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Respect help u to know someone

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  1. 1. Character Of Respect
  2. 2. Respect Definition:Showing high regard for self, others, and property.
  3. 3. Respect “The GoldenRule” Treating others the way you would want to be treated.
  4. 4. Kind Of Respect1. Respect for Persons2. Respect for Nature and Other Nonpersons3. Self-Respect
  5. 5. Kind of RespectAccording to thePhillosopherDarwall (1977) distinguishes two kinds of respect: recognition respect and appraisal respect.
  6. 6.  Recognition respect is the disposition to give appropriate weight or consideration in ones practical deliberations to some fact about the object and to regulate ones conduct by constraints derived from that fact.Exp: including laws, dangerous things, someones feelings, social institutions, nature
  7. 7.  Appraisal respect, by contrast, is an attitude of positive appraisal of a person or their merits, which are features of persons that manifest excellences of character.
  8. 8. Respect Example Showing respectful behavior is a way of saying, “I care for you”.
  9. 9. Respect QuoteRespect is love in plain clothes. -Frankie Byrne
  10. 10. Respect Words Respect  Consideration Courtesy  Patience Tolerance  Attentiveness Appreciation  Manners Acceptance  Politeness
  11. 11. There are several reasons whywe should respect others, thefollowing:1. Between the two we wouldneed each other2 . Mutual benefit3. Complement each other4. mutually reinforcing
  12. 12. How to respect others? 1. Get to know the people around us2. Focus on strengths, notweaknesses3. Build the trusting relationships
  13. 13.  Ada peribahasa Jawa : Ajining dhiri dumunung ing lathi, ajining raga dumunung ing busana. Artinya, ajining dhiri dumunung ing lathi (nilai pribadi terletak di bibir), ajining raga dumunung ing busana (nilai raga tercermin dari pakaian). Terjemahan bebasnya, nilai pribadi seseorang ditentukan oleh ucapan atau kata- katanya, sedangkan nilai penampilannya sering diukur dari busana yang dikenakannya.
  14. 14. Further Readinghttp:www.Respect (Stanford Encyclopedia ofPhilosophy).comMr. Andersons Character Development Class,ppt