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Evil, Impactful IA & UX


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UXDC 2017 (IMPACT) presentation deck. Exploration of how UX and IA skills, methods, and tools can be employed for evil effect.

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Evil, Impactful IA & UX

  1. 1. Evil, Impactful IA & UX Jeffrey Ryan Pass | @jeffpass | UXDC 2017 – #IMPACT – #UXDC2017 | April 15, 2017
  2. 2. Why This Talk & Why Me
  3. 3. When the devil came, He was not red, He was chrome and he said, Come with me, You must go, So I went, Where everything was clean, So precise and towering Jeff Tweedy & Wilco (from Hell Is Chrome)
  4. 4. Labor and the artifacts of labor can be employed for good or not.
  5. 5. Polar bears are cute. Unicorns inspire us.
  6. 6. But all wild animals (real or mythical) are wild animals.
  7. 7. Out of Scope
  8. 8. The World Wide Web and all the goodness (badness) therein.
  9. 9. Voting & Elections
  10. 10. There were many obstacles to Nelson Mandala’s 1994 election as South Africa’s first black chief executive
  11. 11. Like ballots designed to appear simple while intentionally confusing low-literacy and first-time (read as black) voters
  12. 12. Not that the US does it any better
  13. 13. And neither time or technology had made much of a difference.
  14. 14. And neither time or technology had made much of a difference. Though we are getting better.
  15. 15. A Place for (and an Eye on) Everything
  16. 16. Disney, IKEA, casinos and many more work hard to ensure that once you enter, it’s hard to leave with- out seeing it all.
  17. 17. Hierarchy and categorization are important, and useful especially when focusing on a group or persona.
  18. 18. Dante knew hierarchy is important, especially for grouping people and things.
  19. 19. But people like don’t always like to be grouped. And many belong to more than one group.
  20. 20. People need mental models. Conceptual models become defacto reality. Both can be difficult to shift.
  21. 21. Once a punishment and deterrent, Bentham’s Panopticon is now norm.
  22. 22. The Panopticon notion started as a single eye and evolved into a network of eyes overseen by an all- seeing, all-knowing eye. Sauron? Amazon?
  23. 23. ~ End ~
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