Illustrated FAVOR® Superabsorbent Polymer Brochure


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Overview Brochure For Evonik's FAVOR line of Superabsorbent polymers.

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Illustrated FAVOR® Superabsorbent Polymer Brochure

  1. 1. Favor® Our superabsorbents for modern hygiene products Evonik. Power to create.
  2. 2. Contents For the diapers of the world: Favor® superabsorbents
  3. 3. 2 | 3 Profile .......................................................4 a-1 quality ...............................................8 Market and innovation leader ............ 12 round-the-clock service ..................... 16 Safety has many aspects ...................... 20 The name FAVOR® is a registered trademark of Evonik Stockhausen GmbH and is written in capitals in this brochure.
  4. 4. Profile There‘s more to this product than meets the eye: Superabsorbents can absorb and hold up to 300 times their own weight in liquids.
  5. 5. 4 | 5 FAVOR® superabsorbents – Effective and attractive They are little granules that make a big difference, and at our Superabsorber business line, everything revolves around them. Worldwide, some 600 employees of Evonik Industries AG are involved with this high-tech product. Used in disposable diapers, our FAVOR® brand superabsorbents make sure babies’ bottoms stay dry. Once liquids have been captured, the superabsorbents won‘t release them - even under pressure, for example if the baby is sitting on the diaper.
  6. 6. Profile We are one of the In terms of chemistry, superabsorbents with production facilities in Greensboro, are water-insoluble, cross-linked poly- North Carolina (superabsorbents) and world’s largest mers. When they come into contact Garyville, Louisiana (superabsorbents) as producers of super­ with liquids such as urine, the granules well as Deer Park, Texas (acrylic acid). turn into a gel that traps high quantities Laboratories for research and application absorbents. of fluid and won’t easily release it, even technology are located in Krefeld and under pressure. Greensboro as well as in Istanbul, Turkey, and Shanghai, China. As part of a globally active company, we are well positioned. The Superab- Top performance with sorber business line is headquartered top-quality products in Krefeld, Germany, which is also the primary production site for the European We have been manufacturing superab- market. Additional important production sorbents for more than two decades – facilities in Germany can be found in with tremendous success. Our FAVOR® Rheinmuenster (superabsorbents) and brand superabsorbents are top sellers Marl (acrylic acid). But we also have a in the global marketplace. The fact that strong presence in the United States, today’s diapers are more than 50%
  7. 7. 6 | 7 The business line runs laboratories for research, development and application technol- ogy in Krefeld, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA (center), and in Shanghai, China (right). Superabsorbents are manufactured not only in Germany (Krefeld/left), but also in the USA. thinner than those manufactured in the wearing comfort, less packaging and less carry out practical tests on their finished 1980s – 45 grams today, compared with waste. To that end, they are constantly products such as diapers or sanitary nap- more than 100 grams back then – is one working to improve the absorbent quali- kins at our laboratories. The business line of the achievements resulting from the ties of the granules. Our scientists strive also stands ready to provide valuable data progress we have made in the develop- to improve the distribution of liquids in and expert knowledge at our application ment of our products. Just a few grams consumer products, in keeping with the technology laboratories and pilot produc- of superabsorbents are sufficient to “lock demands of our customers, and are also tion facilities. up” a child’s urine. Our range of products looking at alternative raw materials, new includes many different superabsorbents – cross-linking systems and improved pro- In addition, we perform comparative tailor-made solutions for our customers. cessing techniques. tests of diapers for our customers in our For example, our superabsorbents are technical laboratories, providing precise also used in feminine hygiene and adult evaluations of the absorbent core, the Optimal solutions for our customers incontinence products. construction and the overall design of the Not that we spend all our time locked diaper, and demonstrating potential ways But our researchers are not content to away in our laboratories, concentrating to further optimize products. So as you rest on their laurels. They want more. on theory. We help our customers set up can see, in terms of quality, innovation Their goal is to make ultra-thin hygiene their own quality control laboratories. and service, when it comes to superab- products, thereby ensuring even more Or if they prefer, our customers can sorbents, FAVOR® is the brand of choice.
  8. 8. A-1 quality From the raw materials we procure to the production methods we employ to ensure that babies’ bottoms stay dry, quality makes the decisive difference when it comes to our FAVOR® brand superabsorbents.
