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Presentation at 2014 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  1. 1. ACCESSIBILITY TO WAMSUTTA MILL COMPLEX AND WHALE'S TOOTH STATION IN NEW BEDFORD Alex Lapointe Undergraduate Student Department of Political Science University of Massachusetts Dartmouth 285 Old Westport Road North Dartmouth, Massachusetts USA 02747-2300
  2. 2. IMPORTANCE  Whale's Tooth Station is expected to be converted into a SouthCoast Rail stop  Also plan to develop a bus terminal  The Wamsutta Mill Complex currently houses 250 apartments but lacks recreational assets
  3. 3. THE ISSUE - ROUTE 18
  4. 4. POSSIBLE CHANGE #1 – WAMSUTTA ACCESS FIGURE 1: A possible off-ramp split to allow easier access to Wamsutta. The first Route 18 exit onto Weld Street and Purchase Street intersection (highlighted with the red arrow) and the possible off-ramp split connecting to Logan Street (highlighted by the orange arrow). This design allows for quicker access to Wamsutta for those traveling southbound on Route 18.
  5. 5. POSSIBLE CHANGE #2 - INTERSECTION FIGURE 2: Route 18 proposed intersection. Northbound and Southbound traffic illustrated by the orange arrow, eastbound and westbound traffic connecting Purchase Street and Acushnet Avenue in red, and Acushnet Avenue traffic toward Whale's Tooth Station illustrated with the green arrows.
  6. 6. ANALYSIS Figure 1 Simulation • Showed that traffic had the potential to impede access • Implementing the new off-ramp allowed those travelling to Wamsutta to access it quicker • Drivers completely bypass the intersection and possible trouble area Figure 2 Simulation • The intersection functioned effectively • None of the vehicle queues became significant • Access was only increased for Whale’s Tooth Station; access was actually hindered for Wamsutta • Not an ideal design; need access to both locations
  7. 7. CONCLUSION • Access could be increased and a connection between the two locations could be maintained with a third design • Further study and simulation is necessary, but this design should be considered by the city