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JCPH Health Communications Program

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  • Read this aloud in audio piece
  • A typical day starts with the usual cup of coffee or other caffeine substitute.
  • Followed by various massage checking, phone, fax, email, etc. On average we receive 30 to 40 emails per day that require action, (noise increases), 10 to 12 voice mail that needs responding to, as well as numerous personal requests through our office. (Clear Throat)
  • Never a dull moment and one thing is certain we promote public health issues everyday, almost everywhere and for everyone.
  • Brain storming and prioritizing helps us create the work list for the day.
  • Pubic Service Announcements and News Releases are a major component of our program. Psas and News releases are sent out regularly as well as posted on the web site. We have a very good relationship with the media and fantastic support from all of our colleagues. Compose and disseminate public service announcements every three months or as needed to 108 various media and community organizations News Releases faxed on an as needed basis to media, municipalities and posted on web site Story proposals are written and pitched to appropriate media regularly. (See media policy)
  • Produced training video for Nurse Family Partnership Years ago produced the WIC Program video sin both Spanish and English for the state…shown to all wic clients
  • Several years ago in 2001 we started a partnership our local Jefferson County Libraries. Displays set up throughout the year highlight various public health issues, such as Public Health Emergencies and Prevention for your Health. Through these displays we have been able to expand our outreach significantly, as an example we have distributed over 30,000 pieces of educational materials this year. 2006 displays include: International Travel Clinic/Vital Records Public Health and Emergencies Preventing Animal-Borne Diseases Food Safety, Nutrition, Handwashing Prevention for Your Health
  • Of Course you can’t have displays without the necessary prevention messages, brochures, handouts and activity sheets that go along with them. We design and produce all of JCDHE’s outreach materials. We pay special attention to diverse audiences, literacy levels and the best way to promote public health. Also chair the Literature Review Committee….. Effort to minimize duplication of materials, update old materials, share materials throughout department. Let us know if you have an educational pamphlet or other print material that you want to use. We can run it by Literature Review.
  • Another out reach method that we utilize are posters placed through out the community and our clinics. The posters design, content and placement depends greatly on the type of audience we are trying to reach.
  • Our Comprehensive public health website has over 160 informative pages and is updated on a regular basis. The web page has become a place that citizens and staff turn to for the latest in Jefferson County Public Health. Often many of the email and voice mails requests that we receive on a daily basis have to do with updating web pages to some degree.
  • The Public Health Champions awards ceremony is an annual recognition of individuals, businesses and organizations who have contributed to public health in Jefferson County when it is not their primary job. This event has been organized by Health Communications every year since 1999. The Idea has been duplicated by various public health department throughout state and country and was recognized in an article by the National Association of County and City health Officials as an effective way to promote public health.
  • The annual report is written, designed and published annually in time for Public Health week each April. The report is then distributed as an insert in the Mile High Newspapers to approximately 58,000 homeowners and businesses in Jefferson County.
  • Not all aspects of our day are strictly work, work, work. With so many wonderful colleagues, we are often reminded of the importance of celebrating their accomplishments and milestones. After all, celebration is part of our mission.
  • In Summary the Health Communications program works to promote public health on a daily basis. Here’s an overview of what we accomplished in 2007 and a look forward into 2008.
  • Thank you for spending a day with us in the Public Health Communications Department. Oh, it looks like we have to get back to work, please come visit us again, soon.
  • Thank you for spending a day with us in the Public Health Communications Department. Oh, it looks like we have to get back to work, please come visit us again, soon.
  • Thank you for spending a day with us in the Public Health Communications Department. Oh, it looks like we have to get back to work, please come visit us again, soon.
  • Orientation 2008

    1. 1. N & K Productions Presents…
    2. 2. A day in the life of…
    3. 3. <ul><li>Health communications encompasses the study and use of communication strategies to inform and influence individual and community decisions that enhance health. It links the domains of communication and health and is increasingly recognized as a necessary element of efforts to improve personal and public health. </li></ul><ul><li>(Healthy People 2010) </li></ul>Health Communications
    4. 4. Morning
    5. 6. Working
    6. 7. Prioritizing List
    7. 8. PSAs/News Releases/Media Deadlines
    8. 9. Presentations
    9. 10. Educational Displays
    10. 11. Brochures, Handouts, Fliers Newsletters
    11. 12. Community Outreach . . . Posters Like Sex?
    12. 13. Web site Updates
    13. 14. Public Health Champions
    14. 15. Annual Report
    15. 16. Celebrations
    16. 17. Public Health by the Numbers
    17. 18. Public Health by the Numbers 2008 Health Communications Library Displays Belmar Lakewood Standley Lake Prevent Animal-Borne Diseases (i.e. West Nile Virus, Hantavirus, Plague, Tularemia, Rabies, Petting Zoo Safety, etc.) July Belmar Golden Lakewood Staying Healthy . . . Regular Screenings and Preventive Services (Client Services including Breast & Cervical cancer screenings & referrals, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and counseling, Reproductive health and family planning, Access to Health Care) November Belmar Columbine Evergreen Golden Lakewood Standley Lake Emergency Preparedness Home Emergency Kit and Plan, Caring for someone ill in the home, Quarantine vs Isolation. September Belmar Columbine Evergreen Lakewood Summer Safety Tips Summertime health risks and how to prevent them. (Food-borne illness, skin cancer, water & recreational safety, dog safety, dehydration & dangers of overheating (children/automobiles). June Arvada Conifer Lakewood Public Health Hot Topics A celebration of Public Health in our communities. Colorado PH week. April Evergreen Lakewood Golden in March Standley Lake in May Belmar in March Forget the Fad, Lean Towards Lifestyle Eat Less, Move More, Promoting HealthyEating and Active Living. February Libraries Topic of display Month
    18. 19. That’s All Folks!!
    19. 20. That’s All Folks!!
    20. 21. That’s All Folks!!
    21. 22. Website <ul><li>http://health.jeffco.us </li></ul>