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Making a Digital and Social Media Marketing book launch


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Making a Digital and Social Media Marketing book is due to be launched on 17th November 2016

Here are some highlights that make this book difference to any other text books in digital marketing on the market. 20 contributors from 6 countries, four editors and feedback from 14000 learners as part of the digital and social media marketing MOOC helped us to shape a unique insight into digital marketing.

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Making a Digital and Social Media Marketing book launch

  1. 1. #passion4digital This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
  2. 2. #passion4digital External Environment Definition Quiz!
  3. 3. #passion4digital
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  5. 5. #passion4digital
  6. 6. #passion4digital External Environment Definition How is this book different?
  7. 7. #passion4digital • Industry-led • Research-informed • Digital business maturity model
  8. 8. #passion4digital
  9. 9. #passion4digital • Industry-led • Research-informed • Digital business maturity model • Marketing first approach • Results-driven • Practical-turning knowledge into skills • 42 Cases from SMEs and Europe • Supported by a MOOC • Ethical challenges • An online active community
  10. 10. #passion4digital Meet the editors Aleksej Heinze Senior lecturer, University of Salford, UK Gordon Fletcher Acting Dean of School, University of Salford, UK Tahir Rashid Senior lecturer Digital marketing & strategy University of Salford, UK Ana Cruz Lecturer in Marketing, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College, Greece
  11. 11. 20 contributors 5 EU countries
  12. 12. #passion4digital External Environment Definition Who is this book for?
  13. 13. #passion4digital External Environment Definition YOU
  14. 14. #passion4digital External Environment Definition How can this book help you?
  15. 15. #passion4digital • Student • Entrepreneur • Practitioner • SME • Educator
  16. 16. #passion4digital Content 1. Understanding Digital and Social Media Marketing Concepts 2. Identifying Business Needs 3. Understanding Your Buyer Persona 4. Digital and Social Media Marketing Strategy 5. Campaign Planning and Project Management 6. Developing an Effective Digital Presence 7. Search Engine Optimisation: Strategy implementation 8. Social Media 9. Content Marketing 10. Paid Advertising: Search, social and affiliate 11. Mobile Marketing 12. Measuring Brand Awareness, Campaign Evaluation and Web Analytics 13. Future Users, Content and Marketing
  17. 17. #passion4digital External Environment Definition
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  21. 21. #passion4digital Contact Thank you Email: Linked in: Ana Cruz