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Leon Gaumond 2013 masccc


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Town of West Boylston

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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Leon Gaumond 2013 masccc

  1. 1. Town of West Boylston127 Hartwell StreetWest Boylston, MA
  2. 2. Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette
  3. 3. ¨  The entire town lost power during the event¨  Most roads and streets were impassable¨  State of Emergency declared by Town and State¨  Extremely dangerous conditions continued forat least three full days and in some areas oftown was much longer.
  4. 4. ¨  All of CentralMassachusettswas impactedTown of West Boylston 4Source: Worcester Telegram & GazetteWestBoylston
  5. 5. Source: HCTV
  6. 6. Not much better in West Boylston…Town of West Boylston 6
  7. 7. Town of West Boylston 7
  8. 8. ¨  Lost all power from regional grid at midnightThursday¨  Operations and office staff mobilized Thursdaynight¨  Emergency Operations Center established¨  First mutual aid crews arrived on Friday¨  Notification to elected officials, appointedstaff/employees and media
  9. 9. ¨  The scope of the damage was massive¨  The entire town and every electric customerlost power for some time¨  Most streets had to be cleared beforerestoration could commence.¨  Governor Patrick and legislative leadersvisited the region on Monday Dec 15 (Day 4)because of the heavy damage in the area
  10. 10. ¨  Time was of the essence¨  It was very cold, with temperatures ranging inthe 30’s during the day and teens at night,often even lower¨  Two snowstorms totaling 26” during the 12day recovery period.¨  Holiday season was quickly approaching.
  11. 11. ¨  DPW man-hours fighting storm in first 7 days:840 hours¨  Sand used: 194 cubic yards¨  Salt used: 64 cubic yards¨  DPW Cost in first 7 days: roughly $47,000¨  Police costs not reimbursed to the Town: nearly$3000.Town of West Boylston 11
  12. 12. ¨  Total FEMA submissions from Town – about$527,000 of which we were reimbursed nearly$400,000.¨  Total brush costs = $418,000 of which we paid$94,244.¨  This was nearly a $1 million event for WestBoylston!Town of West Boylston 12
  13. 13. ¨  Fire Dept. man-hours fighting storm: 800 hours¨  Seven (7) days of ice storm emergency responsemode (storm related emergency calls, assistwith road clearing, cellar pumping, etc.)¨  Example: Call volume:  75 calls for service in 5days (50 cellars pumped, 4 fire calls, 19 EMScalls, 2 motor vehicle accidents)Town of West Boylston 13
  14. 14. ¨  Damage to FD vehicles from storm $3,000.00(not covered by insurance due to deductibles)¨  During 2008-09 Burning season issued 526outdoor burning permits (each requiring an on-site inspection prior to issuance).  Prior year weissued 383 outdoor burning permits¨  Municipal Fire Alarm system:  replaced over4,000 feet of down fire alarm cable, spent over80 man hours on repairsTown of West Boylston 14
  15. 15. ¨  Established emergency shelter at WB Middle-HighSchool on December 12th, Shelter open 24 hours/day through December 18th¨  18 Volunteers utilized to staff shelter, 12 NationalGuardsman¨  190 hours of donated time to staff/manage shelter¨  $2,633.00 in food purchased, $1,800.00 in fooddonated (estimated).  Total food and supplies cost/value  $4,450.00                Town of West Boylston 15
  16. 16. ¨  Significant work to be done¡  Replaced 30 poles¡  Replaced 8000 feet of wire¨  Two utilities rotated their crews so we couldhave 17 different people here during the stormevent
  17. 17. ¨  7 mutual aid companies provided assistance¡  Assistance is available under a longstandingagreement under the New England Public PowerAssociation (NEPPA)
  18. 18. ¨  Many, many customers needed to have theirindividual services restored¨  Damage at the house, at street, or both¨  Labor intensive - average restoration timeper connection was about an hour
  19. 19. ¨  Resources were in great demand as adjacentcities and towns also required assistance¨  Mutual aid companies and independentcontractors from across the region, some fromhundreds of miles away, were sought out andutilized¨  Some contractors were only available whenreleased by other utilities – National Grid,NSTAR, etc.
  20. 20. ¨  Town entered into regional contract for brushremoval with DCR after the event due to theAsian Longhorned Beetle infestation¡  1294 tons of brush¡  About 1400 hangers¡  29 trees removed¡  Nearly 590 hours of monitoring costsTotaling $418,356.33 of which the Town wasresponsible for over $94,000!
  21. 21. ¨  It is difficult to estimate the impactof the ice storm had on our treecover in town however the TreeWarden and I estimate the numberof trees lost in the ice storm numberin the THOUSANDS.
  22. 22. 1Town of West Boylston 22So what did we learn:¨  West Boylston needs extensive work on itsINTERNAL communications systems¡  Our system is BROKEN and needs to be replaced¡  It could be very expensive¡  We are looking at regional dispatch
  23. 23. ¨  West Boylston needs backup plans forEXTERNAL communications¡  Reliance on local media failed the Town in somerespects¡  How do citizens know where to turn forinformation?¡  Sign boards needed everywhere¡  Positive issue: people relied on our website and blogfor informationTown of West Boylston 23
  24. 24. ¨  Shelter issues¡  Concerns about notice to public – We Have AShelter???¡  Resources not readily available and not sufficient inmany ways – including volunteers and quality offood products¡  Need to explore regional shelter¡  Background checks for volunteers¡  Transportation to the shelter?Town of West Boylston 24
  25. 25. Town of West Boylston 25¨  Public safety HQ/EOC not adequate¡  Building not set up for command center¡  Not enough space¡  Inadequate suppliesImproved plan to staff Light Office duringoff-hours and insuring that the phonesystem there is operational.
  26. 26. ¨  Emergency planning: Citizens had done littleplanning in advance. REPC established a goalto work on emergency kits with citizens thatwe metTown of West Boylston 26
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention. Are there anyquestions?