International Walk to School Day


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International Walk to School Day 2012. LiveWell Wheat Ridge and Partners Conference Call . September 12, 2012 12:00 – 12:45PM

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International Walk to School Day

  1. 1. International Walk to School Day 2012LiveWell Wheat Ridge and Partners Conference Call September 12, 2012 12:00 – 12:45PM
  2. 2. Presentation Overview1. What is LiveWell Wheat Ridge?2. Children and Physical Activity3. Suggestions on Implementing a Successful Walk toSchool Day in 20124. Colorado Safe Routes to School Grant Program5. Resources
  3. 3. Conference Call ContributorsTracy Langworthy – Prospect Valley Parent and Wheat Ridge City Council MemberEmily O’Winter – Jeffco Public School District Healthy Schools CoordinatorLieutenant Wade Hammond, Wheat Ridge Police DepartmentTed Heyd, LiveWell Wheat Ridge Planning ConsultantMolly Hanson, LiveWell Wheat Ridge Coordinator
  4. 4. Who is LiveWell Wheat Ridge?LiveWell Wheat Ridge (LWWR) is one ofapproximately 25 Colorado communities funded byLiveWell Colorado working to reduce childhood andadult obesity.LiveWell Wheat Ridge is a partnership of communitystakeholders to create an environment and culturewhich supports healthy eating and active living(HEAL) to reduce and prevent adult and childhoodobesity.We accomplish this through supporting Wheat Ridgeprograms, policies and changes to the physicalenvironment and community infrastructure.
  5. 5. Creating Safe Environments For Students to Walk or Bike to School Can Increase Their Daily Physical Activity
  6. 6. How Are Kids Currently Getting to School? 60% Driven 27% Bused 1% Biked 12% Walked Source: NHTS – National Household Travel Survey - Federal Highway Administration
  7. 7. Potential Barriers to Walking and Bicycling to School Physical Time andLayout of Community Family Schedules Safety Information take from CDC presentation Walking and Bicycling to School: Community Presentation
  8. 8. Why is walking to school important? What are the benefits? Information take from CDC presentation Walking and Bicycling to School: Community Presentation
  9. 9. Walk to School Day Getting Started Week of October 3, 2012 Identify a steering team Get school administrativebuy-in• Think about seniors as a partner in the event
  10. 10. Issues to Consider When Planning Your Walk to School Day Choose safe routes; determine where groups willcross the street Determine where groups will meet; consider astaging area; assign at least 5 adults to each stagingarea Place safety volunteers along the routes Consider placing signs along the routes
  11. 11. Walking to School What Children Should Know•Walk with an adult until you are age 10•Walk on the sidewalk•Walk facing traffic when on the street•Look left, right, left•Walk, do not run•Dress in bright colors•Stick to your planned route
  12. 12. Walking to School What Guardians Should Know• When walking, consider age, traffic, facilities and distance• Practice with your child• Walk in groups• Teach safe behaviors• Remind your child to look both ways• Stress the dangers of driveways, parking lots, and intersections
  13. 13. Walk to School Day Market your event – School community – Neighborhoods – Local businesses Invite your local elected officials to your event Consider providing breakfast and/or incentives to increase participation Go to to register your event, download a free WTSD toolkit and order free promotional items Celebrate your success
  14. 14. Measuring Impact and Participation of Your WTSD Event• Participant Cards• Satisfaction Surveys• Etc.
  15. 15. Walk to School Day Make this more than a one-day event – Walking School Bus – Walking Wednesdays – Etc. Source: Google Images
  16. 16. Walking School Bus and Other Creative Applications toMake Walking to School Fun,AAAAn7ySPsk~,QnjTJwkB81reoc2rX5gxQPlNvI6Qi6bF&bclid=0&bctid=754343594001 Source: Google Images
  17. 17. How to Keep the Momentum and Build Upon Walk To School Events …… Source: Google Images
  18. 18. Colorado Safe Routes to SchoolProgram Create Healthier Communities  Many stakeholders  Multiple benefits  Common agenda  Highly adaptable  Sustainable
  19. 19. Supplemental InformationDenver Public School "Getting to School Safely" DVD (In English and Spanish) Walk-to-School: A Guide to Promote Walking to School: from CDC:
  20. 20. Additional Resources
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Thank you!For more information or questions please contact:Tracy Langworthy davidg0126@peoplepc.comEmily O’Winter Wade Hammond Heyd tedheyd@gmail.comMolly Hanson