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5th Massachusetts Green Career Conference Presentation: Green Chemistry - at Work, at Home, at School

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  1. 1. Ellie Goldberg, M.Ed. Advocate  for  healthy  kids,  safe  schools  and  sustainable  communi7es   Green  Chemistry   @  work  @  home  @  school  
  2. 2. Green  chemistry  is  the  design  of  chemical  products  and   processes  that  reduce  or  eliminate  the  use  and   genera9on    of  hazardous  substances  (Anastas  et  al,   2000.)                 Green  Chemistry  is  also  a  value  system  and  a  process   that  makes  living  in  the  21st  century  a  sustainable   enterprise  for  all  stakeholders.    (EG)  
  3. 3. Our  health  depends  on  the  quality  of   our  environment  –  inside  and   outside,  upstream  and  downstream.   Making  “green”  chemistry  part  of  our  every  day  lives  is  our   health  security  plan,  our  environmental  self  defense  system  –   not  just  a  different  set  of  formulas.        
  4. 4. Nursery  School  Dumpster   What  does  this  dumpster  say?     Is  this  a  community  you  are  proud  to  be  part  of?    
  5. 5. Nursery  School  Dumpster   This  is  a  system  with  an  accountability  problem.  
  6. 6. What  is  a  culture  of  accountability?     • In  low  performing  cultures,  people  don’t  hold  others   accountable.   • In  good  performing  cultures,  supervisors  (or  people   with  power)  hold  others  accountable.   • In  the  best  performing  cultures,  everyone  can  and   does  hold  everyone  else  accountable.       Credit:   “Elimina7ng  Cultures  of  Silence”   “Silent  Treatment”   Influencer  
  7. 7. Real-­‐9me  accountability  is  the  responsibility   of  every  person  and  is  done  the  moment  it’s   needed.       High  standards  and  real-­‐9me  accountability   from  everyone  is  the  key  to  a  healthy  culture.               Credit:  
  8. 8. A  healthy  culture  enables  everyone  to  do  their  best   work  –    the  facili9es  manager,  the    purchasing   agent,  the  principal,  the  students  and  teachers,  the   parents  and  custodians,  the  nurse  and  the   groundskeeper,  and  the  lunch  lady.    
  9. 9. Open,  overflowing,  leaky.   AJracts,  feeds,  breeds,  and  harbors  rodents,  mosquitoes,   flies,  mold,  pathogens,  etc.     High  School  Dumpster   What’s  wrong  with  this  picture?    
  10. 10. High  School  Loading  Dock   tools,  sharp  objects,  furniture,     computer  equipment  
  11. 11. We  have  no  right  to  handicap  the  allergic  child  by   puZng  him  in  an  unhealthy  environment.  
  12. 12. Parents,  educators,  and  health  professionals  owe  it   to  children  to  eliminate  environmental  hazards  that   are  a  source  of  preventable  illness  and  disability.     Every  child  has  a  right  to  a  safe  and  healthy  home   and  school.     Schools  should  serve  as  role  models  for   environmental  safety  and  environmentally   responsible  behavior.  
  13. 13. The  Sen9nel:   Protec9ng  the  treasures  of  the   community   •  An  image  of  courage  and   might,  this  lion  stands   guard.   •  The  sen9nel  lion  is  a   symbol  of  protec9on,   alone  or  in  pairs,  at    an   entrance  or  gate  and   indoors  at  a    staircase  or   fireplace.      
  14. 14. Break  the  Silence.     •  The  story  of  the  March  18  1937   Texas  School  Explosion  needs  to  be   part  of  our  na9onal  legacy  because   the  silence  and  secrets  that  led  to   the  1937  explosion  is  the  same  type   of  decision-­‐making  in  schools  today.   •  The  story  is  an  inspira9onal    case   study  and  cau9onary  tale.   •  We  can  break  the  silence  about   school  hazards  and  promote  the   values  and  technical  skills  we  need   to  live  safely  with  21st  century   chemicals  and  technology.     Bring  the  Lessons  of  the  1937  Texas  School  Explosion  to  Your   School   hJp://lessonsoWhe1937texasschoolexplosion     CENOTAPH     (empty  tomb)   The  memorial  to  the   319  vic7ms        
  15. 15. The  1937  school  disaster  resulted  in  a  law  requiring   Mercaptan  in  natural  gas.       Other  recommenda9ons  of  the  Court  of  Inquiry  have  yet  to   be  implemented  in  most  schools:    Schools  need          1)  technically  trained  administrators  for  modern  school   systems,          2)  to  do  inspec9ons  and  more  widespread  public   educa9on  about  managing  hazards,  and          3)  a  comprehensive,  ra9onal  safety  code.  
  16. 16. Let’s  make  March  18  a  day       • to  honor  those  whose  extraordinary  sense  of  responsibility  and  leadership   protects  students  and  staff  from  chemical  hazards  and  unhealthy  school   condi9ons.     • to  update  our  values  and  technical  skills  to  live  safely  with  21st  century   chemicals  and  technology.         Aimee  Code  2013   Janet  Hurley  2013   Linda  Stroud  2013   John  Gann  2013  
  17. 17. Who  Is  Your     2014  Healthy  Schools  Hero?   Do  you  know  someone  whose   sense  of  responsibility,   inspira9onal  leadership,  and   exemplary  persistence  and   courage  protects  children  from   school  hazards  and  unhealthy   school  condi9ons?     Send  your  hero's  name,  email/ phone  #,  and  your  hero's  story  by   2/1/14  to     Dwight  Peavey  2011   Ruth  Breech  2009  
  18. 18. EPA  Region  7’s  Healthy  Schools  Toolkit     Asbestos,  *Chemical  Cleanout*,  Compos9ng,  Energy   Star,  Green  Cleaning,  Healthy  Schools,  School   Integrated  Pest  Management  (IPM),  Lead,  Mercury,   Mold,  PCBs,  Radon,  Rain  Barrels,  Rain  Gardens  and   Recycling.            
  19. 19.       •   Healthy  Schools  Network:  Annual  Na9onal  Healthy  Schools  Day   • Healthy  Schools  Campaign  (Illinois)   • Center  for  Health,  Environment  and  Jus9ce   • US  EPA  IAQ  Tools  for  Schools   • Laboratory  Safety  Ins9tute   •   US  EPA  Chemical  Cleanout  Campaign   • Alliance  for  a  Healthy  Tomorrow   • www.healthy-­‐     There  is  a  HERO  in  your  area.  It  could  be  you!