Mobile Phone Accessories Must Haves


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Getting the right cell phone accessory is important for a variety of reasons. Do not think that it would be a waste of money because it is not. Do you think a cell phone cover is just for aesthetic purpose?

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Mobile Phone Accessories Must Haves

  1. 1. PLUS Mobile PhoneProper Care Accessories andMaintenance Must‑Haves of YourCell Phone
  2. 2. CELL PHONE CASE Getting the right cell phone accessoryis important for a variety of reasons. Donot think that it would be a waste ofmoney because it is not. Do you think acell phone cover is just for aestheticpurpose? Do you never want to worryabout seeing low battery sign flashing onthe screen of your phone? Do you wantto avoid the danger of making a phonecall while you are driving your car? You
  3. 3. CELL PHONE CASE would find many mobile p h o n e accessories available in stores because they havebecome a necessity to cell phone users.Here are some of the accessories that youwould find very useful to have.
  4. 4. CELL PHONE CASE The Bluetoothheadset is a cellphone accessorythat would allowyou to make or receive phone calls with-out using your hands. This would bevery convenient and useful when you aredriving. You know how dangerous it isto be on the phone when you drive sogetting this accessory would minimize
  5. 5. CELL PHONE CASEyour risks, because your hand is freefrom holding the phone. You mightwant to check out the different kinds ofBluetooth headsets in the market becausesome have more advanced features thanthe others have. You should look intovoice recognition command set, audiblevoice prompts, text to speech technology,and other useful features.
  6. 6. CELL PHONE CASE You know how much time you spend on the phone when you are talking with friends, texting,browsing the web, sending an e‑mail,listening to music, playing a game, ortaking pictures. Your battery would notlast long when you use your phone this
  7. 7. CELL PHONE CASEmuch. There are two ways of solving thisproblem. You can either get an extrabattery or learn how to conserve thebattery of your phone. Another cellphone accessory that you should notforget to purchase is the car charger. Youwould find havingthis accessory tobe very usefulwhen you forget
  8. 8. CELL PHONE CASEto charge your phone before leaving yourhouse. A car charger allows you extraconvenience by giving you the ability tocharge your phone as you drive to andfrom appointments. Getting the right cell phone cover,skin, or faceplate, is important becauseit does not just provide additionalprotection for your phone but it alsogives your phone personality.
  9. 9. CELL PHONE CASE You can change the look of yourphone to reflect your personality or senseof style. You can even give your phone afresh new look or make it look brandnew. In this way, you would never get tired of how your cell phone looks. Screen protectors or screen guards would protect your screen
  10. 10. CELL PHONE CASEfrom scratches. You should also protectyour phone from any physical damagewhen not in use by getting a case or apouch.
  11. 11. CELL PHONE CASE Whether you are just getting a cellphone cover or a Bluetooth headset, it isessential that you would look for quality.Although excellent quality may cost a lot,it would be a good investment. Eachbrand or model of phone would have itsown set of accessories.
  12. 12. CELL PHONE CASE This would helpyou decide what kindof accessories wouldbe more useful orfunctional for you.Look for gadgets that will help you useyour mobile phone more efficiently.Make sure that the accessories are com-patible with your phone.
  13. 13. Proper Care andMaintenance ofYour Cell Phone
  14. 14. CELL PHONE COVER People spend huge amount of moneyeach year when they change cell phones.It is quite inevitable for some people whoare not aware of the right care and main-tenance for these wireless units. This canbe avoided by knowing how to properlytake care of their mobile phones. It doesnot matter if you have the best brand inyour hand; it is bound to get damaged ifyou use it inappropriately.
  15. 15. CELL PHONE COVER Mobile phone accessories such as cellphone case or cover also play a key rolein making it last longer even with dailyusage. The latest in cellular phone tech-nology gave people more benefits and
  16. 16. CELL PHONE COVER uses of this wireless device. It is no longer limited to calling, send- ing messages, playinggames or listening to music. You caneasily stay in contact with your friendsthrough the use of popular online socialnetwork applications such as Twitter andFacebook. It is only natural and can beexpected that it will wear and tear in the
  17. 17. CELL PHONE COVERlong run. However, there are ways youcan make them last longer even if youuse it every single day. Some of your badphone habits need tochange, like placing itnear food and beverage,leaving it in the car, andletting your small kids play with it. Becareful to create good habits and youcould save your phone in many different
  18. 18. CELL PHONE COVERways. When you see stylish designs of fancymobile phone accessories, some of youwill most likely think that it is all due tothe owners making a fashion statement.They may be right but some of them likethe cell phone case weremade to protect the unitfrom harmful elements or
  19. 19. CELL PHONE COVERany accidents. It is important that whenyou look for some items you choose,something that will not only enhance thephysical look of your mobile phoneunit but will also safeguard it from anypossible physical damage. There are cellular phones made to absorb an accidental fall but
  20. 20. CELL PHONE COVERgenerally, most of themare delicate just like anyother electronic gadgetout there. Dropping itwill most likely damage some parts of it,if not the whole unit. Avoid exposing itfrom extreme weather conditions. Clean-ing your mobile phone by sprayingharmful cleaning agents may onlyadd damage. Gently wipe your phone
  21. 21. CELL PHONE COVER especially the key- pad using a soft cloth. You may use a cotton swab withrubbing alcohol in cleaning the keypad.It is always best to read the units manualto see the manufacturers recommendedcleaning methods and you should neverovercharge the batteries.
  22. 22. CELL PHONE COVER You also need to be selective in buyingtechnical mobile phone accessories suchas chargers and batteries. Just as you arepicky in getting the best cell phone casefor your wireless unit, you need to be ex-tra careful in picking anything to do withthe technical aspect of the device. For in-stance, get a durable and stable batterycharger that will not cause any damageto the battery when the car is moving.
  23. 23. CELL PHONE COVER It is not recommended to force anyadditional device on the unit if it is notcompatible. This can also pertain to thosedata applications you may want to installin your phone. Using it the right way willguarantee that your phone will enjoy anextended lifespan.
  24. 24. For more information about cell phone case and cell phone cover, please check