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The Novato Charter School Campus


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No just a physical place....

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual
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The Novato Charter School Campus

  1. 1. The Novato Charter Campus Is not just a physical place…
  2. 2. But a rich, fertile ground for creative possibilities. A place where children’s imaginations and creativity are ignited. The space where they unleash their innate inclination to play, and to dream their little bold dreams.
  3. 3. A place where the future is nurtured. ANGLERS ARCHITECTS
  4. 4. Artists and Dreamers…
  5. 5. Athletes and Olympians
  6. 6. Best friends
  7. 7. and Buddies
  8. 8. Builders
  9. 9. Philosophers, dreamers, and deep thinkers
  10. 10. Engineers
  11. 11. Farmers and Gardeners
  12. 12. Graceful Dancers, Gymnasts, and Performers
  13. 13. Interior Decorators…Inventors
  14. 14. Noble Knights and Musicians
  15. 15. Explorers, Naturalists, Scientists
  16. 16. Craftsmen, Sculptors, and Writers
  17. 17. Our Campus The Hearth of the Heart