  9. 9. 8 | 9 Superabsorbents of the purest quality “Are you lonesome tonight?” Elvis Presley asked in his hit single in January of 1961 – and made it to Number One on the US pop charts. About the same time, the first disposable diapers hit the market. In those days they were made of cellulose and contained no superabsorbents. The little granules that make such a big difference by keeping diapers dry weren’t introduced until 1987. Even back then, our FAVOR® brand superabsorbents were setting the pace. Today they occupy a leading position on the world marketplace – with good reason. Ongoing quality control guarantees first-class product quality.
  10. 10. A-1 quality We demand the most The technicians at our production plant finished product works flawlessly, and in Krefeld, Germany, are satisfied with keeps babies’ bottoms safely dry. throughout the entire the results they are measuring. Their production chain – computers register that the acrylic acid Quality, quality, quality: some 600 em- being produced at the same moment in ployees of the Superabsorber business from raw materials the Chemical Park in Marl, Germany – 70 line around the world are committed to it. to finished premium kilometers away – is of the purest quality. You may not be able tell by looking at the The scientists monitor the production vats little granules, but extreme care is taken to products. at the far-off chemical plant in real time ensure that the superabsorbents are prod- via computer. They check the character- uced in the best possible quality. And they istics of the acid and supervise various are getting better from year to year. parameters to ensure that the acid, which will arrive in Krefeld a few hours later, Top quality – the world over is of the best possible quality and purity. The acrylic acid – the most important raw The same high standards of quality and material for the FAVOR® brand super- purity are valid at all of the business line’s absorbents manufactured by the global production plants around the world. Not market leader – must be perfect. So the only in Marl and Deer Park, USA, where
  11. 11. 10 | 11 In the control room (center) technicians monitor each individual step of the production process, including the delivery of acrylic acid (right). the basic raw material acrylic acid is made application technology laboratories that more, we don’t simply rely on the specifi- in adherence with strict quality controls, test virtually every disposable diaper on cations provided by our suppliers. We but also in our production facilities and the market. Analytical laboratories perform analyze samples of all our ingredients in laboratories in Europe, Asia and the USA. ongoing quality checks, and a laboratory for our in-house laboratories. Our employees are constantly working to toxicology and ecology inspects all the raw improve our superabsorbents, which are materials used as well as the finished pro- When the superabsorbents leave our already today capable of absorbing and ducts and new prototypes to ensure they production plant, they are still subject to storing up to 300 times their own weight are safe for humans and the environment. the high standards of the business line. We in liquid – and that number is increasing. don’t allow our products to be forwarded by just anyone. We work exclusively with As our success grows, so does To make certain that our quality standards selected transport companies possessing our responsibility will continue to be met in the future, and specially trained personnel. All drivers that our customers can rely on the capabil- And our own internal standards are and logistics experts are schooled in the ities of our superabsorbents, the business another expression of our dedication to handling of superabsorbents – whether the line maintains its own laboratories for quality and product safety. The Super- product is being sent by truck, train or ship. research and development, where we work absorber business line has set a “Code of Simply put, superabsorbents from Evonik closely with customers to produce new Practice“ that commits us to using only are brand-name products. They remind us and optimized superabsorbents, as well as the safest, certified raw materials. What’s of another Elvis hit: “The wonder of you.”
  12. 12. Market and innovation leader As a leading manufacturer with an extensive in-house research and development department, the Superabsorber busi- ness line develops the most important component in modern disposable diapers.
  13. 13. 12 | 13 Thinner diapers than ever before It won’t be long before grandmothers will be asking themselves, “Why isn’t the baby wearing a diaper?” But in all probability, the baby will indeed be wearing a diaper. The diapers of tomorrow will be as small and thin as a normal pair of under- wear. While the diapers of the 1990s were stuffed with thick layers of cellulose, and stocking up on them in the supermarket was something only drivers of SUV’s could manage, today’s new disposable diapers come in convenient, small packages. And in the future, a week’s supply might even fit in a woman’s handbag. Researchers at our Superabsorber business line create the “motor” that drives these developments. Diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products containing FAVOR® superabsorbents offer security and discreet protection.
