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Jeffrey Gamber

  1. 1. The following presentation willfamiliarize you with who I am, givingyou some of my personal background, and a glimpse into my volunteer andbusiness life. It will describe some ofmy talents and skills for you, as well asa high-level view of some of theprojects I have been privileged to workon over the years. Finally, you willhear what my colleagues are sayingabout my talents and character.Thanks for spending some of yourvaluable time getting to know me.
  2. 2. I have lived the vast majority ofmy life in the Greater St. LouisMetropolitan area. I have beenhappily married to my wife andbest friend for over twentyyears. We have been blessedwith three unique and verytalented children. Whilecertainly a challenge, theykeep us very active and makelife fun.
  3. 3. In addition to designing Electrical and Instrumentationand Control Systems, I also have skills that include: Task and Group Management Organization Leadership Development Efficiency/Effectiveness Leading Multi-Discipline Teams Accountability/Dependability Leading Multi-Cultural Teams Problem Solving Strategic Planning Professional Work Ethic Small Business Administration AutoCAD 2D, 3D, REVIT Database Design Facility Planning Website Design Budgetary ManagementI have discovered that my eclectic set of skills makes meadaptable and very effective in most situations, and is avalue add to my clients.
  4. 4. I have been privileged during my professional career to work for some of the pre-eminent companiesin their industries. They include:
  5. 5. With over 20 years experience as an Electrical andInstrumentation & Control System Designer, I have runprojects myself, managed teams, and worked as a teammember on projects ranging in size from simple retrofitsto multi-million dollar design contracts.These have included Food andBeverage, Commercial, Data Centers, Industrial, Miningand Metals, Oil andGas, Hospitality, Government, Transportation, Institutional, Hospital and Medical, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, andLocal Landmark projects.Here are a few of the projects I have been privileged tobe part of:
  6. 6. Anheuser Busch - Various projects ofvarious sizes ranging from process linesto computer room upgrades.Nestle Purina – Electrical andInstrumentation and Control SystemDesign of new food processing facility inSparks, Nevada.Mars – Electrical and Instrumentationand Control System Design of newfacility. 3D design and model renderingusing REVIT.
  7. 7. Wells Fargo – Multi-million electricalcontract to develop detail design of newfacility covering three city blocks.Savvis – Electrical Design of new buildingfor internet technology solution provider.Facility included office space, full serviceCafeteria, gym, and data center.Timberlake Office – Electrical Designof a group of high end office buildings inChesterfield, MO that included buildingcore and high security tenant fit-outs.
  8. 8. Taylor Community Science ResourceCenter – Retrofit of existing citywarehouse space into a state of the artscience awareness center.Junior Achievement – CompleteElectrical Design of new facility designedto foster our Youth‟s entrepreneurialskills.Enterprise Rent a Car – ElectricalDesign of facility for rental car giant. Thisbuilding was the first on what wouldbecome a larger corporate campus.
  9. 9. Metropolitan Square Building –Electrical design of Multi-Use high-risein the heart of St. Louis incorporatingoffice, hospitality, and commercial space.Home Depot – Electrical Design ofseveral new stores in the St. Louis area.Developed „cookie-cutter‟ electricaldesign approach for client.
  10. 10. Wells Fargo – Electrical design of new DataCenter for a St. Louis Service Center. Retrofitof existing city building, to support theincreased electrical load, as well as a newbackup generator for the Data Center.
  11. 11. Daimler Chrysler- Complete Electrical Designof two South Plant retooling shutdowns andone North Plant retooling shutdown. Developedelectrical construction documentation and pullSchedules from conveyor layouts generated byControl Panel Integrator.Field survey and final checkout of systems.Developed and implemented a customcomputer design program that revolutionizedthe way the company approached the designStaffing of these jobs. I saved the company70% of overall design cost from the first tothe second project by automating the designprocess. System became the new standardfor electrical design on automotive projectsthe company was awarded going forward.
  12. 12. Saturn – Electrical design of newassembly plant in Spring Hill Tennessee.This included facility infrastructure,Conveyor lines, and robotic lines.TID Almond Co-Generation PowerPlant – On-Site Electrical andInstrumentation and Control SystemDesign of a then cutting edge 49.9mWElectrical and Natural Gas Co-Generation facility in the San JoachimValley. The facility included 15kV service,a Class 1 Division 1 Gas Transfer area,and Master Control Building.
  13. 13. Copper Smelting – Electrical andInstrumentation and Control System Designfor addition of train to an existing facility inArizona. Design included 5KV and 15kVdistribution.Shell Wood River Refinery – On-SiteElectrical and Instrumentation ControlSystem Designs for ongoing smallprojects at the Wood River Refinery.
  14. 14. Ameristar Casino St. Charles –On-Site Electrical Design for Casinoportion of facility. Designed portions of theBottle-Cap Blues Bar, Restaurants, & more.Harrah‟s Casino Maryland Heights –Electrical Design of new Casino,Restaurants and Hotel.Renaissance Grand Hotel –Electrical Design of new luxury hotel andrestaurants in downtown St. Louis.
