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Resume for level design position.

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  1. 1. Alex Popa Objective 411 W. Center Street Working with bsp-based additive geometry map software, in collaboration with gameplay designers, Yreka, CA 96097 programmers, and asset developers in order to produce immersive environments with a focus on (530) 340-0175 the end-user experience. I tend to work well in groups composed of varied skill levels and tasks. I enjoy warming up to new software and people, as well as discussing game design in detail. Professional Profile Level Design  Released six bsp-based maps for engines such as Quake III, Quake II, Doom, etc. Have a working knowledge of the Torque engine and Torque-based editors, such as Torque Constructor. Created maps were for a variety of gametypes and intended pacing, and often included hand-made terrain.  Have been working with brush-based bsp compilers for the past eight years (GTKRadiant, Torque Constructor, some Hammer and other miscellaneous bsp editors, as well as DoomBuilder and DoomEd), and have extensive knowledge of both sector-based and brush- based level design methods and technologies, as well as various texture implementation scripts (Quake III shaders, Doom 3 gui).  Can work with terrain-generating tools such as TerraGen and GenSurf. Architectural Rendering  Learned architectural rendering from a professional mentor, using the AutoCAD, Vis, Rhino, and 3dStudioMax programs. Work included recreating architectural proposals for construction companies for the purpose of presentation.  Working knowledge of modelling apps such as Blender and Zbrush. Landscaping  Have been working for the past 9 years for various employers on several projects, including sheetrocking, tractor hauling, painting, etc. Have worked with various implementations of gravel drivewayswalkways, construction of patios, deconstruction of portions of the property, and major retaining walls. Website Design  Collaborated with online associate to plan, write content, and develop infrastructure for a tongue-in-cheek website aimed at providing recipes for quick meals for college students.  Manages own personal news site.  Have built and managed several sites for the community, such as the Q2 Training Camp, Quake Expo, and various tournament databases.  Working knowledge of html, css, php, and javascript. Studies in Game Theory  Have written a comprehensive, 8,000 word treatment on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and his influence on the gaming industry. Research included an extensive interview of author and level designer, Sandy Petersen.  Have written several articles on the subjects of: metagaming and psychology, Impressionist influences, violent psychology, and market studies for custom content in Quake engines.
  2. 2. Work History 2005 to present, Jeharisms Technical Support House Calls, Self-Employed, Yreka, CA 2005 to present, Ranch/Landscape/Construction laborer, Self-Employed, Yreka, CA July 2005, Assistant Architectural Renderer, Digital Model Shop, Yreka, CA February to April, 2004, Painter/Texturer, Roy Spaulding Painting, Yreka, CA Education June 2006: Golden Eagle Charter School, Yreka, CA  High School Diploma  Winner, COS Foundation High School Scholarship Fall 2006 – Spring 2008: College of the Siskiyous, Weed, CA Associates Degree  References Hale, Forest Phone: 541-925-4130 Email: Have known for 3 years, and have collaborated together on game design and implementation. Kelly, Bill Phone: 858-454-2705 Email: email preferred Have known for 3 years as a community leader and consultant, as well as a co-collaborator on Quake II community events. Queener, David Phone: 541-255-0622 Email: Have known for 3 years as a close collaborator for several projects and maps. Spaulding, Roy Phone: 530-340-0173 Email: Have known for most of conscious life, an employer and close consultant.
  3. 3. Screenshot Samples jeh_q3dm2 Quake I jeh_decay Quake IIQuake 3 jeh_maw Quake II