  14. 14. Market and innovation leader We stand for new How thin will tomorrow’s diapers be? Will products specially developed for individual adults soon be able to wear incontinence customers. ideas and pioneering products that don’t “put on weight”? In products. our laboratories, a team of researchers and Research for innovative solutions application technicians is working on new, improved superabsorbents and develop- But as a manufacturer with its own in- ing tomorrow’s trends today – working house research department, the business closely with leading manufacturers of baby line also cooperates with its customers to diapers and hygiene products. Research on set new standards and develop demand, as it were. even better superabsorbents. We are working on superabsorbents that can Our tailor-made superabsorbents are store even more liquid, making it possible among the best in the world. The product to create thinner diapers. For diaper range includes a wide selection of FAVOR® manufacturers, that means a drastic brand superabsorbent polymers with reduction in the raw materials needed, different basic characteristics (absorption, which in turn results in a reduced number retention, absorption under pressure, of production steps and saves on produc- permeability), as well as additional tion and transportation costs. The ultimate
  15. 15. 14 | 15 A stopwatch is used to measure the speed with which the diaper absorbs liquid. Just one of many tests our scientists perform to make superabsorbents even more efficient and effective. Using various testing methods, laboratory employees determine how well the superabsorbents in hygiene products are doing their job. Baby and adult mannequins simulate lifelike conditions. goal of our research effort is to produce thinner, the thinnest possible – that’s what ment effort. On the basis of the information superabsorbents that make it possible to we’re working toward. we gather, we are able to provide detailed create diapers and incontinence pro- consultation and find ways to improve both ducts that look no different than normal product quality and processing techniques Customer benefit is the focus underwear and are considerably more to the benefit of our customers. of our work comfortable to wear than products on the market today. And to get there, we work closely with our After all, we see ourselves not merely as a customers. We don’t keep our expertise manufacturer of superabsorbents. We are Innovations like these already have far- to ourselves. We think alongside our experts who know precisely how diapers reaching consequences for our customers. customers. We understand every aspect of work and how they can be improved In many cases, it is possible for them to diapers, and we think of them as “systems.” upon. For example, we find ways to better simplify their manufacturing processes, That’s why the Superabsorber business incorporate superabsorbents into diapers and fewer raw materials are needed. line maintains both research laboratories in order to optimize the distribution of Thinner finished products require less and application technology laboratories liquids, or ways to improve the interplay storage space, are easier to handle, and that examine, test and evaluate most of the between superabsorbents, cellulose and reduce transportation costs. They take up diapers available on the global marketplace. other diaper components, or ways to less space on store shelves, and increase How much liquid can the diaper absorb? incorporate new functions and product the sales ratio per unit area. So improved How does it respond to pressure? How features into diapers and hygiene products. superabsorbents benefit not only our permeable is the “system”? We find the Our overriding objective: To develop the customers, but their customers as well – answers to a multitude of questions, and ideal superabsorbents for the diapers our in other words, the retail industry. Thin, apply the data in our research and develop- customers produce.
  16. 16. Round-the-clock service We cooperate closely with our customers to create the best solutions.
  17. 17. 16 | 17 Timely assistance everywhere, the world over “The customer comes first” – that’s our motto. Individual consulting and service are important to us. Whether you have questions about our products or need help set- ting up a production plant, our experts are there for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – anywhere in the world. Comprehensive service and the know-how gained through many years of experience in manufacturing superabsorbents are our particular strengths.
  18. 18. Round-the-clock service We are there, Responding to customer wishes quickly is Customs officers on strike in France, a something our production planners and lo- demonstration blocking the Brenner Pass wherever our gistics experts do every day. Planning ahead in Italy, a strike among truck drivers in customers need us. to meet customer demand is indispensable. Brazil, the Atlantic hurricane season – it Experienced employees who are familiar takes more than disturbances like these to with our customers’ manufacturing proces- catch our logistics experts unawares. ses make sure the various types of superab- sorbents that will be needed are produced Reliable and punctual well ahead of time, and that ample quan- transport tities are on hand so our customers never have to interrupt their own production Our employees see to it that our top- processes or fall behind when demand for quality superabsorbents are transported diapers experiences an unexpected spike. exclusively by certified shipping companies
  19. 19. 18 | 19 Efficient logistics and warehouse management are the backbone of our processes and procedures. Our customers expect their products to be delivered in the desired quantity and quality and “just in time.” That means the products must be stored and transported safely and reliably. That’s why we cooperate with competent, trustworthy logistics partners all over the world. and experienced drivers, so they arrive on service provider. After all, we know better application technology laboratories and we time and in optimal condition. Alternative than anyone what our superabsorbents are pay special attention to the products that routes and means of transport are always capable of. That’s why our experts can also contain our superabsorbents. Is it possible available to ensure a reliable and timely be found at our customers’ plants, helping to improve the way the superabsorbents supply for our customers, no matter where them optimize their production processes are embedded in the diapers? Is the liquid they are in the world. And we always take on-site. being absorbed effectively and stored environmental concerns into consideration. evenly? Are the product goals being met? The guiding principle of our logistics de- A lot of questions for which our experts Many years of know-how and partment is, “As environmentally friendly always find the answers. From research individual consulting as possible.” and development, to production and trans- We are also professionals in the area of port, to on-site consultation – the services And when it comes to manufacturing hy- analyzing the many diapers available on the we provide assure the best benefits for giene products, we also see ourselves as a global marketplace. We test them in our each and every one of our customers.
