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5th MA Green Career Conference Presentation:
Green Carer Pipelines and Internships

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Green  Career  Pipelines  &  Internships:     Boston  Architectural  College’s  Gateway  Program  
  2. 2. Green  Career  Pipelines  &  Internships   Boston  Architectural  College   Gateway  Project   www.the-­‐     Eric  “Blake”  Jackson   Sustainability  PracCce  Leader   Tsoi/Kobus  &  Associates,  Architects   Cambridge,  MA   bjackson@tka-­‐       John  Gravelin   Intern/Recent  Graduate   Linnean  SoluCons   Boston,  MA    
  3. 3. Green  Career  Pipelines  &  Internships   BAC  Curriculum   “PracCce  Based  Learning”           Segment  I:  FoundaCon  1-­‐year   Segment  II:  IntegraCon  2.5-­‐years   Segment  III:  Synthesis  2.5  years   Degree  Project    1+  years   Typical  Curriculum   “Ivory  Tower”         Segment  I:  FoundaCon  2  years   Segment  II:  Professional  2  years       Degree  Project    1  year   FullCme  Work  Hours  Mandatory   Work  Hours  OpConal       100%  PracCcing  Staff                   Start      2013   GraduaCon    2020   Work  Experience    7-­‐years   Professional  Network  Diverse   Licensing  Exams    Immediate       75%  Academic/25%  PracCcing  Staff                   Start      2013   Graduate      2018   Work  Experience    0   Professional  Network  OpConal   Licensing  Exams    2021    
  4. 4. Why  Gateway?   Arlington  Children’s  Theater   Brook  Farm   Chinatown  Library  Furniture  
  5. 5. BAC’s  Campus  Climate  Ac<on  Plan  -­‐  CCAP   Gateway  Project   “Real  Internship”       Task      Solve  “Y”   Team  Work    10  weeks+   InteracCon  Model:    Staff    Weekly    Client    Bi-­‐term   Final  PresentaCon    Implement   Outcome      Real  Project       FullCme  Work  Hours  Mandatory   Typical  Student  Project   “Independent  Study”         Assignment    Design  “X”   Individual  Work    10  weeks   InteracCon  Model:    Staff    “Desk-­‐crits”    Peers    “Pin-­‐ups”   Final  PresentaCon    Porfolio   Outcome      Skill  Building         FullCme  Work  Hours  Mandatory       Real  Client/Real  Project/Real  Time                     Client  interacCon   Project  realized  now/beyond   Clients  scruCny/nuances   Community  InteracCon           HypotheCcal  Project  &  Client                       No  client  interacCon   Consequences-­‐free   ‘Selling  architecture  to  architects’   100%  ‘InsCtuConalized’    
  6. 6. Communica<on   Roles/Titles   Editor  Graphics  II   Graphics  I  RelaCons  TA   CollaboraCon  (Physical  &  Virtual)   TK&A  (Harvard  Sq.)   CIC  (Kendall  Sq.)   BAC  (Back  Bay)  
  7. 7. Standards   ConCnuity  &  Efficiency  
  8. 8. BAC’s  Campus  Climate  Ac<on  Plan  (CCAP)  
  9. 9. BAC’s  Campus  Climate  Ac<on  Plan  (CCAP)   Air  Travel  CO2   Student  Transit  
  10. 10. !!!Thank  You!!!