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How to Get to ‘One Source of Truth’ on Large, Multi-Year Programs


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See how Exponent, an engineering and scientific consulting group, uses Construction Viz to make it easy for client teams to efficiently communicate and keep project data up-to-date when managing complex construction projects.

The presentation shows how Construction Viz, our flexible construction project management solution powered by SharePoint, is enabling one major utility to manage a large-scale, multi-year transmission tower program spanning thousands of locations and hundreds of thousands of activities.

Construction Viz provides a centralized and complete source of project information with features such as offline mobile inspection forms, tower activity tracking, interactive dashboards, and more.

About the presentation:

Andy Much, lead developer for Lydon Solutions co-presented “How to Get to ‘One Source of Truth’ on Large, Multi-Year Programs” with Winnie Hung of Exponent, at the AACE 2018 Western Winter Workshop.

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How to Get to ‘One Source of Truth’ on Large, Multi-Year Programs

  1. 1. How to Get to “One Source of Truth” on Large, Multi-Year Programs By: Exponent – Winnie Hung, Lydon Solutions - Andrew Much
  2. 2. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Effective and efficient management, communication, and exchange of accurate information plays a key role in a program’s success. Therefore, it is very important to have “one source of truth” • Overview of Program • Data Management Requirements • Evaluation of IT Solution • Selection of IT System • User Feedback • Lessons Learned Agenda 2
  3. 3. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Electric transmission maintenance program that improves safety and environmental health of a utility’s infrastructure • Multi-year schedule • Covers entire service territory • High interactions with public • High inter-dependencies btw internal functional groups Program Scope 3
  4. 4. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Program Stakeholders 4 PMO Public Affairs Local Customer Experience Internal Construction Group Construction Contractors Media Environmental Land Property Owners & Occupants Active cross-party collaborations & communication
  5. 5. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Multi-disciplinary engineering consulting firm w/ 90+ management & technical expertise areas • Provide guidance through entire lifecycle of programs & projects Role of Exponent 5
  6. 6. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Support PMO & Program Setup & Execution Role of Exponent 6 Implementation • PMO Organizational Structure • Data Management Solution Assessment • Performance Metrics Definition • Reporting Development • Predictive Data Analytics • Asset Life-Cycle Cost Decision Tree & Analysis
  7. 7. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Support PMO & Program Setup & Execution Role of Exponent 7 • Data Management Solution Implementation Support • Project Management • Work Plan Development & Coordination • Asset Management Planning Support • Program Plan & Status Reporting Execution
  8. 8. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Program Data Management Solution Deployment • CRM Module Development • Training • Ongoing Support Role of IT Solution 8
  9. 9. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Challenges with data accuracy, data capture and output/display, workflow management, and reporting Data Management Requirements 9 PMO Public Affairs Local Customer Experience Internal Construction Group Construction Contractors Media Environmental Land Property Owners & Occupants – Multiple data sources – Different file formats & user input channels – Existing enterprise systems do not meet all work management requirements – Out-of-sync info – Workflow gaps – Geospatial technology – Mobile connectivity
  10. 10. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Program needs a Single Source of Truth • Needs a centralized, web-based IT solution that manages and reports on data and workflows across all workstreams and stakeholders Data Management Requirements 10 Database PowerPivot Data User Input Status Dates Data Management Solution User Input Daily Report Forms Documents Dashboards Reporting
  11. 11. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Benefits – Centralized platform for program-wide information tracking, management, and reporting – Improve transparency and governance of program information workflows and data integrity – Improve efficiency in the management and day-to-day administration of the program – Customized user experience: UI, functionalities, and access security Data Management Requirements 11
  12. 12. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Assessing and Defining Requirements 1. Understand program objectives, goals, scope of work, schedule, milestones & deliverables 2. Assess program’s data needs against industry best practices and current technologies 3. Incorporate user input How to Select an IT Solution 12 x Program Data Management System Data Requirements Workshop Functional Group: Date: Stakeholders Objective To determine the key data and workflows required to be incorporated into the PMO data management system What is the best way to capture the data requested by the PMO? What are the sources of your data? Are any of the sources of your group's data from another group or system/tool? How often is the data updated/collected and reported? Who is the owner of the data? What is your data QC process? What reports, output, or views in the tool would help improve efficiency and effectiveness of your group's work on this Program? Who is the best resource to represent your group?
  13. 13. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop How to Select an IT Solution 13 • Evaluation Criteria – Cost and Schedule – System and Setup • Technology lifecycle and relevance • User size • Mobile connectivity and mobile forms • User-based permission controls • Customized user experience • Customization capability - forms and displays • Security and storage – Data Workflow • Workflow tracking and automated alert functionalities • Data import and export ease and data format compatibility
  14. 14. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Evaluation Criteria – Program Execution Management • Resource planning and tracking • Schedule forecasting • Work progress and completion status tracking • Metrics and performance status reporting • Financial tracking and reporting • Contracts management • Action items tracker • Risk register • Document management How to Select an IT Solution 14
  15. 15. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Evaluation Criteria – GIS Capabilities • Geospatial tracking of work status • Captures, maintains, and can exchange geospatial data collected with GIS system How to Select an IT Solution 15 – Development Support • Training • Ongoing technical support
  16. 16. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Selection of Recommended Solution – Shortlisted 6 systems for evaluation – Scoring matrix – Formal assessment report and presentation to management How to Select an IT Solution 16
  17. 17. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Selection of Recommended Solution – Core business competency and expertise – Experience in deploying solution in same/similar application settings – Ease of use for rapid adoption – Meet work management functional & PMO requirements • Prevalence of technology • Integration and compatibility with other common software • Level of customization • Workflow management capabilities • Mobile and offline access • Geospatial functionalities • Cost and schedule efficiencies How to Select an IT Solution 17
  18. 18. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Company overview • Solutions provided in T&D industry • Industry challenges • Construction Viz overview • Demo How Does Lydon Solutions Provide the Platform 18
  19. 19. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Inside Construction Viz 19
  20. 20. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 20
  21. 21. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 21
  22. 22. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 22
  23. 23. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 23
  24. 24. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 24
  25. 25. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 25
  26. 26. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Project Tracker 26
  27. 27. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Mapping 27
  28. 28. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Mapping 28
  29. 29. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Usability – very intuitive • Overall positive impressions • Single source of truth! – Single set of consistent data – Single place for changes – Clear set of instructions to groups User Feedback 29
  30. 30. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Increased visibility • Proactive use of tool instead of being forced • Users see value in integrating disconnected solutions, and they now drive incorporation of new processes and content User Feedback 30
  31. 31. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Identify and partner with the right players – Sponsors, Champions, and SMEs • Communicate vision frequently • Define implementation plan as soon as possible – Fully vet user cases to avoid going off-course • Be nimble – User requirements change – Customizable/flexible technology Lessons Learned 31
  32. 32. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop • Spend time integrating w/ enterprise systems – Sharing with other groups • Strategize implementation plan to increase success – Phased approach – Easy early wins • Communicate regularly • Embrace the solution! Lessons Learned 32
  33. 33. AACEInternational’s57thAnnualWesternWinterWorkshop Winnie Hung, P.E. | Exponent | 415.728.6927 Andy Much | Lydon Solutions | 209.251.5034 Thank You 33