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Cliff Cook 2013 masccc


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City of Cambridge

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Cliff Cook 2013 masccc

  1. 1. Cambridge Community Development DepartmentClifford CookPlanning Information Managerccook@cambridgema.govExpanding Sustainability betweenCampus and Community:Town Gown Reporting inCambridge, MassachusettsApril 24, 2013
  2. 2. About Cambridge•  6.4 square miles of land area•  Resident population 105,162 as of 2010 Census•  Daytime population 172,600, including workers and students•  10th densest city in the United States•  13 neighborhoods, each with a distinct character•  Economic activity centered around five squares•  Kendall Square adjacent to MIT serves as the center of theState’s biotechnology and innovation economy•  Four major colleges and universities•  44,300 Students•  20,600 Employees•  584 Buildings•  12% of land area
  3. 3. 375 Years of CoexistenceMIT – early 1920s
  4. 4. 1970s & 1980s: Institutional Growth & Conflict
  5. 5. The Town Gown ReportCharge was to “review all keyissues regarding therelationship between the cityand the large institutions…”and to "...forge the basis fornew and more productivepartnerships between theCity and its large institutionsfor the future…”
  6. 6. Key to the Process: Annual Reporting
  7. 7. Rocky Start: Building Trust
  8. 8. Understanding the Strategic Plan is Key
  9. 9. Meeting City Goals
  10. 10. Example: University Park
  11. 11. Example: Memorial Drive at Western Avenue
  12. 12. Example: CGIS Buildings
  13. 13. Example: 90 Mt Auburn
  14. 14. Example: Harvard Square Placemaking
  15. 15. Town Gown vs. Master Plan
  16. 16. Resources•  1991 Mayors Report on University-Community Relationships•  Cambridge Town Gown Annual Reports•  Planning and Educational Institutions in Cambridge•  Kendall Square Central Square Planning Study