  15. 15. Eagleton Federal Courts Building –On-Site Electrical Power, Lighting, FireAlarm, and Security Design of 33 StoryBuilding,3 level underground Garage, and Site.Civil Courts Building – On-Site ElectricalRetro-fit Design for rotunda and severalcourtrooms in historic St. Louis Landmark.Trash Reclamation Facility ,Monmouth NJ – On-Site Electrical andInstrumentation and Control SystemDesign of new state of the art trashreclamation facility.
  16. 16. Metrolink – Electrical Design of line andeach of the Train Stations along the St.Clair Metrolink Extension. The St. ClairExtension was the first planned leg in thenew System.Super Park Cypress Facility –Complete Electrical Power, Lighting,Grounding, Fire Alarm, and SecurityDesigns for new 5,000 spot (750 covered)parking facility operated by the LambertAirport Authority/City of St. Louis.
  17. 17. CBC High School – Site Power, Lighting,and Security Design for new private HighSchool in St. Louis County.Washington University LaboratorySciences Building – Complete ElectricalDesign of new educational lab facility onthe campus of Washington University.Windsor Crossings Church – Preparedconstruction documentation for theAudio and Visual design of this new stateof the art facility.
  18. 18. Medical Office Building – ElectricalDesign of Medical Office Building inO‟Fallon, MO. Included building core, site,and tenant fit-out.Barnes Jewish St. Peters HospitalExpansion – Complete ElectricalDesign of new Hospital Entry, Reception,Cafeteria, and Store.Barnes Jewish St. Peters Surgery andEndoscopy Building – CompleteElectrical Design of facility includingSurgery and Recovery suites.
  19. 19. Ranken Jordan Pediatric SpecialtyHospital – Complete Electrical Design ofnew hospital providing inpatient,outpatient, day treatment, physiatry, andorthopedic rehabilitation programs .Forest Park Hospital – Retrofit Electricaland Control Design of new Surgical Suiteand Radiation Imaging room.
  20. 20. The last portion of my career consisted of a variety of projects for Biotechand Pharmaceutical companies ranging from individual process upgradesto complete new facilities. Hazardous Classification, Clean Room, andSustainable Design were considerations additional to the normalElectrical and Instrumentation and Control System Design requirements.While I am still required to keep project information client confidential,here are a few of the clients I have performed work for:
  21. 21. St. Louis Gateway Arch – Involved indeveloping design bid documentation thatwas submitted to the St. Louis GatewayFoundation to light the Gateway Arch.Busch Stadium Diamond Suites –Complete Electrical Design of new suiteswithin Busch Stadium. The Stadium is nowgone, but the memories live on.St. Charles Family Arena – CompleteElectrical Design of new multi-purposearena.
  22. 22. My wife and I are long time and long term investors in Real Estate,Stocks and Bonds, and are also Small Business Entrepreneursowning and operating two successful start-up ventures. Both start-ups were built upon the foundation of strong personal andbusiness ethics as well as a constant, underlying desire to serveour valued customers.Cornerstone Enterprises of Missouri, LLC, operated as a soleproprietorship since 2001, was organized in 2004 as a real estateinvestment, holding and management company.Kara Design Group, Inc., which had operated as a soleproprietorship since 1993, was officially incorporated in Missouriin 2007. KDG is a full service Corporation specializing in Print andWeb Design, Online Marketing, SEO, e-Commerce, CorporateBranding, Photography, and Print Brokering.
  23. 23. My family and I are very activeattending and volunteering at ourchurch. Giving back is a big part of eachof our lives.I personally volunteer locally at mychildren‟s High School, in thecommunity with US FIRST, andprofessionally with the InternationalSociety of Automation and theAutomation Federation.
  24. 24. My first venture into professional development wasjoining the International Society of Automation. I waselected as Section President in my second year andbecame the first two-term Section President in thehistory of the Section dating back to 1943.As Section VP, Section President, and Section PastPresident, I led the Section to four straight SectionPerformance Awards until the award was retired by theSociety in 2011. My path began as a student ofsuccessful Sections, learning how best to lead ourSection without recreating the wheel. I quickly became arecognized Source for Section develop-ment, and also a regular speaker at DistrictLeadership Conferences and SocietyLeader Meetings and events.
  25. 25. By the time I left Section leadership, the Section wasrevitalized back to a position of prominence in theSociety. Several Society sponsored events wereawarded to the St. Louis area due to the renewedstrength of the Section resulting from my leadership.After my tenure in Section leadership I was recruitedand elected to enter a new chain of responsibility at theDistrict level. In the two years I served as the DistrictVice President Elect of my District, I coordinated a JointDistrict Leadership Conference and was elected to Chairthe District Board Budget Committee by my peers. As Committee Chair, I also held my first Society level position as member of the Finance Committee.
