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Lost Relics


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Presentation for Design Project 3, DGD National Institute of Design.

Published in: Design
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Lost Relics

  1. 1. Element Modifier Description Shield Matter Sustain Wall of Earth/water that protects the character from physical attacks Absorb/channel Energy Sustain Absorb a limited amount of Energy( % damage) from incoming attack and use it on next attack Ethereal Void Sustain The player goes into ethereal form in which he cannot attack or be attacked. earth strike Matter Destroy An AOE attack that deals minor damage and momentarily stun the enemies lightning/fire Energy Destroy A high damage nuke soul burn Void Destroy Attack dealing damage over time and slows down the enemy Sandstorm Matter Deceive An AOE power which might cause enemies to miss their attacks and deals minor damage over time. This power will also limit the vision of enemies in the area. Shadow dance Energy Deceive Create illusions in an area which will automatically attack enemies nearby. invisibility Void Deceive Become invisible for a short duration. Attacking or taking damage will break invisibility power jump/glide Matter Agility Jump higher/longer if the character is on ground or glide if the character is in air blink Energy Agility A quick dash covering a short distance in a fraction of a second. slow time Void Agility Slow down time for a very short duration
  2. 2. Melee Range Single Hand Double Hand Dual Wield Heavy Light Sword Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Axe Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Mace Yes - - Yes - Yes - Spear Yes Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Bow and Arrow - Yes - Yes - - Yes Magic Staff Yes Yes - Yes - - Yes Dagger Yes - Yes - Yes - Yes Shield Yes - Yes - - Yes Yes
  3. 3. Clan name Description Power Yodha Skilled in martial Arts. They excel in using melee weapons such as swords and shields. Their fine crafted armours help them last longer in battlefield. Battlecry Adrenaline rush Nishada Skilled archers and guerrilla fighters. Light-footed and alert. They sneak upon enemies to take them by surprise. They use minimal armour making them as vulnerable as they are deadly Traps Hunter vision Tantrika Well versed in Tantras and Magic Have high damage dealing power and healing powers, but have low health and armour. Kirata Mountain dwellers Practise Animism and Shamanism. Use poisoned weapons to make sure their enemies never escape Call of wild Raise undead Hantaka Desert dwellers Masters of stealth and deception. Extremely agile, making them tough targets to strike Karmara Smiths, Hardened by labour and oppression they are extremely strong and durable. Use heavy weapons and armour, helping them to withstand high damage. They deal slow, yet powerful attacks Iron skin Charge
  4. 4. THANK YOU