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Hudson, Denise Frizzell


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Sustainable MetroWest Gathering 2013 presentation by Denise Frizzell

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Hudson, Denise Frizzell

  1. 1. Representative: Denise Frizzell
  2. 2. § Engagement in Hudson’s Master Plan process(50 years since last one) to includeparticipation in public meetings (being a voicefor sustainability solutions), conversationswith key committee members, and a letter tothe editor supporting sustainability solutions.§ Explored engaging in the planning process ofan apartment complex in Hudson§ Held Earth Day DVD and Dialogue event
  3. 3. §  Influenced our muni-utility provider, HLP, to add aninitial green power option on the customer bill.§  In March ‘07, HLP partnered with NE Wind Fund tooffer a green-power option to customers. Sincethat time, HPL has increased its efforts to supportand promote energy efficiency (e.g., increasedrebates, the Green Corner, etc.)§  Held several educational events to includepresentations, workshops, and documentaries onclimate change and energy throughout ‘06-’09.Reached at least 1,000 people.§  Donated three energy-saving kits to the HudsonPublic Library that included the “Low Carbon Diet”workbook, the book, “101 Energy Saving Tips,” and aKill a Watt device.
  4. 4. §  On-going community education &outreach.§  Partnering with HPL.§  Maintaining an active relationship with Jenand Green Marlborough.
  5. 5. §  Maintain programming even if only acouple events a year. Don’t stop and try torestart—difficult to regain momentum.§  Give more attention to reaching out to andnetworking with neighboring groups.
  6. 6. §  Members invited to participate in theBrayton Point action, July 28, as part ofSummer Heat.§  Exploring the possibility of a SolarizeHudson Initiative (HIS).
  7. 7. §  Bring a leading author on consciouscapitalism or responsible business (e.g.,Stuart Hall, author of Capitalism at theCrossroads) to our area for a public event.§  Hold a sustainability film festival.