  26. 26. Recognized for my leadership style, I was nominated assole Section representative to serve the Society as amember of a task force charged with studying andmaking recommendations to change the governancestructure of the Society.Entering my first year as District Vice President, I haveagain been recognized by my peers being elected toChair the Board of District Vice Presidents. This is anhonor that since 1945 has only been bestowed on oneother member in the history of the Society on a first yearDistrict Vice President. I was elected by my peers torepresent them on the Society Executive Board. AsChair, I will serve as one of the six memberExecutive Committee of the 30,000 memberSociety, governing the Society.
  27. 27.  “I have had the pleasure to work with Jeffrey Gamber at CRB Engineers for9 years. I felt Jeff was a great addition to the consulting engineering field justbecause of his prior experience with electrical contracting.I like working with Jeff because of his professional work ethic, as well as his greatorganizational skills. He is a person that is calm under pressure, and brings greatfocus to detail. We have worked many weekends, and late evenings to meetdeadlines. He is accountable to “the team”. I have worked many volunteer hours with Jeff as a member of ISA (InternationalSociety of Automation). With Jeff‟s “team first” attitude and willingness to lead byexample, increased the St. Louis section of ISA to record membership. Through hisISA leadership the St. Louis section activities increased by creating a friendlieratmosphere for vendors to share their ideas/products with end users. He alsobrought back the scholarship program for the St. Louis section that had beenabandoned for years. I would strongly recommend Jeffrey Gamber for a position because of hisdedication to completing tasks, as well as meeting the client‟s needs.”- Keith D. Thomas, Electrical Designer, CRB Consulting Engineers “Jeff is a very detailed conscientious designer. I have had the pleasure to workclosely with Jeff on several projects and his work ethic and ability to create accuratefield installation drawings exceed the normal design drawings that most designengineers produce.”- Steve Kellenberger, Director of Construction, Guarantee Electric
  28. 28.  “Jeff is a dedicated, thorough and hard-working individual that does what it takes toget the job done right and on time.”- Derek Dykstra, Process/Mechanical Piping Designer, CRB Consulting Engineers “Jeff is a highly competent electrical and I&C designer. We worked together on manyprojects during our employment at CRB Consulting Engineers. I definitelyrecommend Jeff.”- Rich Velten, Lead Mechanical Engineer , CRB Consulting Engineers “Jeff is very dedicated to whatever task he is working on. I met Jeff through our localISA Section where he has held several positions. Every position Jeff held in our ISASection he did with 100% dedication and all activities that our chapter was involvedwith, Jeff was there to lead the charge and get our members involved. Jeff is definitely issomeone that I would want on my team to tackle the projects and tasks head on. Iwould highly recommend Jeff.”- Darren Goodlin, NA Zone Manager Instrumentation Technologies, Anheuser-Busch “In addition to Jeffrey‟s technical skills, he has demonstrated the ability to leadpeople through his service to the International Society of Automation at the Sectionand Society level. His recent election to the position of Chairman of the 2013 Board ofDistrict Vice Presidents is evidence of his leadership abilities. “- Leo Staples, 2011 International Society of Automation President, Sr. Manager – Utility Operational Compliance – OGE Energy Corp
  29. 29.  “Jeff has been a solid and dependable contributor to the team goals and output.He exhibits sound judgment, a solid work ethic, and a desire to get the job done in aneffective and efficient manner. Jeff expresses himself very well, both written and oralcommunications, in a concise and coherent manner. He senses the important data andapplies sound logic to arrive at a reasonable and well thought out answer. Jeff is agood organizer and uses his time in an efficient manner, while applying reasoningattributes to work on problems. A real plus is his problem solving skills and ability toget to the root cause for resolution.”- Gerald Wilbanks, Former President, International Society of Automation; President, DES Consulting Engineering Services “Jeff Gamber is an automation professional that cares about the future of hisprofession. He is a mentor to young people about the importance of Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math for their future career pathways. He is aprofessional that is willing to step forward to make a contribution in building the nextgeneration of automation professionals.”- Mike Marlow, Managing Director/Director of Government Relations, Automation Federation
  30. 30.  “Ive had the pleasure of working with Jeff on several different projects with ISA. Hehas an eclectic skill set and hands-on leadership style that make him very effective. Ifyoure looking for someone who can not only be a great design engineer, but alsorepresent your company as a thought leader and digital citizen, then I highlyrecommend you add Jeff to your team.”- Jon DiPietro, Principle, Domesticating IT; Owner, Bridge-Soft; Co-Founder, Career Gravity “Jeff has served our volunteer organization well at the local section level in thehighest positions and then moved on to provide service at the Society level as anappointee on a very important task force studying the overall governance structure ofthe Society and most recently he has been elected by his peers to serve as the Chairof the District Board and serve as one of six on the Societys Executive Committee for2013. I look forward to Jeffs insight and contributions on this essential leadershipteam.”- Pat Gouhin, Executive Director and CEO, International Society of Automation
  31. 31. If you are in need of someone to provide effectiveleadership, skillful design, and attention to detail… email Let me show YOU how I can be the solution to your design needs! 314-662-0867