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Obstacles to reading


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A report about "Obstacles to Reading"

Published in: Education, Sports
  • Thanks for this .. this was a big Help for my studies .. ^_^ most understandable topic of obstacles in reading .. Peace, Love
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Obstacles to reading

  1. 1. Obstacles to reading KIM, Ye Jin PRIETO, Lovely Mae HAQUE, IrishMIGUEL, Jeffren Pancho
  2. 2. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Children display dominance in the two spheres of their brain, such is the case with those who are left handed or left eye dominant. Such manifestations don’t
  3. 3. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Handicapped children may display spatial or directional disorientation. Thus, they have difficulties in differentiating letters, especially in case
  4. 4. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Intellectual or emotional maturation lag is a cause for reading retardation.
  5. 5. Facts discovered byspecialists ..There is a close correlation between intelligence and reading achievement. Those with high IQ will acquire higher reading skills
  6. 6. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Basic to success in reading are:(a)Visual acuity with eyes integrating images well(b)Auditory acuity with clear hearing of the
  7. 7. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Reading is intertwined with language, and so non- speakers of a language will have more difficulties reading a second language.
  8. 8. Facts discovered byspecialists ..Reading and listening are closely related. Proficiency in listening is conducive to proficiency in reading.
  10. 10. PHYSICALMalfunction of the visual and auditory faculties.In particular, eye defects such as farsightedness, speech impediments, etc.Physical discomfort among students such as headache, stomachache, etc.
  11. 11. PsychologicalThe child’s lack of self-confidence, feelings of rejection and other negative personality traits.Teacher personality factors such as lack of competence, emotional immaturity, lack or social sense, etc.General emotional atmosphere at home and school, including the attitude among parents in guiding their child’s progress in school.
  12. 12. EnvironmentalConditions at home and school including conditions of poor room lighting, ventilation, seating arrangement and etc.
  13. 13. Socio-economicLow economic status (poverty) of children of poor families.Sensationalism and retrogressive literacy as fostered by commercialism in mass media.Policies and programs of government and of the schools on the development reading program.