  3. 3. Sustainability & Environmental Management (SEM)•  Master’s Degree Program•  Sustainability or Environmental Managementconcentration•  11 graduate courses + capstone project•  9 graduate courses + thesis•  Must complete degree within 5 years, slow orfast paced•  Two required courses, choose from among 75courses as
  4. 4. Sustainability & Environmental Management (SEM)•  Our students: currently 325…& growing•  Local à Global (roughly half New England)•  60% professionals, others transitioning into new careers•  Across public & private sectors•  Lifelong learning from your fellow students
  5. 5. Graduate Program inSustainability & Environmental Management(SEM)Thanks…. And learn more about us us: or me: Mark Leighton•  617-495-9414•