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ITPS Portfolio

  2. 2. ProfileINTERNATIONAL TEXTILE PROCUREMENTSERVICES LIMITED (ITPS) started as a smallprivate company operating under a differentname in the early 1980’s. In year 2000, thecompany merged with POLYCONCEPT GROUP andwas established under it’s current name.We have strategically placed ourselves by havingfully staffed offices in key manufacturing areas inAsia – Thailand, Bangladesh, India and China. Soas not to limit ourselves to these areas, we alsodeveloped reliable connections in Laos,Indonesia, Vietnam, Nepal, Pakistan andMyanmar. Next Page >>
  3. 3. POLYCONCEPT is a multinational companyheadquartered in France andThe Netherlands. The group specializes increation, sourcing and distribution oflifestyle gifts, home décor and promotionalproducts including apparel.ITPS is the center for sourcing, developmentand manufacturing of APPAREL and otherRELATED PRODUCTS for the entire group. <<Previous Page Next Page >>
  4. 4. Apparel accounts for 25% of the group’srevenue covering many market demographicssuch as premium wear, corporate and work wear,and retail fashion wear including sports, children’sand intimates.ITPS as the group’s core department responsiblefor the apparel division, employs highlyexperienced professionals blending both localexperts and expatriates who understand therequirements of the international market. << Previous Page Next Page >>
  5. 5. PRODUCTSPRODUCTS Promotional products Corporate wearSportswear/Outerwear/Accessories Retail fashion wear << Previous Page Next Page >> << Previous Next >>
  6. 6. OUR MARKETS…….  Europe  Scandinavia  Australia  New Zealand  The United States  South America  The Middle East << Previous page Next Page >>
  7. 7. ITPS Offices Thailand Bangladesh China Hongkong Click on country for details<< Previous Page Exit
  8. 8. 60% of our knit production is made in BANGLADESH. Here we executemostly circular and flat knit orders in all size ranges plus a small portion oflight outerwear and woven shirts. As in offices in Thailand, India andChina, it operates independently with it’s departmentalized set-upemploying trained and knowledgeable local & expatriate staff ofmerchandisers, quality control technicians and commercial dept.We have firmly established a “family” of reliable, quality conscious supplierswho comply with, support, and understand the needs of our customers.To further enhance our quality control efforts, we have an in houselaboratory, within our office premises, with industrial machines able to testproperties according to ISO and AATCC standards and other requirementsas deemed necessary.[Click on Picture fordetails] Office Laboratory Circular Knit Flat Knit Factory Factory << Back to ITPS Next Country >> offices
  9. 9. Main Entrance Reception Area Staff Office Area<< Back to Bangladesh Next Page >>
  10. 10. Conference Room Sample Making Room Commercial Section QC Section << Back to Bangladesh
  11. 11. Conference Room Sample Making Room Commercial Section QC Section << Back to Bangladesh
  12. 12. Data ColorLight Box - 1 Light Box - 2 - Color Processing Equipment - GSM Cutter & Balance - Determines fabric weight << Back to Bangladesh Next Page >>
  13. 13. Wrap Reel- Yarn counter Perspirometer - Color fastness to perspiration Pilling Machine Rubbing Machine - Color fastness to - Checks pilling resistance - dry & wet rubbing Pilling Test Machine << Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page Next Page >>
  14. 14. Washing Machine Tumble DryerColor Fastness Machine - Color fastness to washing - << Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page
  15. 15. CAD Section Laboratory RoomWater Treatment Self-Supporting Generator << Back to Bangladesh Next Page >>
  16. 16. Spinning Section Fabric Section Dyeing Section Circular-Knitting Section<< Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page Next Page >>
  17. 17. Textile Finishing Section Sewing Section Iron Section Cutting Section << Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page
  18. 18. Flat-Knit Section Winding Section Washing Section Dryer Section << Back to Bangladesh Next Page >>
  19. 19. Linking Section Sewing SectionHand-Stitching Section Repairing Section<< Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page Next Page >>
  20. 20. Light Inspection SectionInspection Section QAD Section Packaging Section Ironing Section << Back to Bangladesh << Previous Page
  21. 21. Although Polyconcept’s China operation has been in place for much longer, ITPS as the apparel division was established in year 2000. A professional staff of merchandisers and QC technicians based in Shanghai work together to observe new trends essential in product development, find competitive suppliers, evaluate current and new sources and monitor production.In China, we manufacture outerwear, knitted items especially those more labor intensive, swimwear, caps, footwear, bags & fashion accessories. Woven Jacket/Flat Knit Circ-Knit/Pants Socks Factory/ Office Mill Factory Factory Bag Factory [Click on Picture for details] << Back to ITPS offices << Previous Country Next Country >>
  22. 22. << Back to China
  23. 23. Weaving Mill Section Breathable Coating Dyeing Mill Section Printing Mill Section << Back to China
  24. 24. Sweater FactoryJacket Factory << Back to China
  25. 25. T-Shirt Factory Pants Factory << Back to China
  26. 26. Socks Factory<< Back to China Next Page >>
  27. 27. Bag Factory<< Back to China << Previous Page
  28. 28. Thailand is our base where allocation and distribution of work is usually done especially with new projects. ITPS places critical importance to quick and focused sourcing, hence, in this office, we make an initial analysis of the type of product, market, quality and price point requirements and thereby assign the sourcing and development to where it would be most beneficial to the customer.The BKK office serves the manufacturing needs of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia where we produce mostly performance knit sportswear, children’s wear, swimwear, intimate wear, woven bottoms and girls dresses. Office Factory Circular Mill [Click on Picture for details] << Back to ITPS offices Next Country >>
  29. 29. << Back to Thailand Next Page >>
  30. 30. Merchandising Section Accounting Office Commercial Section<< Back to Thailand << Previous Page Next Page >>
  31. 31. << Back to Thailand << Previous Page Next Page >>
  32. 32. << Back to Thailand << Previous Page
  33. 33. << Back to Thailand Next Page >>
  34. 34. Pattern Making Section Cutting Section Marking Section Quality Inspection Sewing SectionNumbering Section << Back to Thailand << Previous Page Next Page >>
  35. 35. After Wash Section Topper Pressing Section Ironing Section Finishing Section Packaging Section << Back to Thailand << Previous Page
  36. 36. << Back to Thailand
  37. 37. HongKong is our financial support base and corporate office inthe Far East.We also keep a technical and merchandising staff here mostly tocover sourcing and the Southern China manufacturing.The advantage of joining hands with POLYCONCEPT, with itsfinancial strength and stability, plays a significant role in allowingITPS to extend services especially made available to our longtime business partners. << Back to ITPS offices << Previous Country Next Page >>
  38. 38. It ranks among world leaders in serving businesses and consumers bythe creation, development, marketing and distribution of lifestyle andpromotional gift products. The vast range of lifestyle products on offeris designed to meet an ever-growing consumer demand for productswhich express an individual "art de vivre". << Back to Hongkong Exit
  39. 39. THE END