  20. 20. Safety has many aspects Our products work safely and perform perfectly. That means twice the comfort for babies and their parents, who can get in a good night’s sleep.
  21. 21. 20 | 21 Hygiene is an emotional issue “Skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.” So smooth and silky. But also very delicate. We place a premium on safety and quality, to make sure babies’ skin is protected. Superabsorbents make the liquid in the diaper “disappear.”
  22. 22. Safety has many aspects We make an impor­ Superabsorbents not only have to work as that is applied from the very outset in the perfectly as possible, they also have to ful- development and manufacture of each and tant contribution to fill the highest demands in terms of safety every product. sustainable develop­ and quality. That’s why we subject our raw materials and products to safety checks ment. with strict criteria. Only those ingredients Highest safety standards, worldwide that have successfully passed numerous But safety involves much more: The busi- internationally recognized testing proce- ness line is also committed to responsible dures are used. The security requirements care. Among other things, that means our we impose on our products far exceed the production facilities around the world com- current legal stipulations. We have set out ply with the highest safety standards. All these requirements in a “Code of Practice” of our plants have been certified according
  23. 23. 22 | 23 Hand-in-hand with Mother Nature. We see our leading position on the marketplace as an obligation to take responsibility for the environment. The safety of our superabsorbents is our supreme priority. to ISO 9001 (quality standard) and 14001 of a “sustainable” product. Their use helps tests and employ a rating system to make (environmental standard), i.e. our proces- save on packaging and waste. And hygiene sure that their specifications are followed ses, products, and services are continuously articles containing superabsorbents help precisely. They evaluate not only the pro- evaluated by independent auditors. promote good health and improve the duction process but also the qualifications, quality of life. skills and ongoing training of employees, as Everything we do is guided by the prin- well as the documentation system in gene- ciple of sustainable development, which ral. In addition, the Superabsorber business FAVOR® superabsorbents improve means we aim to design our business line has a special department dedicated to the quality of life process and our products in responsible environmental, safety, health and quality ways that exhibit our commitment to the For us, safety also entails allowing custom- issues that conducts ongoing internal audits. well-being of future generations. Indeed, ers a glimpse behind the scenes. Diaper The bottom line: We place a premium on superabsorbents are an excellent example manufacturers apply their own strict safety, in every sense of the word!
  24. 24. Publishing information: Disclaimer Evonik Stockhausen GmbH This information and all technical and Superabsorber other advice are based on Evonik’s Baekerpfad 25 present knowledge and experience. 47805 Krefeld However, Evonik assumes no liability Germany for such information or advice, includ­ phone  +49 2151 38-1469 ing the extent to which such informa­ fax  +49 2151 38-1292 tion or advice may relate to third party intellectual property rights. Evonik reserves the right to make any changes editing: Sabine Micevic, to information or advice at any time, Susanne Jansen without prior or subsequent notice. concept and design: Agentur Grintsch, EVONIK DISCLAIMS ALL REPRE­ Cologne SENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES, text: Axel Mörer-Funk WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, photos: Stefan Maria Rother, AND SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY Klaus Görgen, Karsten Bootmann, getty FOR MERCHANTABILITY OF THE images, Evonik Stockhausen GmbH, PRODUCT OR ITS FITNESS FOR A Agentur Grintsch, Cologne PARTICULAR PURPOSE (EVEN IF printing: Laupenmühlen Druck, EVONIK IS AWARE OF SUCH PUR­ Bochum POSE), OR OTHERWISE. EVONIK SHALL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT OR IN­ CIDENTAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOSS OF PROFITS) OF ANY KIND. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to arrange for inspection and testing of all products by qualified experts. Reference to trade names used by other companies is neither a recom­ mendation nor an endorsement of the corresponding product, and does not imply that similar products could not be used. Evonik Stockhausen GmbH Evonik Stockhausen Inc. Superabsorber Superabsorber Baekerpfad 25 2401 Doyle Street 47805 Krefeld Greensboro, NC 27406 Germany USA phone +49 2151 38-1469 phone +1 336 333-7540 fax +49 2151 38-1292 fax +1 336 333-7570 Evonik. Power to create.