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5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Green Career Pipelines and Internships

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  1. 1. Gina Parente Education Program and Lecture Coordinator The New England Aquarium Career Pathways: A workshop to explore marine careers ______________________
  2. 2. The New England Aquarium -  Opened in 1969 on the Boston waterfront as one of the world s first modern aquariums. -  One of the top cultural institutions in New England with over 1 million people visiting each year. -  We have more than our animals! The NEAq is worldwide with researchers, conservation outreach, rescue & rehab programs, school visits and much more! -  One of the top locations in Boston for weddings!
  3. 3. Our Mission The New England Aquarium -  Combines education, entertainment and action to address the most challenging problems facing the oceans. - Provide programs that inspire, inform and empower our visitors to take action and mobilize others to protect the blue planet. - Help people to see themselves as ocean stewards and members of a community
  4. 4. Careers at The New England Aquarium • Marine Mammal Trainers • Aquarist - various exhibits • IMAX • Development and Fundraising • Finance and Accounting • Marketing and Communications • Human Resources • Conservation • Research • Lobsters, Coral, Hermit Crabs, whale poop and much more! • Facilities Management • Rescue & Rehab • Group Sales and Reservations • Events Management • Education • Teen Programs • Camp • Outreach and Community Programs • Visitor Education • Teacher Services
  5. 5. Career Pathways in Marine Science - A free monthly program with topics ranging from working with animals like sea turtles, sharks and seals to doing research in the field. - For students in 7th – 12th grade - Show the wide variety of jobs that are needed to run the Aquarium with hands-on activities - Making connections between current Aquarium staff and students around Boston and beyond. - Showcase the many career options that relate to the ocean and protecting the blue planet.
  6. 6. This is what a career in marine science looks like….
  7. 7. Opportunities for everyone at the NEAq! Live Blue Ambassadors (Free) Marine Biologist in Training (Cost) Aquarium Lecture Series (Free) Harbor Discoveries Summer Camp (Cost/Paid) Teen Internships and Volunteering (Some paid) and….. Career Pathways! (Free)
  8. 8. There are opportunities everywhere! - Work on a boat - Volunteer at an animal shelter - Become a fish hobbyist – get a fish tank - Learn to SCUBA Dive - Write about your observations in nature - Take pictures; leave only footprints - Don t just sit in the sun when you go to the beach! - Look local for opportunities – parks, community center, vet office etc.
  9. 9. Youth Development Programs