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Key Things A Donor Should Consider When Choosing A Philanthropic Organization



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If you’re looking to get involved with philanthropic giving this year, first and foremost you should take the time to seek out organizations whose values reflect your own. Supporting a cause close to your heart can be extremely rewarding.

Key Things A Donor Should Consider When Choosing A Philanthropic Organization

  1. 1. KeyThingsaDonor ShouldConsider WhenChoosinga Philanthropic Organization JeffGreenstein
  2. 2. Yourgenerosity,kindnessand commitmenttoprovidingongoing supportforacharitableorganizationcan havealastingimpactoncurrentand futuregenerations.
  3. 3. Somekeythingsadonorshould considerwhenchoosinga philanthropicorganization:
  4. 4. Personal Valuesand Philanthropic Goals Ask whether the organization espouses the values that are most important to you. Ask yourself why it’s important to support this cause and raise awareness about their message.
  5. 5. Commitment totheCause Donate to organizations that are committed to their mission and are working hard to make a difference in the world- not only on paper, but also in measurable real world results.
  6. 6. You want to seek out organizations that have a passionate and caring team behind them, a group of people that care about the organization from the heart and have the skills, dedication and support to fulfill their mission.
  7. 7. Evaluating Need Learn about success stories from various types of donations and see if the organization has set up any type of fund or program for a certain group.
  8. 8. Remember to look for measurable signs of progress, so you can rest assured that your gift is actively driving change for the greater good of the community.
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