Top 5 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories


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People have come to rely on the cell phone as their main line of communication, since this electronic gadget is able to provide phone and internet access wherever they may be. Different brands and models of cell phone have emerged through the years and with its popularity, cell phone accessories have become the rage.

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Top 5 Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

  1. 1. Love Your Cell?
  2. 2. Top 5 Must-Have Cell Must- Phone Accessories
  3. 3. People have come to rely on the cellphone as their main line of communica-tion, since this electronic gadget is able toprovide phone and internet access wher-ever they may be. Different brands andmodels of cell phone have emergedthrough the years and with its popularity,cell phone accessories have become therage. Not only are functional accessorieslike the cell phone cover becoming best-sellers, but also accessories that couldmake the cell phone look trendy and fash-ionable as well.
  4. 4. For most cell phone users, cell phonepouches are definite must-haves. This cellphone accessory would not only helppersonalize your phone with the differentdesigns and colors available, but the rightmaterial would be able to provide protec-tion for your phone. With your cell phonekept in a pouch, it would be safe from be-ing scratched as it is exposed to the otheritems in your bag. Should you accidentallydrop your bag, the pouch could act as abuffer to ensure the phone would with-
  5. 5. worst of the impact. While the cool cell phone cover orpouch protects your cell phone to ensureyou get to use your phone longer, anothermust-have cell phone accessory, to ensureyou would be able to extend mobile usagewhile you are on the go, is an extra battery.Running out of battery has been a commondilemma among users while they are out.With a spare battery on hand, you couldeasily replace the dead battery with a
  6. 6. charged one and continue to use yourphone. If you have a car, a portablecharger is your best bet to ensure youwould not run out of battery as well. Another must-have cell phoneaccessory is the Bluetooth headset. This isa wireless gadget that enables you handsfree use of your cell phone. As driving andusing your phone is a big no-no and isillegal in most states, the Bluetooth tech-nology is the answer to your need to keep
  7. 7. the lines open so as to speak while you aredriving. With the use of the Bluetoothheadset, you could continue to take calls.This would ensure you have both hands onthe wheel to ensure safety while it pro-vides you the opportunity not to miss anycalls. Aside from cell phone pouches orcovers, extra battery, portable charger andBluetooth headset, you may want to investin a memory card that has big storage
  8. 8. capacity. You could easily get 2GB to16GB memory cards these days. Thisaccessory would enable you to get themost out of your cell phone. You couldlisten to your favorite music and keeptaking pictures using your cell phone.There would be enough space to ensureyou can keep all those data in your phone. Cell phone accessories can be catego-rized either as fashionable or functionaland there are those that could be con-
  9. 9. Sidered both; like a cool cell phone cover. You would find a myriad of accessoriesavailable on the market and expect to seedifferent styles or improved versionsemerging every year. Just make sure youhave the right cell phone accessories to en-sure you get to the most out of your cellphone.
  10. 10. Ways To ExtendThe Life Of Your Mobile Phone
  11. 11. The cell phone industry is a very lucra-tive business. Each year you would seenew models of mobile phones emergingwith new and improved features to enticecell phone users to buy a new unit. Withthis, it is not surprising to note an increasein demand for mobile phone accessories aswell. While most people may not find iteasy to purchase a new cell phone, they donot think twice in getting cell phoneaccessories for their unit. One of thereasons for doing so is that the right
  12. 12. accessory would help extend the life of thecell phone unit they currently own. As much as you may want to have thelatest and most sophisticated mobilephone, it is not practical at all to keeppurchasing a new one. While cell phonesare definitely indispensable gadgets, theycan be quite expensive as well. It makessense, then, to take extra care of this much-used item. Purchasing a durable cellphone cover would help accomplish this.
  13. 13. As your cell phones is extremely delicate,it needs a shield or protection to ensure itwould sustain no damage from accidentaldrops and bangs as well as from exposureto dirt and moisture. When making a pur-chase of mobile phone cover, make surethat you take into account not only its ma-terial but also the brand and model of yourphone to ensure a perfect fit. In doing so,the cover would perfectly be able to do itsjob of protecting your phone.
  14. 14. Safeguarding your phone with acool cell phone cover is important butjust because it has this protection, youshould not assume that your phone is in-destructable. To make your phone last,you should take extra precaution whenhandling it as well. Never leave yourphone inside your car at any time of theday or night. Extreme heat or moisturecould harm your phone. There are sensi-tive components inside your phone thatcould melt or could short circuit and
  15. 15. would render your phone unusable. Becareful not to place your phone near heator water sources. It is also important that you purchasecell phone accessories such as a portablecharger or extra battery from a reliablesource. Most would recommend that youget original mobile phone accessories,especially when it comes to electricalaccessories. You want your phone to be ingood condition and the best way to ensure
  16. 16. this is to use accessories that are perfectlycompatible with your brand and model ofcell phone. As much as you would findaccessories that are universal in nature,meaning you could use it with any kind ofmobile phone unit, it is best to stick to thesame brand of accessories as your cellphone. Proper care and maintenance of yourcell phone could ensure you get to use yourphone a lot longer. While there are
  17. 17. accessories that could add aesthetic valueto your phone or ensure you get the mostuse out of it, purchasing the cell phoneaccessory that is perfectly suitable andcompatible for your phone matters a lot.Choose wisely, so you can enjoy the use ofyour phone for a long time.
  18. 18. Looking for cell phone accessories and mobile accessories for Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sanyo, Nextel, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, Blackberry, Treo,Audiovox and bluetooth cell phone accessories? Please check out for more information about cell phone accessories and cool cell phone covers.