West Shore Jr/Sr High School - 2010 Jefferson Awards Students In Action Presentation


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Students In Action is a national youth volunteer leadership, recognition and reward program, designed to pass the tradition of service on to the next generation.

Co-developed by Jefferson Awards for Public Service and Deloitte, it is now in over 250 High Schools.

Each spring, Student Leaders from the participating schools compete in regional competitions. They are asked to report on the implementation of the program, and the impact they've had, both in their schools and within their communities.

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West Shore Jr/Sr High School - 2010 Jefferson Awards Students In Action Presentation

  1. 1. West Shore Junior Senior High School<br />Jefferson Awards <br />“Students in Action”<br />March 25, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Goal 1: Engaged School Community<br /><ul><li>Principal frequently visits classrooms and congratulates winners
  3. 3. Supportive faculty member Mrs. McMillan
  4. 4. Build awareness through school media broadcasting (announcements, paper, yearbook)
  5. 5. Computer entry of volunteer hours (through the guidance office)</li></li></ul><li>Goal 2: Effective Leadership Team<br /><ul><li> Our leadership team hopes the rest of the students will follow the example set forth by the Jefferson Awards winners
  6. 6. 1 Senior (Drew Gregory), 2 Juniors (Courtney Burns, Melody Karycki), 1 Sophomore (Nikki Gregory), 2 Freshmen (Jackie Martin, Brittany Cho)
  7. 7. Our team depth is impressive, and the underclassmen will take over next year
  8. 8. Our team did attend the Fall Leadership Conference</li></li></ul><li>Goal 3: Help Desk for Help: Expand Volunteer Capacity<br /><ul><li>Announcements, Newspaper, Yearbook, Posters, Principal’s announcements
  9. 9. Winners according to month:</li></ul> October: Mark Mazzeo (12th)<br /> November: Jennifer Stone (8th)<br /> December: Monte Karas (8th)<br /> January: Michael Garrison (8th)<br /> February: Gardel Arias (12th)<br /><ul><li> Created a help desk in Guidance
  10. 10. Link on school’s website
  11. 11. Advertised through the homerooms</li></li></ul><li>Our Winners<br />Mark Mazzeo 12th (Oct.)<br />Special Olympics<br />Jennifer Stone<br />8th (Nov.)<br />K-9 Companions<br />Monti Karas <br />8th (Dec.)<br />Cancer Research<br />
  12. 12. Our Winners<br />Gardel Arias<br />12th (Feb.)<br />Teen Court<br />Michaele Garrison<br />8th (Jan.)<br />Austistic Children<br />
  13. 13. Goal 4: Expands Financial Capacity for Volunteers<br /><ul><li>Created a scholarship for a deserving senior based on community service
  14. 14. Total Value of the Scholarship is $500
  15. 15. Funded by staff donations as well as local business’ and student government
  16. 16. Monthly winners will also receive $10 gift cards</li></li></ul><li>Goal 5: Tell Stories in the Community<br /><ul><li>Featured presentations on our schools broadcast channel through TV productions
  17. 17. We sent articles to Eric Garwood of the Florida Today and The Roar, West Shore’s newspaper
  18. 18. Hope to expand communication with School Board authorities to include Pam Escolbar and Christine Davis
  19. 19. Volunteers win certificate and pin, and were recognized by letter, poster and television announcement </li></li></ul><li>Goal 6: Growth and Expansion of SIA<br /><ul><li> Repeat our efforts to reach out to other High Schools (MCC, Melbourne)
  20. 20. Efforts to recruit new schools to the Jefferson Awards program are a work in progress
  21. 21. Continue to expand our school recruitment efforts into next year</li></li></ul><li>Goal 7: Innovates<br /><ul><li> Dramatically increased the number of votes by instituting a nomination process through the homerooms
  22. 22. Popularity greatly increased through television announcements
  23. 23. Through positive role models (teachers and student success) we were able to increase motivation for nominating deserving students</li>