Target Audience


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Target Audience

  1. 1. As my short film is an animation it will have two target markets, the children who are the intended audience and the parents who are the secondary audience. Because of this my film will have to appeal to both. Disney do this well by adding jokes that adults know are just aimed at them. The adults will also be the ones buying the film for the children to watch. This means if they don’t think the story line is appropriate they wont buy it. Also just because it is aimed at children it doesn't mean that adults can not enjoy it.
  2. 2. U Film Rating
  3. 3. Gender My short film will mainly be aimed at girls and women as the story follows a little girl into a magical world where all of the teddies come to life. Girls will be able to connect with the main character more as they might also want/wanted to go to a magical world when they were a child. This would appeal to both the parents and the child.
  4. 4. Exhibition My short film would be realised strait onto DVD as this would allow children to watch the film in there own home with there family. This would also mean that parents could put this film on to entertain the children so that they could get on with other jobs. I would also air the film on the TV on children's channels such as CBBC and Cbeebies. This could be shown before bed time as a one off showing.
  5. 5. ABC1 ABC1 is the way that audiences are categorised by class e.g. an A would be a upper middle class person is a high up, well paid job. An E would be a student or pensioner. My short film has two target markets but the ABC1 classification would go on the adult. This is because they would be the one buying the film. My audience could be from any social grade as they would all want to show their kids the film. This is why I plan to realise it on DVD first and later on the TV so that people from all backgrounds can watch the short film.
  6. 6. Pete Buckingham My adult audience would fit into the ‘Modern Parents’ grouping. This means that they will take the children to the cinema as a family to watch the latest Disney film.