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Jeff Miller Graphic Design Portfolio

  1. 1. JEFFREY MILLER graphic designer
  2. 2. Jeffrey A. Miller Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, IA May 2009 Familiar with programs: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Quark Express c o m i n g Dreamweaver Photography Editor for Briar Cliff student-run newspaper Two-time NAIA National Wrestling Tournament Qualifier JEFFREY MILLER Yours Truly 712.389.4978 GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  3. 3. ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... ...Incoming Message... Class Project : Combine three different ideas into one functional product JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 I had kids, new media, and clocks, and designed this text-capable watch GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  4. 4. Freedom 1989 As a kid I was introduced to much of Neil’s music by my father who regularly cranked up this album in the basement. On a few tracks Neil dips into his grungy rock n’ roll style that matches visionary story telling with incendiary guitar playing. I heard this album and was immediately rocked into the free world. Favs: “Eldorado” “Crime in the City (60 to 0 Part 1)” Class Project : Personal Informational Poster JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 The poster focuses on the impact that Neil Young’s music has had on my life GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  5. 5. I SC Jeffrey A. Miller 712.389.4978 Jeffrey A. Miller 712.389.4978 Class Project : Develop and design a fictional company from the base up JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 I designed an environmentally friendly skateboarding & apparel company, Fresh GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  6. 6. Class Project : Four Page Magazine Layout JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 Design features and incorporates work from renowned designer Takashi Murakami GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  7. 7. 4 On the same side, slide the 5Repeat on the right side of 6 Recline the seat of your buckle fork on the other the Soft Pram so that both stroller to its near-flat posi- side of the carry strap into carry straps are secured to tion. Lay the Soft Pram in the second buckle opening. the Soft Pram. the reclined seat of the ( NOTE: Do not cross over the ( NOTE: A Velcro handle is stroller. Soft Pram with the carry attached to one of the carry strap. ) straps for your carrying convenience. ) 7 8 9 Lift up the front end of the Lower the Soft Pram so that Unsnap the safety straps Soft Pram and un-velcro the the metal support bar rests from each other on the front square metal support bar in the crease of the foot- of the Soft Pram. Wrap left from the bottom of the Soft plate. hand strap around the Pram. ( NOTE: If you are using the frame just above the foot- Soft Pram on the City Elite you plate. Snap into place and can use the Elite’s raised kicker to repeat on other side. support the Soft Pram. ) 10 11 On the left side of the Soft Thread the Velcro strap Pram, thread the Velcro through the D-ring. Tighten strap behind the fabric and and secure. Repeat on right around the accessory side. The Soft Pram is now mounting bracket. secured in the reclined seat of your stroller. Class Project : Redesign Informational Graphic JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 Expanded one page design to two, color-coated and separated steps for easier reading GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  8. 8. Briar Cliff University Department of Mass Media Sioux City, IA 51104 GRAPHIC DESIGN SENIOR EXHIBITION January 30 – February 10, 2009 Clausen Ar t Galler y, Briar Cliff University RECEPTION : Sunday, February 1, 2009 7:00 pm Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri, 8-4 pm (closed weekends except for reception) Class Project : Senior Exhibition JEFFRE Y M I L L E R 712.389.4978 I had the task of designing the promotional materials for the exhibition GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  9. 9. JEFFRE Y M I L L E R Sports Photography 712.389.4978 GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  10. 10. JEFFRE Y M I L L E R Music Photography 712.389.4978 GRAPHIC DESIGNER
  11. 11. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME BY E-MAIL @ m i l l e r. j e ff r e y @ y a h o o . c o m