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Ellie Baker masccc 2013


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Horsley Witten

Published in: Technology, Business
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Ellie Baker masccc 2013

  2. 2. • Bioretention Installations• Erosion and Sediment Control forContractors• Stormwater Funding Options• RI Stormwater Management Manual• EPA Water Quality Standards Academy• Clean Water Act Stormwater Permitfor Municipal SystemsGREEN STORMWATERINFRASTRUCTUREBioretention Installation TrainingRoger Williams Park, Providence, RISlope Stabilization TrainingPalauBioretention Installation TrainingRoger Williams Park, Providence, RI
  3. 3. WATER AND WASTEWATERSUSTAINABILITY• Operation, Maintenance andManagement for Tribes (EPA)• Emergency Preparedness andResponse– Water Sector Incident CommendSystem– National IncidentManagement System– All 50 states and Puerto Rico– “All hazards” incidents (natural andman-made)Texas Water/Sewer Agency Response Network(WARN) Training‘Sand Table’ Exercise – Washington DC Water Dept.Command Central - Potomac River Basin WaterSector Response Training Exercise
  4. 4. RENEWABLE ENERGYIN LOCAL CODES• DOER GreenCommunities TechnicalAssistance (2009/10)– In-person trainingpresentations– Working meetings withtowns/cities• DOER Zoning for Solar– Webinar to presentmodel bylaw– Coming Soon!Small Scale Solar InstallationsMedium Scale Solar InstallationsLarge Scale Solar Installations
  5. 5. ASK US FOR TRAINING!Ellie BakerSr. Environmental Planner978-499-0601ebaker@horsleywitten.comCalendar of HW Events and